Swaragini (Heart Connection Season 2) Episode 3


The episode begins with the children coming home, DP sees them,
Shri: Finally it’s good to be back!
Shri sits on the sofa and DP looks at him, Shri puts his feet up on the table, the rest go to get changed,
Shri shouts: Mamma, where’s my food?!
DP: Put your feet down and sit properly!
Shri: But Daadu…….
DP glares at him,
DP: You would not get food until you change!
Shri moves back,
Shri: But Daadu it takes hard work to get changed and I……
Swara, Ragini, Sujata, AP and Aansh come there,
DP: Laksh!!
Shri stands straight with shock,
DP then realised he said Laksh and looks away,
Shri: Daadu, it’s Shri not Laksh, I know you miss your son but doesn’t Papa miss his son? Don’t worry he will be back soon.
They all look at Shri and he leaves upset, DP then looks at AP and remembers Laksh’s acts.
DP: Mishti is giving false hope to the children! It’s not good, Shri and Meera still believe he’s coming back but…..
Ragini: Papa Ji, can I take them to the park to celebrate?
DP nods,
Swara: I’ll come with you.
DP: Take Aansh, Mishti and Sanskaar with you!
Swara: I don’t think Mishti would come but okay.
Swara, Ragini and Aansh go to the children who were ready standing at the door.
Sanskaar: Ready?
All: Yes!
Anjali: Are we allowed?
Aansh: Haa my princess, come lets go!
Ragini: Where’s Shri and Meera?

Mishti is sitting down, Shri lies on one side of Mishtis lap and Meera on the othe sider, she caresses them both,
Shri: Mamma, when is Papa coming back?
Mishti: Soon.
Meera: I miss my Lucky, I want him to come back!
Mishti looks at her with tears, Shri and Meera sit up, Mishti wipes Meera and Shri wipes hers, she hugs them both, Ragini enters,
Ragini: If mother children meeting is finished then shall we go?
Mishti confused: Where?
Ragini: Park!
Meera and Shri smile and look at Mishti, she nods yes, but then they nod no and Mishti looks at them,
Mishti: Go na!
Shri: You have to come too
Mishti: No, I…..
Meera: Please na!
Shri: Gulabo come na!
Mishti looks at him,
Mishti: Gulabo?
She then remembers Laksh calling her Gulabo but then remembers him calling her sherni!
Meera: Not Gulabo!
Shri: Oh yeah, come na vicious sherni!
Mishti makes an innocent face and nods no, they hold her arm and take her and she gets up.

They take her to a room, they open the door and she smiles seeing Laksh’s photos, they come in and Meera smiles, she starts throwing colours on Laksh’s pictures, the ask Mishti to come but she nods no and she only throws one colour at Laksh’s photo. Ragini smiles seeing them enjoy.
Then the man is seen getting colours thrown on him, he wobbles his head and starts chasing people.

Mishti takes the colours of her and cleans herself, she then goes out with Ragini, Shri and Meera, Swara and Sanskaar smile seeing them,
Sanskaar: Are we ready now?
All nod yes and they leave.

Mishti is sitting on the bench while the rest are playing Holi, she sees them and smile, Aansh is chasing Ragini and Ragini laughs, Aansh throws colour on her and then picks her up and throws her in the pool, Sanskaar and the children are filling and throwing colours on Swara, she laughs with them, Shri sees Mishti and waves, she smiles and waves back, he asks her to come but she nods no and touches her forehead.

Ragini comes out of the pool and Aansh runs away, he throws colours on Sanskaar, Ragini collides in to a man, she looks at him and gets shocked, he throws colours on her and she closes her eyes, she opens her eyes and finds him gone,
Ragini: Was that my imagination? Or is he actually…..
Anjali comes and takes her near the rest, Ragini thinks.

Mishti smiles and remembers her times with Laksh, it goes into a flashback when it was Holi,
Mishti and Laksh are playing and Laksh chases Mishti and throws her in a pool of water, she stands up and look at her, he laughs,
Mishti: Laksh!
Mishti forwards her hand, Laksh grabs it but he didn’t know that Mishti was going to pull him in, she laughs and he pulls her down and they throw colours and waters at each other, Shri and Meera come and start laughing, Laksh and Mishti throw water at them too.
FB ends and Mishti smiles remembering the old times with Laksh.

The Man sees her laughing and throw a colours on her, she stands up in shock,
Mishti: What the hell!
She looks up at him and cleans her self and shouts at him, he gets memorised seeing her,
Mishti: I’m talking to you! Are you deaf?!
He comes to sense and looks at her, she can’t see his face due to the colours that covered his whole face.
Mishti: Oh god!
Man: Why are you getting upset? Don’t mind it’s Holi!
Mishti: Still, why did you throw colours on me?! Were the rest of the people gone?!
Man: Calm down! Didn’t you ever celebrate Holi?
Mishti: Yh! I didn’t and now because of you I did! God!
He looks at her,
Man: Celebrating Holi is good! You must be mad!
Mishti looks at him angrily, Ragini comes there,
Mishti: He needs a slap!
Man: Really? You need a life!
Mishti was about to slap him when he holds her hand and she nudges it and feels something.
Someone shouts: Hridey!
He turns around and he ducks down and the water goes on Mishti,
He gets shocked so he runs from there with his friend,
Mishti: What the hell!
She was about to go after him when Ragini stops her,
Ragini: Leave it!
Mishti: They got saved, next time I see them I will smack them!
Ragini smiles and Mishti looks at her,
Mishti: What?!
Shri: She seen her old Sherni today!
They see Shri standing there and Mishti realises and says can we go?
She then leaves to go to the car.

Mishti tries opening the door but the car is locked, she bangs on the top and then turns around,
Mishti: How did I talk like that? Why?
Ragini goes up to Aansh,
Ragini: Aansh!
Aansh doesn’t listen, he throws colours on the children,
Ragini: Aansh! Listen…….
Aansh: What na Ragini? Let us play Holi na!
Ragini: Enough Holi, let’s go, Mishti is waiting!
Hridey sees her standing alone, he goes up to her,
Hridey: Hello?
Mishti looks that way, she gets shocked seeing him?
Mishti: What the hell?! It’s you again?
Hridey: It’s Hridey!
Mishti: I don’t care!
Aansh, Sanskaar, Swara, the children and Ragini come there,
Hridey: Ok bye!
He sees Aansh and runs,
Aansh: Who was he?
Mishti: Stupid Hridey!
Aansh: Who?
Mishti: I’ll tell you when we get home, I’m cold.
They sit in the car and leave, Swara, Sanskaar, Sharaddah, Varun and Anjali go in white 5 seater car. Aansh, Ragini, Mishti, Aadi, Shri and Meera go in the black 7 seater car.

They reach home and Mishti angrily comes in and goes to her room,
Sujata: What happened to her?
Shri: Uncle threw colours on her.
AP: Who?
Aansh: Stupid Hridey! That’s what she said.
AP and Sujata confused: Hridey?
AP: Get changed and start packing.
All: Packing?
Sujata: We are moving back to our old house.
All get happy and the children jump in happiness, Shri and Meera run.
Swara: How?
Aansh: We finally paid off what we lost!
Swara and Ragini smile.

Precap: The family enter MM.

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Credit to: Halima

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