Swaragini (Heart connection season 2) Episode 8


The episode begins with Laksh smiling at Mishti,
Swara and Ragini look at each other,
Swara thinks: Is he actually Laksh?
Ragini thinks: If he’s Laksh then we should stop Hridey.
Swara and Ragini are amused and boggled, Shri and Meera run up to Laksh, all of the family smile and Laksh looks on, Mishti smiles,
Aansh: Dr can we take him home?
Dr: Yes, we will discharge him and you can take him home.
DP: Thank you doctor
The doctor nods and leaves.

The Dr discharges Laksh and they bring Laksh to MM, Laksh smiles and looks around,
Laksh: Its been ages since I stepped in this house.
Shri and Meera hug him, he hugs them back,
Laksh: I missed you two the most!
Shri: Paapa, mamma was right, you would come back.
All the children come and hug Laksh, all smile and laugh, Laksh hugs them back,
Laksh: Who missed me the most?
No one puts their hands up,
Laksh: None of you?!
Shraddah: How can we miss you if…..
Anjali: Chachi missed you more than anyone!

Laksh looks at Mishti, Mishti doesn’t smile, she looks down,
Aansh: Enough talking, now let him rest!
Aansh: I’ll take him to his room.
Swara: Wait, we will take him, Ragini bring the food.
Ragini: Okay, you go I will come.
Swara nods, before Aansh could say anything, Swara takes Laksh, Ragini goes to get the food and follows up.

Meera, Shri, Shraddah, Varun, Aadi and Anjali look at everyone,
Sujata: We are sorry Mishti, we didn’t believe you or trusted your love.
DP: Haa Mishti, I’m….
Mishti: No, it’s okay, you don’t need to apologise, he’s back and that’s all that matters.
AP: Your right, I’ll make the children eat and make them asleep and you go talk to him, we will talk tomorrow.
Sanskaar: But seriously Mishti, you waited for 2 years for him and we ignored you and…..
Mishti: No need to say anything, I understand.
Mishti leaves and everyone look on.

Swara and Ragini lock the door,
Ragini: Laksh?
Laksh: Yes?
Swara: Are you actually Laksh?

Laksh: Haa, why?
Ragini: Okay, how was it?
Laksh laughs,
Laksh: It was hard to bribe the doctor, he didn’t even listen, thank his someone called on time!
Swara gets shocked,
Ragini: I knew you were weren’t Laksh, you’re Hridey.
Swara: Why did t you follow our plan?!

Hri: How did you know?
Ragini: I saw your hand.
Hri looks at his hand,
Hri: My hand?
Ragini: Haa, Laksh never wears that red thing around his hand at any circumstances and that chain you’re wearing.
Hri smiles, he then falls back on the bed,
Swara: Tell us why you didn’t follow our plan?
Hri: You’re plan would’ve caught me out in 2 seconds, you should make it realistic!
Swara: But……
Hri: You told me to come and knock on the door and say I’m Laksh and I came back, they wouldn’t have believed me, I needed to make it look real like I’m actually back!
Swara: Okay whatever but Nkthing should go wrong!
Hri: Haa Meri Maa nothing’s going to go wrong.
Ragini: And you’re not going to take advantage of this!
Hri: Okay Choti Amma I will not but let’s say if she……
Swara: If she what?!

Hri: She falls in love with me and…
Ragini: She thinks you’re Laksh and obviously she would love you!
Hri: Okay, let’s say if I fall in love with her then what?
Swara: Then you should stay away because you are not her Laksh and you have no rights to touch her and……
Hri: Stop right there! I’m not going to go to that extent, I was just saying, but since she will think that I’m her Laksh and then I will……..
Swara and Ragini glare at him,
Hri: I was joking!
They hear a knock on the door and Hri quickly moves back and puts the blanket on him and acts innocent and smiles.

Ragini opens the door, they see Mishti and smile nervously, Hri stops smiling,
Swara: We gave him food and now…..
Swara gets stuck and thinks,
Ragini: Thank god you came, now you feed him, he said he wouldn’t eat.
Mishti looks at Hri and he nods yes.

Swara looks at Ragini and Ragini mouths sorry, Mishti walks up to Hri,
Mishti: Eat Na Laksh
Hri: My hands are hurting!
Swaragini look at him,
Mishti: And…..
Hri looks at Swara and Ragini and smiles,
Hri (to tease Swaragini): I want you to feed me Mish..
Laksh gets stuck,
Laksh: Why are you standing there Mishu, come sit.
Mishti sits next to him, he smiles, Mishti gets the plate and she starts feeding him, he looks at Swara and Ragini while Mishti is feeding him,
Hri: You must’ve not ate too Na? Come I’ll feed you.
He feeds Mishti as well and Swaragini glare at him.
Hri: Thank you

Mishti is confused,
Hri: Thank you for believing in our love, thank you for hoping that I was alive.
Mishti smiles and says: No Laksh, you don’t need to say thank you, I knew you were alive and that was enough for me to live with.
Hri hugs her and she hugs him back while Swara and Ragini are shocked, Hri looks at them and smiles and winks at them, they give him the death glares and on the other side Mishti is thinking.
Mishti in her head: Why do I feel like he’s……….

Precap: Laksh (Hri) acts different and Mishti doesn’t talk to him.

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Credit to: Halima

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