Swaragini (Heart Connection Season 2) Episode 6


The episode begins with Mishti coming out and shouting stop, they ignore her and shout fight fight, Mishti comes in between,
Mishti: What are you doing?
Man: Move out of the way, he started it first.
Mishti: Please stop! If you don’t then I’m calling the police!
The Man thinks and leaves, the rest of the crowd leaves, she turns around to talk to the other person and is shocked,
Mishti: Laksh?
Hridey looks at her with a smile and confusing look,
Mishti smiles and hugs him,
Mishti: I knew you would come back, I was not wrong!
Hri: I’m not Laksh, I’m Hridey!
He wiggles Mishti but she doesn’t respond, he moves her back and sees her unconscious and gets worried, he picks her up in his arms and takes her in MM.

Swara and Ragini are worried, they see someone coming and are shocked to see him,
Swara: Laksh?!
Hri: She fainted so I brought her back, does she live here?
Ragini: That means he wasn’t my imagination!
Swara: Sanskaar was right!
Ragini: Mishti was right!
Hri: Hello?!
They walk towards them,
Swara: Laksh? Where have you been?!
Ragini: Are you fond of troubling your family?
He looks at them confusingly,
Hri: I don’t get what you’re saying, my name is Hridey!
They look at him,
Ragini: We know you’re lying, just stop it Laksh.
Swara: I will slap you if you don’t stop!
Hri: I really don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m not Laksh! Where should I put her?
Swara: To her room.
Swara and Ragini look at each other, they take him to the room.
Hridey puts her down and let’s out a sigh, he then looks around and gets shocked too see his photos around the room,
Swara and Ragini look at him,
Hri: My photos?
Ragini: Laksh’s photos!
Hri looks at them confusingly,
Swara: Haa, they are Laksh’s pictures, her husbands!
Hri gets shocked,
Hri: She’s married?
They nod yes,
Ragini: Who are you?
Hri: I’m Hridey, I came from Dehli the day before yesterday!

Swara: Sorry, we thought you were our Laksh but Laksh is dead so how can you be our Laksh? For a second we actually believed you’re our Laksh!
Hri: He’s dead?
Ragini nods yes,
Swara and Ragini tell them everything about Laksh and how he died, Hridey is stunned, he then looks at Mishti who is unconscious,
Swara: It’s been 2 years since Laksh left his family and his Mishti.
Hri: Mishti.
Ragini: She hasn’t even been out, after Laksh left, we lost our Mishti!
Swara: We want to see her back.
Ragini: She thinks you’re Laksh, she would be heart broken to find out she was imagining.
Ragini: She still believes that he is alive, she thinks he isn’t dead and he will come back.
Swara: We will talk out.
He nods and they go downstairs,
Hri: Does she actually believe her Laksh’s alive?
Swara and Ragini nods yes,
Swara: We all gave up but she still has hope that he will return one day and she is living with that hope!
Hridey gets emotional,
Ragini: Sorry, she thought you were her Laksh but…..
Mishti wakes up and shouts Laksh.

They hear her,
Swara: Please hide, when don’t want to give her a false hope that you’re Laksh, please.
Hridey hides and Mishti comes down,
Mishti: Laksh?
Swara and Ragini look at her,
Mishti: Laksh came, I know he came, where is he? My Laksh is alive.
Hridey looks on,
Ragini: You must be dreaming.
Mishti: I wasn’t
Swara: You woke up with a shock that’s why you think you saw him!
Mishti: I know he’s here, why is he hiding from me?
Ragini: It’s a dream Mishti!
Mishti: I felt him and this cannot be a dream! He’s around here and I know that!
Hridey, Swara and Ragini looks on,
Swara: Mishti, you were dreaming!
Mishti: I wasn’t, I…..
Ragini: Where is he then?
Mishti looks around,
Swara: If he was here then he would be in front of you!
Mishti then goes up sad. Hridey comes out.
Swara and Ragini look on.

Precap: Hridey decides to help Swaragini.

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Credit to: Halima

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