Swaragini (Heart Connection) Season 2 (Promo 2)


Promo 2:

I’m back with my second promo, I hope you all enjoy it, thank you for commenting and asking me to continue and I know it’s going to be boring but thank you for supporting and motivating?

A women is shown, you can’t see her face, then her eyes are shown, tears fall out of her eyes,
Women: I know you will come back!
The women hugs the photo and cries, the window opens and wind blows hard, the door opens and the woman looks back.

Scene shifts to Ragini,
Ragini: You left us on Holi!
She stands in front of the picture, the window also opens and the Varmala falls down and Ragini looks on, the colours fly and smear on the photo, the photo is shown and not the face.
Ragini: What is this? What is happening?
Ragini looks on.
Ragini: Kya vo…………

Holi ke din kaun chor ke chala gay in Sab ko? Ragini Ka andaza Kya sahi hai?
(Who left them on Holi? Is Raginis estimation right?)

Sorry, I will add some of the Holi parts in even tho Holi is been, sorry and I hope you enjoy this promo.

Thank u

Credit to: Halima

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  1. It looks very interesting..???

  2. Interesting and waiting

  3. Suspense suspense suspnce
    Suberb so mysterious

  4. Nice . Waiting for season 2.

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