Swaragini (Heart connection season 2) Episode 7


The episode begins with Swara and Ragini looking at Hri, he looks back at them,
Hri: I still can’t believe she’s married.
Swara: She is and she has 2 children.
Hri (shocked): Two?!
Swara and Ragini nod yes,
Hri in his head: She looks so young and she has two children and a husband that’s dead.
Ragini: What are you thinking?
Hri: I’m thinking that how did her husband die?
Swara: Meaning?
Hri: You said he died in a car crash, right?
Swaragini nod,
Hri: So why did the car hit him only?
Swara: What are you trying to say?
Hri: Maybe someone killed him! It could be a murder.
Swara and Ragini are shocked, the look at each other and think.
Hri: Where did his accident happen?
Swara: Near his office.
Hri: How did he have an accident then?
Swara: His car flipped and exploded.

Hri is shocked,
Hri: Exploded? That only happens if you get hit by something not by hitting the tree!
Ragini: I think he’s right, because the roads were clear and safe and……
Swara: This means someone planned to murder him? But who?
Hri: Laksh was murdered! It was a planned murder not an accident!
Swara: How can you be so sure?!
Hri: Think about it, Laksh was coming back and then had an accident? It doesn’t make sense to me because it can’t be…….
Ragini: Say it clearly!
Hri: Okay, I am trying to say that maybe someone from your family helped to kill him.
Swara: I don’t believe you! You don’t even know what happened and you’re…….
Hri: She lost her husband, where’s the driver?
Ragini: What?
Hri: He must have had a driver Na?
Swara and Ragini think and nod yes,
Hri: Where is he?
Ragini: We don’t know
Swara: And what made you think that we will believe you?
Hri: Fine, don’t believe me, what have I got to lost in this?! But seriously you need to find out the truth!

Hri turned around to leave,
Swara: Stop!
Hri turns around,
Ragini: We have decided that we will find out but we don’t believe you because it could possibly be a murder but we need evidence to prove it and…..
Swara: And we want to prove you wrong!
Hri: Okay, make a plan then and find out the truth!
Swara and Ragini thinks, Swara and Ragini look at each other and get an idea,
Swara: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Ragini nods and they look at Hri and he looks back at the both looking confused.
Swara: You will help us!
Ragini: To bring out the truth!
Hri: How and why?!
Swara and Ragini tell him and he gets shocked, he nods no
Swara: Won’t you give justice to Mishti If whatever you’re saying is true?!
Ragini: If it’s wrong then you have to accept your crime and…..
Hri: Wow! You do the planning and I get the shouting and punishment?!
Ragini: Don’t you want to help her?
Hri thinks and agrees for Mishti,
Swaragini: Don’t get too close to her!
He nods and leaves, Swaragini think.

The children return from the school and the women come back from the pooja and the men come back from the office, all are happy to get their house back, Swara and Ragini are setting the table out, the children sit down and so do everyone, Mishti comes down and sits next to Shri,
Mishti feels something,
Mishti: Vo aa Gaya! (He came!)
All look at her and get confused,
Sujata: Who came?! Don’t tell me it’s Laksh!
Aansh gets a call and goes to the side, he attends it and is shocked to hear something.
He comes back,
Ragini: What happened?
Aansh: Vo……
DP: Who’s call was it?
Aansh: It was from the hospital and…..
Sujata: And what chore? Tell Na!
Aansh: And they have a person in coma and he came back to conscious……..
Sujata: Chore, what shall we do if that person woke up or not!
Aansh: That person is Laksh.
All get shocked,
Mishti looks up at him and Shri stands up and so does Meera,
DP: What?!
Aansh: Haa Papa, the doctor called and said that the patient has been in coma for 2 years and has come to conscious and he is claiming to be Laksh Maheshwari.
DP: How can he be so sure?
Aansh: We can only find out if we go to the hospital.
Mishti stands up and Sujata looks at her, Swara and Ragini get shocked.

The family rush to the hospital, they meet the doctor and the doctor takes them to where Laksh is kept, they enter in the room and see Laksh lying down with bandage on his head and oxygen mask, the doctor signals the nurse to remove the mask and the nurse removes it and leaves, DP and everyone are shocked to see him, Mishti is standing behind all of them, Laksh opens his eyes and sees his family. Mishti comes forward and Laksh smiles.

Precap: Family are happy to see Laksh and Laksh looks on.

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Credit to: Halima

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