Swaragini (Heart Connection Season 2) Episode 4


The episode begins with everyone finishing packing,
Sujata: When are we leaving Bhaisa?
DP: Soon!
DP gets a call and attends it,
Mishti comes down with 4 suitcases and all look on?
Sujata: How many suitcases are you taking Chori?
Mishti doesn’t say anything and looks down,
Sujata: Chal Koi ni, where’s Ragini and Aansh?
The children come down with their suitcases,
Shraddah: When are we going Daadi?
Sujata: Soon, don’t worry.
Varun: Daadi, are you sure we are leaving now?
Sujata: Haa.
Varun: Then why aren’t we out yet?
Sujata: Chore, don’t use your brain too much!
AP smiles,
Anjali: Where is Papa and Mamma?
Aadi: Where’s Daadu and Chote Daadu?
RP comes out,
RP: I’m here! You remembered me and I came.
DP comes back,
DP: Are we ready to go?
Sujata: Haa, we are ready but Ragini and Aansh are not here yet!

The scene shifts to when Aansh is hugging Ragini from behind,
Ragini: Aansh, we are getting late, they’re going to complain.
Aansh: Give sometime to your husband also, all you care about is family!
Ragini: Family is important!
Aansh: Important that me?
Ragini: Well I wouldn’t say no.
Aansh: Hm, it’s been 12 years since we got married and my love for you hasn’t changed, it’s like we got married yesterday.
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: Nearly 12, it has been 11 years and it is too much, you’re a father now!
Anjali comes in and Aansh and Ragini see her, Ragini tries breaking the hug but Aansh doesn’t let her, Anjali nods her head no and taps her head with her palm and says Offo!
Anjali: Mamma, Papa, everyone are waiting and you’re here romancing?
Aansh: So?
Anjali: I think I have to get Daadu here.
Aansh: Go on then!
Ragini: Aansh!
Anjali: You’re challenging me, papa?
Aansh: Haa!
Anjali: Fine then, I’m going!
Anjali was about to leave when Ragini shouts stop,
Ragini: Anjali, Papa was joking na, we are coming.
Ragini nudges him and hits him in the stomach and breaks the hug, Aansh touches his stomach,
Aansh: You punch hard!
Ragini: Come before Papa ji comes!Ragini goes out with Anjali while Aansh brings the suitcases.

They reach at the main door,
Sujata: Where were you two?
Anjali: I’ll tell you what they were doing.
All look at Anjali and Ragini is tensed,
Anjali: Mamma and Papa were…..
Anjali looks at Ragini and Aansh
Sujata: Were?
Shri and Varun (singing tone): Chuma Chuma de rahe the,(kissing) joking!
DP looks at them angrily and Aansh looks at them too, Swara signals them no with their eyes and the rest understand and smile, Ragini glares at them, they look away.
Anjali: Were packing the last bit to put in the suitcase.
Ragini fake smiles and Aansh lets out a sigh.
Sujata: JiJi, even 6 year olds understand and Bhaisa didn’t!
DP looks at her and she looks away,
RP: Sujata!
DP: Shall we leave now?!
All nod and head out.

DP opens the door, they see it dark with cobwebs, they all smile seeing their house expect DP, Sujata moves forward and enters, she turns the lights on and sees the sofas covered with white sheets and cobwebs,
Sujata: JiJi! I can’t believe we are back in our house, it feels like a dream!
Shraddah pinches Sujata and Sujata screams,
Sujata: What was that for Chori?
Shraddah: You said it was a dream, I wanted to show you it’s reality!
Sujata smiles,
Sujata: That means we are actually here!
Sujata gets excited and looks around, the rest of the family enter and they are glad to be back, Mishti walks up and looks around the corridor, with every touch she remembers Laksh and smiles, she eventually reaches their room and pushes it open, she coughs and sees her room, she remembers her and Laksh’s moments and smiles, she walks in and cleans the room up.

1 hour later:
The house is cleaned and back to the way it used to be, they put Laksh’s picture and places Varmala over it,
Swara: It feels good to be back.
Sujata: After all the cleaning I don’t feel better, tomorrow it will feel good for me.
Sujata sits down on the sofa,
AP: All the house and room are cleaned expect from Laksh’s
Ragini: Don’t worry Maa, Mishti cleaned it, the Varmala falls down and the family look there,
AP: What is this?
Ragini remembers seeing someone that looks like Laksh when she got out of the pool and she looks at the picture,
Ragini: Was that him or my misconception?
Sujata: JiJi, this isn’t a good sign.
AP and everyone get worried,
Aansh: Don’t worry, it must’ve fell because of the wind because the windows are opened.
Sujata: True, it might be because of that.
Aansh: What are you thinking Ragini?
Ragini: Nothing, I’ll go and make dinner for all of us.
Swara: I’ll join you.
Sujata: I’ll come too, it’s been ages since I stepped in my kitchen.
They leave while the children play games and the men sit and relax.

Hridey is with his friends, he lies back and his face is shown, he looks exactly like Laksh,
Friend1: What happened to you Hri?
Hridey smiles and thinks about Mishti,
Hri: I fell in love!
F2: What? When?
Hri: Today!
F1: What’s her name?
Hri: I don’t know!
F3: He’s gone crazy! How can someone like someone in 1 day without knowing her name!
Hri: I’m gone crazy about her!
Mishti is sitting in their rooms, she smiles seeing Laksh’s picture and hers with him, suddenly a song starts playing and Mishti starts singing Pal pal…..har pal….
Then it shifts to Hridey and he starts singing too, they both sing on Pal pal….har pal…… The scene shifts each time it’s their part to sing, Mishti sings the girl part and Hri sings the boy part.
The song finishes……….

Ragini comes to the room and sees Mishti smiling and smiles,
Ragini: Thank god she’s smiling after a long time.
Mishti sees her and turns around,
Ragini: Wow Mishti, you made this room look like it used to be, I can’t even see a single dirt!
Mishti: How would you?
Ragini: I’m surprised because you and Laksh make a lot of mess.
Mishti smiles and puts her head down,
Ragini: I’m sorry I…..
Mishti: It’s okay Ragini.
Ragini: The food is ready.
Mishti: I’ll come in 2 minuets.
Ragini nods and goes out, she is walking and suddenly someone pulls her and she was about to scream but he puts hand on her mouth and she looks at him, Aansh smiles, he takes his hand off her mouth.
Ragini: Aansh!
Aansh: Sorry Jaane man, I was lost so I saw you and…..
Ragini: Stop your filmy dialogues and come eat.
Aansh: How’s Mishti?
Ragini: She was smiling.
Aansh: That’s good.
Aansh leans in, Ragini moves back,
Ragini: Aansh, someone will come and….
Aansh: I’m not scared!
Ragini: Papa Ji!
Aansh doesn’t move, he grabs her by her waist and pushes her close to him,
Aansh: I know you’re lying!
Ragini: Please Aansh……
Aansh: Shhhh!
Aansh leans more in and Ragini moves her head, he kisses her on the cheeks, Ragini closes her eyes,
Aansh (softly): I love you!
Ragini: I love you too.
Aansh: You’re beautiful!
Ragini: I…..
Aadi and Shri walk past, they see them and smile,
Shri: Bhai! Is this a free zone?
Aadi: No Shri, well it looks like it is!
Aansh and Ragini move back,
Shri: Bade Papa! You could’ve waited till you went in your bedroom!

Aansh looks at him, Ragini glares at him,
Aadi: Papa! You should be lucky it was us, if it was Daadu then you would be gone!
Shri and Aadi laugh,
Aansh: Bedroom, huh? Where are you learning this from Shri? And you Aadi…..
Aadi: Papa, we are growing up!
Shri (teasing and singing tone): Jumma CHUMMA de de, Jumma Chumma de de CHUMMA!
Aansh: Shri!
Shri: Sorry, I was just singing!
Aadi (singing tone): Aaj Jumma hai aur aaj Ka vadha hai, bedroom mein jao…….
Shri and Aadi laugh and run off,
Ragini gets angry and was about to run after them but Aansh stops her,
Aansh: Ragini, they’re kids, leave it!
Ragini: They are crossing their limits, I want to know who they hang around with!
Aansh: Me!
Ragini looks at him,
Aansh: He’s Laksh’s son, don’t forget that!
Ragini: But…..
Aansh: They are our sons so they have to be like us!
Ragini: No, it’s not necessary that they will, I hope they don’t!
Aansh: Why?
Ragini: It would be a nightmare to handle!
Aansh: You’re calling me a nightmare?
Ragini: Haa!
Aansh looks at her,
Aansh: Chill, they won’t take after us, if you want them to stop then they have to stop hanging around with me!
Ragini: Shall we go to eat?
Aansh: Haa, let’s go!
They leave.

Precap: Hridey comes to MM.

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Credit to: Halima

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