Swaragini (Heart Connection) Season 2 (Episode 2)


The episode begins with everyone looking at Mishti, Mishti is anxious and angry,
Mishti: Please stop!
Ragini comes near her, she touches her shoulder,
Ragini: Mishti…..
Mishti nudges her hand off and walks abit forward,
Mishti: What are you all doing?! Stop it please! I don’t feel well!
Pandit: Beta, we are…….
Mishti: No! Whenever you read these Mantras and preform the pooja I get anxious and I don’t get a good feeling but no one listens to me! I had enough today!
Swara: Mishti, listen……
Mishti: Please!
All start talking and DP looks on,
Mishti: He’s alive!
Suddenly the fire extinguishes, Pandit looks on,
Mishti: He will come back and I know he will!
She walks forward and takes the Varmala off and throws it, everyone are shocked,
Aansh stands up,
Aansh: Listen Mishti, I think…..
Mishti: Please Aansh! No! Not this time! He’s alive and I know that! I’m not lying, you all can believe he’s dead but I can’t!
Sujata gets up,
Sujata: He’s dead Chori! No one can change the fact!
AP cries,
Mishti: He’s not dead! I don’t want to hurt you but Laksh is alive!
Ragini walks up to her,
Ragini: Mishti! Chachi Ji is right, he won’t come back anymore!
Tears fall out of Mishtis eyes.
Mishti: He is alive and I know he is!

Suddenly the wind starts blowing and pandit stands up, everyone look on and the red colour that was on Laksh’s picture flies and falls on Mishti and everyone are shocked to see her Maang filled, Mishti touches her Maang and face and sees red colour and is stunned, she then looks at Laksh’s picture, Mishti smiles,
Mishti: He’s alive!
Ragini looks at Laksh’s picture and then looks at Mishti and gets thinking,
Ragini in her head: Is he alive?
The Pandit is standing there shocked, all stand up.
Pandit: I would like to apologise but this pooja won’t be completed!
All get shocked and look at the pandit,
Pandit: I request everyone to leave and celebrate Holi.
He folds his hand and everyone leave and start talking about.

AP: Why can’t you do the pooja pandit Ji?
Pandit: I can’t let sin come on me, if I complete this pooja then I would get paap (sin)!
All are confused and shocked,
Sujata: What do you mean Pandit Ji?
Pandit: Before that could you please tell me how he died?
Mishti: He’s not dead!
AP starts telling Pandit Ji and it goes into a flashback:

Laksh is at office, Mishti calls him,
Mishti: Where are you Laksh? It’s Holi and you’re late! Even Aansh and Sanskaar are here and you’re not!
Laksh: Haa meri Maa, I’m coming!
Mishti: Be quick!
Laksh: Haa!
Mishti disconnects the phone, Laksh starts leaving from the office, he gets in to his car and suddenly a Lorry hits it and Laksh has an accident and he dies, the police come to MM and inform them, everyone get heart broken and Mishti is stunned, they bring the body in MM and bring the stuff to identify, they couldn’t identify the body because the face was burnt but they identified the stuff and it belonged to Laksh. Then some officers came,
Officer: You have to leave MM and go.
All are shocked
DP: Why?
Officer: Mr Laksh Maheshwari left and we have sealed the office and we need to seal this house.
DP: Why?
Officer: Because Mr Laksh Maheshwari owned some people money and he has gone bankrupt after he left so we need to seal the house or get the money.
Aansh: He’s right and half of Laksh’s property is gone in charity and……
DP: And?
Aansh: If we need to give money then without Laksh we can’t, the company that he merged with us is gone down after he left and the investors……
DP gets shocked and the family leave the house and find a new one and settle there.
The FB ends.

They all look at Pandit,
Pandit: Okay, well the fire was blown and the colours smeared on this lady so this can possibly mean that her husband is alive!
All get shocked and Ragini looks on,
Pandit: I’m sorry!
The pandit leaves and they all look on,
Sujata: You must be happy now? You couldn’t even let your husband rest in peace!
Mishti: He isn’t even dead……
DP: Enough!!
They all look at him,
DP: I had enough scene today and I don’t want anymore! He is dead and if you don’t want to believe that then don’t! No one is forcing you to but don’t force us to believe he’s alive, don’t give fake hopes!
DP leaves angry and all follow him and nod their head and look at Mishti.
Ragini and Swara stay there, Mishti runs to her room.
Ragini: Swara, hamara ghar thoot raha hai! (Swara, our house is breaking apart!)
Swara: We need to do something to make it go back to normal!
Ragini: Only is Laksh was here.
Swara looks at Ragini.
Ragini: Is he actually alive?
Swara: I wish!
Ragini: We need to help Mishti.
Swara: You’re right but how?
Ragini: We can’t celebrate Holi because of him.
Swara: But we can…..
Ragini nods.

Ragini goes to her room, she sees Aansh standing and looking outside the window, she walks up to him and taps his shoulder,
Ragini: What are you thinking?
Aansh: What if he’s actually alive? What if Pandits words come true?
Ragini: That would be good for all of us but…..
Aansh: What but Ragini?
Ragini: He isn’t alive, he died 2 years ago!
Aansh: You’re right but…..
Ragini: If he is alive then where is he? Why didn’t he come back? Does he get happy troubling his family?
Aansh thinks,
Aansh: You’re right Ragini, I’m just hoping too much!
Ragini hugs Aansh and he hugs her tighter.

Swara is walking, she slips and Sanskaar come and holds her, they share an eyelock,
Sanskaar: Careful Swara.
Swara: Thanks
Sanskaar: No problem!
Swara smiles,
Swara: But if my husband see this then…..
Sanskaar: You have a husband?
Swara: Haa, eyeing on girls isn’t good!
Sanskaar laughs and Swara smiles.

In a colony a man is throwing colour on people, girls are chasing him, his eyes are shown, he then looks around and hides behind the pillar, the girls are looking for him, he peaks out and one of his eye is shown,
Girl 1: Where is he?
Girl 2: He was here a minuet ago!
They look around and leave, he leans back and let’s out a sigh, he then gets a call and picks it up,
Man: Hello?
Guy: Where are you?
Man smiles and his smile is shown,
Man: I’m coming!
He then disconnects the phone and sneakily goes out and laughs.

Precap: Ragini is gone to the park with the children, she collides with that man and he puts colours on her and she is shocked to see him.

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Credit to: Halima

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  1. Well I commented something on your first episode, I hope you can see it. But let me tell you something about this episode. It’s really magnificent and Virtuoso, Keep up the great work Hun~Nusz.

    1. Thanks, I’ll see your comment Nusz

  2. When ansh was in coma in season 1 it is mentioned that all properties are in his name n if anything happens to him, it will to laksh. Then how come it is in laksh name now. Did I missed anything?

    1. yes… even I have the same doubt.. Anyways I just luv this ff.it really connects with our hearts…

    2. Well it’s true that the property is divided between the trio, Laksh, Sanskaar and Aansh, Laksh left for two years and he became a business tycoon under the name of Mr M, he then merged his other company with Maheshwari company and because Laksh was the owner of other company, all of his money went and he went bankrupt after he died so the investors want their money back and Laksh’s half of the property is gone too and they couldn’t pay back the men so they had to leave until they give the money, I hope this helps?
      Thank you for commenting

  3. Omg I know he is laksh only.laksh zinda hai.I think he lost his memory.

    1. Maybe…….thank you for commenting

  4. i think the man is laksh…

    1. Maybe….. Thank you for commenting

  5. woah laksh enrty…?? n nice epi

    1. Thanks Naimi.

  6. Awesome Halima 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  7. waiting for the next..please upload it na…u r an amazing writer.. I’m a big fan of u..

    1. Thanks Divyanka, I’ll try to upload it ASAP, I hope you continue liking.

  8. Excellent di.I am silent reader after reading your ff I can’t stop myself from comments.I am uma.I am using my brother id . Waiting for nxt part.Plz update soon.

    1. Thanks Uma, I’ll update soon

  9. Niceee Halima!!!

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