Swaragini (Heart connection season 2) Episode 9


Hi everyone, I know I’m sooo late but I wanted to end it… But someone wise told me not to leave it in the middle…? but here’s episode 9, do enjoy and comment to express your views about this boring episode…
The episode begins with Mishti breaking the hug and she looks at him, Hri smiles,
Hri: Do you two want anything?
Swara: Haa, uh…..
Hri: I think Bhai is waiting for you Bhabhi and Aansh is waiting for you.
Ragini: Haa, we were about to leave but we thought why don’t Mishti sleep with us today?
Mishti looks at her,
Mishti: Today?

Swara: Haa, why not? It will be fun and……
Mishti thinks, she looks at Hri,
Mishti then nods and gets up,
Swara and Ragini smirk at Hri and he doesn’t care, Mishti leaves the room and Swara turns around,
Swara: Next time you even look at her then we will rip your eyes out!
Ragini stops and turns,
Ragini: And you will forget even touching her!
Hri: Calm down, from savitris to dayaans? Wow!
Swara: We will become vampires next time!
Ragini: It would be fun drinking his blood Na Swara?
Swara nods and they leave Hri looks on and touches his neck.

Aansh and Sanskaar come out of their rooms, they see each other,
Aansh: You too?
Sanskaar: What? I’m just here to look for Swara.
Aansh: She’s not going to come.
Sanskaar: What do you mean?
Aansh: Today it’s sisters meeting, why don’t we have brothers?
Sanskaar: Oh… Okay…..lets go then.
Aansh nods and they head towards Laksh’s room.

Hri is eating Mango’s, he is enjoying them, Sanskaar and Aansh enter and see him eating,
Aansh: Wow, we are here tensed and he is eating Mango’s?
Hri stops and turns his head,
Hri: You two can join if you want.
Sanskaar: No, where’s Mishti?

Hri: Your wives took her.
Aansh: So this means we will stay here with you.
Hri shocked: What?!
Sanskaar: What happened?
Hri: N….nothing….Mishti said she would be back.
Aansh: Would she? Thank God, now we can rest in our rooms after 2 years.
Hri: Meaning?
Sanskaar: Meaning ki you take rest.
Hri nods and they leave, Mishti enters and locks the door. She lies down and closes her eyes, Hri looks on.

Mishti wakes up, she looks around and sees Hri sleeping next to her, she gets up and gets changed, she comes out in white suit, Hri wakes up and looks at her,
Hri: Why are you wearing white if I’m alive?
Mishti ignores him,
Hri: Mishti! I’m talking to you!

Mishti turns around angrily,
Mishti: Stay in your limits okay!
Hri looks on,
Hri: What do you mean?!
Mishti: Do you actually want to see what I mean?!
Hri stands up,
Hri: You’re not a widow, I’m back!
Mishti: Oh please, do you remember our deal?!
Hri: If you don’t wear the other clothes then they would get suspicious!
Mishti: It wouldn’t take me 2 seconds to expose you!
Hri: You offered to help!
Mishti: For my Laksh!

It then goes in to a Flashback when Mishti was leaving but she turns around and is shocked to see Laksh, she was about to say his name but stops after hearing them talk, she is shocked to hear that he isn’t her Laksh and her Laksh was murdered, she then hears their plans, Hri leaves but he sees her, he nods and goes out and Mishti is in tears, then Hri is waiting outside, Mishti comes there,
Mishti: Their plan wouldn’t work, I’ve got a better one.
Hri: What’s yours now?
Mishti: You just go to the hospital and pretend to be in coma and I’ll sort the rest out and just act like you came out of coma!

Hri nods,
Hri: Your plan is better than theirs.
Mishti: And stay in your limits!
Hri: I know my limits!
Hri leaves and Mishti looks on.
FB ends.

Hri: Thanks for calling the hospital on time, that doctor didn’t even let me do this.
Mishti: It’s okay…but stay in your limits.
Hri nods.
Hri: How many times would you say that? I understood.
Mishti: I want to kill whoever tried to kill my Laksh….
Hri: Killed…
Mishti: No! I still believe he’s alive!
Mishti then goes to get changed, she comes out wearing blue and gold saree, Hri gets mesmerised.
Mishti: Don’t look at me like this!
Hri nods. Just then they hear a knock on the door, Mishti signals Hri but he doesn’t get it.
Mishti whispers: Sleep! Laksh never wakes up early and move the pillows!
Hri quickly moves the pillows and acts to sleep, Mishti opens the door and sees Swara.
Swara: Is everything okay?
Swara then peaks in and sees Hri sleeping.

Mishti: I’m ready, we can go.
Swara nods and they head out, Hri wakes up and let’s out a sigh.

Everyone reach the dining table, AP and Sujata smile, Mishti, Swara and Ragini set everything out, Just then Aansh and Sanskar come down, Hri also comes down. Mishti, Swara and Ragini look on.
Mishti in her head: Oh no… What is he wearing?

Hri is wearing a white t-shirt and checker shirt on top with his sleeves rolled,
Ragini: What?
Swara whispers: Is he crazy? Now he will definitely get caught because Laksh never will and never used to wear those types of clothes.

Sanskaar and Aansh see Swara and Ragini reaction and assume that it’s for them.
Hri then walks through them and they look at his clothing and get surprised, DP also sees Hri get up and gets surprised,
Hri: Good morning everybody…
Hri then sits down,
Hri: Hm… What’s for breakfast?
Hri examines the food, Mishti looks on,
DP: Aren’t you going office today?
Hri: Well, I need to spend time with family and if I go to work all of a sudden then I wouldn’t get anything… I mean that it will seem new and I need more time…
DP thinks and nods,
Sanskaar: He’s right Bade Papa, he needs rest…
Everyone finish eating, they see Hri eating differently. The men then leave for office, except from Hri.

Ragini: Swara… Are the kids gone?
Swara: No, it’s their leave today… Plus they want to spend time with their Chachu….
Hri looks on, he finishes eating.
AP: Beta… Me and Sujata are going to our friends daughters wedding…
Swara: Okay Badi Maa, take care…
AP and Sujata nod leave to get changed.
Mishti: I’ll check on the children…
Swara and Ragini nod. Mishti goes, Ragini: What is this?!
Hri: What is what?
Swara: What’s with your clothes? Laksh never wears that!
Hri: I’m not Laksh am I now!
Meera comes down,
Meera: Papa…
Hri: Princess…
Meera hugs him, he smiles and hugs her back,
Swara to Ragini: I don’t feel good playing with their emotions…
Ragini: So don’t I Swara… But what can we do?
Hri: Someone will make a move…
Meera gets confused and breaks the hug, Swara and Ragini understand,
Meera: What do you mean?
Hri: Nothing… Shall we go?
Meera: Go where…?
Hri: Upstairs…then we go out to your soccer practise…
A wide smile appears on Meeras face,
Meera: Meaning you agree?
Hri: Can I ever say no to my daughter?
Meera hugs him again while Swara and Ragini look on.

Precap: Someone makes a call… Someone tries to attack Hri… Ragansh romance… Meera to get kidnapped… Shri to get stabbed…
Aansh – Parth Samthaan
Aadi – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani
Anjali – Tasheen Shah

Shraddah – Reem Sheikh
Varun – Divyam Dama

Meera – Harshali Malothra
Shri – Wahib Kapadia
Mishti – Tanya Sharma

Sorry for the delay… Anyways this is for you, you know who you are? it was requested and I will try to finish it off soon.

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