Swaragini (Heart Connection) Season 2 (Promo)

Heart Connection 2:

Hi everyone, I’m back with Season 2 of Heart connection, Janebetty, this is for you and all of the people that wanted season 2, I hope you like it. You requested for a season 2 so I thought why not, but some people would help me write it, now let me give you a promo………..

Ragini is sitting down, she looks at the family photo and smiles,
Ragini: It’s been 2 years, you left all of a sudden and everyone misses you.
Aadi comes in,
Aadi: Mamma, what happened?
Ragini: Nothing beta, where’s Shraddah, Meera, Shri (Shrimant), Anjali and Varun?
Aadi: Mamma, they are waiting for you downstairs.
Ragini: Ok, you go I’m coming.
Aadi leaves,

Ragini then stands up and places the photo on the table, she turns around to go but the photo breaks and she looks back shocked,
Ragini: Our Family Photo broke, is this a good sign? Is our family going to scatter?
She gets thinking, she then hears a scream and rushes out, she is shocked to see fire everywhere and the photo cracked and the varmala broken.
Ragini: Kya Vo Zinda hai? (Is he alive?)
Ragini thinks and looks on.

Kya hoga jab sach samene aiga? Kaun hai vo? Kya vo Zinda hai? Ya Ragini Ka vehem? Aisa Kya hua Ki Swaragini Ka ghar thoot ne pe majboor hoga?

(What will happen when the truth comes out? Who is he? Is he alive? Or is it Raginis misconception? What has happened that will force Swaragini’s family/house to fall apart?)

I hope all of you will like season 2, I don’t think I should write it but my sister said to, so I hope you enjoy season 2,

Shraddah: 10
Shri: 8
Anjali: 7
Meera: 9
Aadi: 10
Varun: 6

I think I’m going to make it boring? I’m going to write season 2 on 1st April 2016, if you want me to, otherwise I won’t. Till then I might give out promos.

Thank you?

Credit to: Halima


  1. Reethi

    Wow yar ur back n ha pl write season 2 n yar wt a twist who is he .?to whose photo ragini is talking to????n did SWARAGINI ka sasural tooth gaya???omg so many questions n confusions .oh God.plz update episode asap

  2. kriya

    i am waiting for season 2 first epi n who r the parents of shradhah,shree,anjali,meera,aadi n varun?

  3. Samina M

    thanks god season 2 aaya…I misss thus geart connection yaar.. eagrly waiting for season 2….

  4. natasha

    Thanks yaar i am a silent reader so i never commented but thanks for season too. Love you. Keep going.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.