Swaragini (Heart Connection Season 2) Episode 5


The episode begins with everyone at the dinner table, Mishti comes and sits down next to Shraddah,
Sujata: The food is ready but where is Swara and Sanskaar?
Ragini: I’ll check.
Sujata: No leave it, they will come later.
They then see Swara and Sanskaar coming, they sit down without saying anything.
DP: We can start now.
Shri sees the food and gets unhappy,
Shri: Bengan? Saag? Eww.
DP looks at him,

DP: Deal with what you have!
Shri: But Daadu, I can’t eat it because I can’t digest it.
DP then imagines Laksh saying this to him,
DP: Well have it or leave!
All look at DP,
Shri: Seriously?
DP then remembers Laksh not liking Bengan and Saag and remembers the day Laksh was complaining, he then looks at Shri.
DP: Haa!

Mishti looks at Shri, DP looks on.
DP: Have it!
Shri: Daadu I’m okay, I’ll eat apple, it’s healthy.
DP: Stop acting Laksh, eat!
All look at DP,
Shri: Daadu, Shri here!
DP: You’re doing acts like Laksh then why not call you Laksh?!
Shri: Daadu, I’m his child and I would be abit like him, he’s nothing like you.
Mishti: Shri!
DP: Eat whatever there is and stop throwing fits!
Meera: Shri! Eat whatever there is, stop it!
Shri: You don’t like Bengan so what are you on about?
Meera: I like Saag tho!
Mishti: Shri, eat it.
Shri: Okay, since you say Mamma.

DP looks at him,
DP on his head: Laksh wasn’t enough and now it’s him! I hope Aadi doesn’t do that!
Mishti give Shri a plate and Shri smiles and eats it.
They finish eating.

Shri: Thank you Mamma!
Mishti: Not me, her.
Mishti points at AP and AP smiles at him,
Shri: Thank you Daadi!
Shri hugs AP and AP gets emotional, DP thinks how Shri ate without throwing more fits.
Mishti: Are we allowed to go?
AP: Where?
Mishti: To the Baadi tomorrow.
AP: Haa, why ask about it? You can go anytime!
Mishti: You can go!
Shri: I’m not going without you!
Mishti: Please Shri, I’m not coming!
Mishti leaves by saying this.

Night, Swasan room:
Sanskaar and Swara are sitting down on the bed,
Sanskaar: What if he’s actually alive?
Swara: That would be so amazing!
Sanskaar: But who I saw…..
Sanskaar: That could be your imagination!
Sanskaar: Ragini saw him too in the park.

Swara: What?
Sanskaar nods, it then shows when Sanskaar went to talk on the phone, he was behind Ragini and he gets shocked to see Laksh and then Laksh ran after throwing colours on Ragini.
Swara: I will ask her tomorrow and then we will find out what the truth is.
Sanskaar: If that is lucky then why is he not coming? Why is he staying away?
Swara: Relax Sanskaar, we will find out tomorrow na!
Sanskaar nods, Swara kisses him on the forehead and he smiles,
Swara: Feeling better?
Sanskaar: No, my head still hurts.
Swara smiles and slaps him on the shoulder and they laugh.
Shraddah: Mom, I’m going to sleep with Meera and Anjali.
Swara nods and Shraddah goes.

Ragaansh room:
Aansh: Finally, Anjali is not here to disturb us!
Ragini: I’m worried for them.
Aansh: Chilax Ragini, you worry all the time, relax!
Ragini sits down on the bed, Aansh sits next to her, he then lies down and asks Ragini to join him and widens his arm,

Aansh: If you want to come then come or…..
Ragini smiles and hugs him and lies next to him, she then pulls the blanket over both of them.
Ragini thinks about seeing Laksh and Aansh is asleep, she then closes her eyes and moves in and goes to sleep.

Hridey is walking past, he sees the MM mansion unsealed and smiles, he thinks to go in,
Hridey: Look, it’s back!
His friends look there,
Hri: Let’s go in!
F1: Are you crazy?
Hri: Yes, let’s go!
Hridey enters and his friends follow,
F2: He’s going to get us killed!
F3: Shhh, I think you will!
F1: Hri, let’s go back, we are going to get arrested!
Hri: Chilax!
Hridey climbs on the pipe,
Hri: You wait outside, I’ll come!

F1: Hri……!
Hridey jumps in and sees someone sleeping, he goes near that person,
Hri: I think I came in the wrong room!
He was about to go when he notices the person, it’s Mishti and he smiles,
Hridey: Her?
He goes near her and smiles, bolna….plays….. He touches her hair and her face, Mishti feels something and Hri runs back out, Mishti gets up and looks around, she touches her face and the gets Laksh’s picture out of under her pillow, she smiles with tears falling out of her eyes,
Mishti: Where are you Laksh? Why do I feel you were here?
She hugs the photo and cries.

Scene shifts to Hridey, he smiles and he is lost, he is walking down with his friends.
F1: What have you seen there that you’re lost?
Hridey (lost): Her!
F2: Her who?
Laksh: The Park girl!
F3: Seriously, he is crazy!
Laksh: I know where she lives now!
F2: Lets quickly go home before Maami Ji shouts at us.
Hridey: Maami?
He runs with his friends.

Morning in MM:
All wake up and are sitting at the dining table,
Swara: I will drop them to school today.
All nod,
Swara: Eat your breakfast then!
Aansh: Papa, shall we leave?
RP: Bhaisa, we got our first contract!
DP: Good, who?
RP: Bhaisa it’s the Malothras.
DP: Don’t accept it!
Aansh: Papa please, this is the good way to get up!
DP thinks,

DP: Okay, call Adarsh if he reached Canada with Parineeta and the children?
Sanskaar: I called Bade Papa, he reached safely and they won’t be coming back for a long time.
DP: Okay, let’s go.
Aansh, DP, RP and Sanskaar leave for office.

Swara: Are you all ready to go to school?
Shri: Just a minuet.
Shri runs up to Mishtis room,
Shri: Mamma, we are going school, do you want to come?
Mishti: No.
Shri: Mamma please na!
Mishti: Please Shri, I don’t feel well!
Shri: Okay, bye Mamma!
Mishti: Bye.
Shri leaves,
Swara: What happened?
Shri: Nothing, let’s go.
Swara nods and takes them to school.
Ragini finishes doing the kitchen work,
Sujata: Ragini, me and JiJi are going to the Mandir for the pooja. We will be back in 4 to 5 hours.
Ragini: 5 hours?

Sujata: Haa, it’s a Maha Pooja.
Ragini nods okay,
AP: Take care beta, if there’s a problem then call us.
Ragini: Okay Maa.
Sujata and AP leave.

Swara comes back home, Ragini comes out,
Swara: Where is everyone?
Ragini: Maa and Chachi are gone to the Mandir for the Maha pooja and the rest in office and Mishti is where she usually is.
Swara: Okay, is there anymore work that needs to be done?
Ragini nods no.

Mishti hears some noises, she looks out of the window and sees people fighting on the road, she shouts stop out from the window but they don’t hear her, she runs down and
Swara: Where you going?
Ragini: Mishti……
Mishti runs out and Swara and Ragini look on.

Precap: Mishti sees Hridey and thinks it’s Laksh.

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Credit to: Halima

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