Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 3

Hey guys….I am really happy that u r liking the story and the track….I hope that I will not disappoint u all..

Recap:Swalak befriend it each other.Sanskaar apologized to Ragini for misunderstand her.

Ragini begins to go.Sanskaar holds her hand and stops her

.She turns and looks at him.

Sanskaar:Sorry for misunderstanding u.I got to know that u did not iron the clothes.

Ragini:Oh!! So finally Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari got to know the truth.But its too late now.

She goes.He looks on.Swara reaches Gagodia Mansion.She hugs Sumi and Shekhar and sits with Dadi.Ragini also returns home and sits with them.

Swara:What hap Ragini?


Dadi:Lado, I told u not to do these wedding planning jobs…now look u r upset.

Ragini:I cant forget the promise that….

Swara:That Kavya took from u…and that promise was that u would unite lovers right? Because her marriage was broken.

Ragini nods.Swaragini plays…..

Swara:Tomorrow is my last exams then I will be free then I will help u.

Ragini:Ok Shona.

Laksh writes the notes and thinks about Swara.Ijazat song plays…..Ragini cries thinking about Sanskaar.Swara comes to her.

Swara:Lado What happened?

Ragini:Actually….(she tells her everything)…..He is very bad he didnt even think about me…my feelings….

Swara looks on.



Swara:Why r u crying? Why r u so hurt if he scolded u? U dont even know him and u didnt even replied him back? Why?

Ragini looks at her and thinks.

Sanskaar comes to Laksh and talks to him but he is in deep thoughts.


Laksh:Yes bhai

Sanskaar:How was ur day?

Laksh:She is beautiful…


Laksh:Swara Gagodia!! 

Sanskar:What? What name did u say?

Laksh:Swara Gadodia…why?

Sanskaar tells Laksh about Ragini.They look on.

Next day, Ragini does the arragements as it is engagement today.She smiles seeing the decorations.She then goes to get ready as Sameer’s parents obliges her.She gets ready and cannot fix her one earring.She goes outside and collides with Sanskaar.He gets mesmerized seeing her.

Ragini:Aap dekhe nahi chal sakte?(cant u see and walk?)

Sanskaar smiles and covers her ear through her hair.Music plays as they have an eyelock.He takes the earring.She gets angry and goes.He smiles.

Swara and Laksh meet.He returns her notes to her.He kept a note it in for her.They have a talk and get to know that Ragsan know each other.They decide to go there together.

Engagement starts.Maheshwari Family also come there.Ragini clashes with Annapurna.

Ragini:Sorry Aunty.

She picks up her purse and gives it to her.Annapurna smiles and blesses her.She goes.Annapurna smiles and likes Ragini.

The groom and bride exchange rings.The groom’s sister dances on mahi ve….plays….Sanskaar sees Ragini.Ragini sees him looking at her.She thinks why is he looking at me this way.Swalak come there.Swara goes to Ragini.She sees Ragini looking at Sanskaar and giggles.

Ragini:kya hain?(what?)

Swara:Dance tho udhar hain par tumhara dyaan yaha nahi hain(Dance is there but ur foccus in not there)

Ragini shushes her up.They both giggle.Ragini sees Sanskaar coming to her and gets nervous.She turns to go.He holds her hand and stops her.Music play as the spotlight get on them.She gets surprised.She struggles.He pulls her closer and dances with her on Main tere kaabil houn…song plays….Ragini looks at him and they have an eyelock.

Ragini:Why did u dance with me? Hum aapke hain kaun?(Who am i to u?)

Sanskaar:Till u dont forgive me I will not stop.

She looks at him and asks zabardasti hain kya?(is it forceful?)

Sanskaar smiles and turns her around.He pulls her in his arms.Swara smiles and looks on.Maheshwari family are also surprised and look at each other.

Ragini finally gets off his grip and goes from there.Music ends.Everyone claps.Sanskaar tries to go after Ragjni but Swara pulls him aside.

Swara:Ragini is angry right now..its better if u dont talk to her…actually no one has ever talked to her like that so she is quite upset.

Sanskaar:U sound sensible unlike ur sister.They laugh.Laksh comes and sees them.

Ragini cries in her room.

Ragini:Why his scolding affected me so much!? He is just a stranger for me!!!

Swara comes to her

Swara:U know why he is affecting u so much?Because he is the same boy whom u loved in childhood.U used to admire him but didnt know his name.U didnt see him since years thats why u r not able to recognize him.

Ragini is shocked and looks on.

Ragini:What? This cant happen?

Swara shows her Sanskaar’s childhood photo which she found on the floor.Ragini smiles with tears in her eyes and carresses the photo.She hugs it.

Swara:Radha ne bachpan se intezaar kiya hain apne kanha ka….wo intezaar khatam ho gayi Ragini.(Radha has waited to her kanha since childhood…That wait is over now Ragini.Go and tell him that u love him.

Ragini smiles and hugs Swara.Ragjni comes runs to Sanskaar.She sees him talking to a photo that he loves her.She is shocked and looks on.She cries silently and goes from there.

Its Ragini’s photo from her childhood.

Sanskaar:I loved u since childhood and I got to know that its u Ragini.I will propose to u very soon and will make u mine.Music plays…..Ragini cries in her room thinking about Sanskaar.

Swara opens the books of notes and gets the note from Laksh and goes to meet him in a garden.She gets surprised seeing the decorations.She smiles and plays with the balloons.Laksh comes there and gets mesmerized seeing her.He comes to her and holds her hand.He bends on his knees.

Laksh:Ms Swara Gagodia I dont know why but I got trapped in ur innocent smile…ur childish behaviour…Ur innocence and ur beauty…Will u be mine forever so that whenever I see ur beatiful smile my day goes good and whenever I feel like loving u… 

Swara stops him and kisses him.He is surprised.Music plays….She nods yes.He makes her wear the ring and dances with her romantically….

Ragini is seen crying.Sanskaar is seen smiling thinking about Ragini.Swalak are shown romancing.

Precap:Ragini cries and tells the family that she is quitting the job.Sanskaar is shocked and looks on.

Credit goes to:Hajrah

Hey guys hope u like the episode plzz comment how it was….and I was thinking to write a maha episode plzzz give me some ideas…and yes it was who wrote his love for her but I have stopped writing it due to some problem….plzzzz try to understand….

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