Swaragini (Heart connection season 2) Episode 10



Hi, it’s me again… Hope you like today’s episode and I’m sorry for being late. Well someone told me not to leave it in the middle… So here’s another episode of Heart Connection season 2… Do comment to express your views on this boring FF/episode.
Today’s episode begins with Hri breaking the hug and giving a kiss on Meeras forehead.
Meera: But Mamma…?
Hri: Don’t worry about your Mamma… I’ll explain to her.
Meera (with a smile): Okay…
Meera then goes up, Hri was about to go up when Swara stops him.
Swara: Stop…
Hri turns to her,
Swara: Stay in your limits…
Hri: What…?
Ragini: What were you doing there?
Hri: Doing what?
Swara: How can you take decisions…? You’re acting okay! You’re not her real Dad so you can’t take these decisions…!
Hri: But…
Ragini: Swara is right… You can’t take her decisions, you’re not her real father and if Mishti says NO then NO and you have to agree!
Hri: Okay but she has rights…
Swara and Ragini: What Rights?!
Hri: I’m not justifying my rights! I’m saying she has rights to play soccer… Just because Meera is a girl… How cruel are you society people?! Meera is a girl and will play soccer and I don’t care about the society!
Hri signals to look behind, Swara and Ragini look behind him and see Aadi standing there.
Ragini: Haa… But…
Swara: But Bade Papa…?
Hri: Leave Papa to me… And don’t worry Bhabhi’s I’ll explain to all of them… Don’t worry.
Swara: Haa, okay.
Ragini: Aadi Beta, do you need something?
Aadi: Uh… mamma, can we… We go park?
Ragini: Uh…
Ragini looks at Swara,
Swara: Beta… Later… There’s no one home and…
Hri: Bhabhi… You, Mishti and Ragini Bhabhi can take the kids to the park and I’ll drop Meera off and then I’ll come there and you two can go…
Ragini: Two?
Hri: Yeah, if Mishti wants to stay…
Swara and Ragini look at each other.
Aadi: Please Badi Maa… mamma… Agree.
Swara and Ragini then nod yes, Aadi smiles and runs up.

Swara: And we’re not leaving the park until they finish playing…
Just then Meera comes down,
Meera: Papa… I’m ready.
Hri: Okay… Shall we go?
Meera nods,
Swara: You haven’t asked Mishti…
Meera looks at Laksh,
Laksh: Your Mamma won’t mind… Come.
Hri and Meera start leaving.
Ragini: Stop… Mishti!
Hri and Meera leaves. Swara and Ragini look on.

After a while Mishti and Swara are seen in the park with the children.
Mishti: Why didn’t Ragini come?
Swara: Because she had som work and we needed someone at home and…
Both Mishti and Swara: Aansh!
The children are playing and Swara and Mishti smile.

Scene shifts to MM, Ragini is walking towards her room, she enters and looks around,
Ragini: Where is the file…? Aansh must be coming…
Ragini starts looking for the file. Just then she feels someone looking at her,
Ragini: Who is it there…?
Ragini walks towards the door and looks out, she doesn’t find anyone there.
Ragini turns around but someone hugs her from behind, she gets shocked,
Aansh: Ragini… What happened?
Ragini lets out a sigh,
Ragini: You scared me…
Aansh: Me..? How?
Ragini: Aansh… Sometimes you act like a child.
Aansh: Speaking of Children, where are the trouble makers?
Ragini: They’re gone park.
Aansh: Oh… No wonder its quiet.
Ragini breaks the hug and turns to him,
Ragini: Are you okay?
Aansh: Ya, what’s wrong?
Ragini: I feel like you’re hiding something from me…?
Aansh: No…why?
Ragini looks at him.
Aansh: Why do I feel like you’re hiding something from me?
Ragini looks away,
Ragini: Uh… No…
Aansh looks at her,
Aansh moves forward and cups her face, she looks at him. Both share an eye-lock.

Moh Ke Dhage plays in the BG…

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre

*song stops.
Aansh: Ragini… If there’s anything that’s troubling you then tell me.
Ragini nods,
Ragini: Your file…?
Aansh moves back,
Aansh: Well…
Ragini: Well…?
Aansh: I don’t need any file, I was here to spend time with you.
Ragini: What?
Aansh nods and smiles at her.
Ragini: Aansh! There’s a lot of work left…
Ragini tries to go but Aansh grabs her hand and pulls her closer. She looks at him,
Aansh: Arey… I’m here to spend time with you and you’re running away? Not fair…
Ragini: It is Fair… Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to Aadi… Or any kid.
Aansh: Ragini. Ragini. Ragini… I love you.
Ragini gets shocked,
Aansh brings her closer and their faces are touching. Aansh whispers: Ragini… I…
Just then the house phone starts ringing… Both compose themselves.
Aansh: Ah… This phone, wrong timing.
Ragini goes out and Aansh looks on Sad.

Ragini goes downstairs and looks around,
Ragini: Why didn’t anyone else pick the phone up?
Ragini then picks it up,
Ragini: Hello…?
Unknown: Hello…?
Ragini: Yes…?
Unknown: (laughs) so Laksh is back…? Tell him to save one of his child…daughter or son! I would love to see who he would save!
The phone disconnects, Ragini gets shocked, Ragini thinks.
Ragini: Who was this? What is he saying? I need to call Swara.
Ragini gets her phone out and dials Swaras number.

Swara is seen talking to one of the mothers and Mishti. Ragini then dials Mishtis number after calling Swara 5 times. Mishti feels her phone buzzing and looks at it.
Mishti: Ragini…?
Mishti picks it up and moves to aside.
Mishti: Haa Ragini bolo…
Ragini: Mishti… Is Shri okay?
Mishti looks around,
Mishti: Haa, he’s okay… Why?
Ragini: Where is he? Is Laksh there?
Mishti: Laksh isn’t here…
Mishti then sees him,
Mishti: Actually, he’s here…
Ragini: What about Meera…?
Mishti: She’s not with him… Ragini is everything okay?
Ragini: Haa… (Thinks: how can I tell her)
Mishti: Shri…?
Ragini: What happened?
Mishti: Ek minuet…
Mishti looks around and walks up to Aadi.
Mishti: Aadi beta, where did Shree go?
Aadi: Chachi… He went to get the ball.
Mishti: Where?
Aadi points at that direction, both Ragini and Mishti worry.
Aadi: Chachi… It’s been 5 minuets…
Mishti looks at Aadi, Aadi then runs from there, Hri and Swara see Mishti worried, Swara excuses herself and walks up to her, Hri also comes there.
Ragini: What happened…?
Mishti: Shri… Ragini, I’ll call you back…
Mishti hands her phone to Swara and Swara takes it, Mishti looks around and so does Hri.
Swara: Hello?
Ragini: Swara… Is Shri okay? And.. Meera?
Swara: What happened Ragini?
Ragini: Swara… Someone called and he… He said that tell Laksh to save one of his child, either his daughter or son.
Swara: What?!

Mishti, Aadi and Hri are searching for Shri.
Swara: Ragini… I will call you back, I’ll search for Shri.
Swara disconnects the phone and Ragini looks on worried.

Aadi is searching, he sees Shri standing near a tree,
Aadi: Here he is.
Aadi walks there, he sees a masked guy getting out a knife. Aadi gets shocked. Aadi stands near Shri, Shri looks at him, the masked guy does too.
Aadi: Who are you?! Shri, let’s go.
Aadi and Shri turn around, the masked guy holds Shris hand, Aadi turns around,
Shri: Leave me!! Mamma!
Aadi tries to free Shri’s hand. The masked guy then stabs Shri which shocks Aadi. The masked guy pushes Shri and walks. Aadi picks up the Rock and hits it on his head. The masked guy feels the pain and runs away. Aadi looks at Shri. Shri is in pain.
Aadi: Chachu!!! Chachu!!!
Hri and Mishti hear him. Both rush there and get shocked to see Shri, Swara also reaches there and gets shocked.
Hri goes up to Shri,
Hri: Champ!
Tears fall out of Mishtis eyes.
Mishti: Shri!!
Hri picks Shri up and takes him, Mishti follows, Swara gets all the kids and follows to the hospital.

Swara then thinks about Meera,
Shri is sent to OT, Mishti cries, Swara consoles her, Aadi is shocked. Hri is worried, all the children are worried and have tears in their eyes.
Hri gets a phone call, he picks it up and gets shocked.
Hri: But… I dropped her… I mean the…
Hri then disconnects the call.
Swara: What happened?
Hri: They’re saying… Meera isn’t there… She didn’t come in… But I’m pretty sure I.. I took her.
Mishti gets shocked.
Hri: Princess… No.
Hri heads out, he phones someone and talks to the person.

Mishti cries, she also receives a call, Swara picks it up, Swara is shocked and puts the phone down.
Mishti looks at her,
Swara: M…Meera is… Ki…kidnapped…
Mishti is stunned, she puts her hand over her mouth and cries.
Mishti: First my Son and now… Now my daughter? Why…?

The Dr comes out, Mishti looks at him,
Dr: Well… I can’t say anything yet, it’s good you brought him here quick or else we wouldn’t have been able to save him… Just pray.
The Dr leaves, Mishti folds her hands and starts praying.

Hri is shown driving, he stops the car and steps out. Another car stops in the opposite direction, a man steps out,
Hri: I can’t do this anymore! We have to find out who’s behind this real quick because baat mere Bachchon pe aa gayi hai!
The guy is revealed to be Aansh.

Aansh: Lucky… What happened?
Hri: You’re asking me what happened…? Aansh Princess and Champ…!
Aansh: We have reached here and I can’t let you move back… We need o find out who was behind that attack and who planned this…

It goes into a flashback, Laksh was coming back from the office, he left his phone in the office, so he goes back to bring it, then he comes back and sees the truck hitting his car, the man comes out and laughs, Laksh gets shocked, the man sees Laksh and is shocked, the man signals his men, Laksh starts running, the people start following him. He then reaches a market,
Laksh: Bhai… Can I use your phone…?
All nod no, Laksh then stops a guy,
Laksh: Bhai… Can I please use your phone…?
Guy: Don’t you have your own?!
Laksh realises and his phone starts ringing, the guy looks at him, Laksh was about to pick his phone up when the men’s come and snatch it off him, they hit Laksh.

After a while Laksh opens his eyes and finds himself in a dark room tied with a rope, he tries moving, later he sees a glass piece. He falls over, the goons who were seen playing cards outside hear this, the goons stand up and start walking towards the room while Laksh is struggling to free himself. The goons enter and get shocked, he sees Laksh missing, he shouts and goes out. Laksh comes out from behind the boxes and jumps out of the window, he is then seen running down the dark roads. The goons then stop in front of him, he then starts running the other direction and hides, the goons reach there and look on, one of the goon gets a call,
Goon: Haa Bhai… We will kill Laksh… Ji. Bye.
Laksh is shocked, she stands up but slips because of the rock and rolls down, he then hits a rock.
End of FB.

Aansh: Laksh… I’m your brother and I never wanted bad for you,
Laksh… We can’t leave this here… We need to find out who was behind this attack. It was good you called me.
Laksh looks at him.

After 1 1/2 years Laksh wakes up, he sees that he is in the hospital, he then wakes up and remembers the incident, he calls Aansh and tells him, Aansh is shocked and comes to meet him, they share a brotherly moments, then they make this plan.

Then Laksh acted and came as Hridey… He then made Swara and Ragini fall into his plan without revealing that he is Laksh.
End of Flashback.

Laksh: What can I do? My daughter went missing and my son… He got stabbed.
Aansh: What?!!
Laksh nods yes,
Just then Aanshs cars door opens, Meera steps out and Laksh gets surprised,
Meera: Papa…!
She runs to Laksh and hugs him.
Laksh looks at Aansh and Aansh nods yes.
Aansh starts telling.

Ragini picked up the phone, so did Aansh at that time from upstairs, he was about to put it down until he heard their conversation, he gets shocked and rushes out while Ragini was facing the other way, he reaches there and sees a Man wearing a mask taking Meera, he follows them and punches the Man, the man runs while Meera scratches them. Meera hugs Aansh.
End of Flashback.

Laksh: Thanks Aansh…
Aansh: Don’t need to say thanks but Shri…? Is he okay?!
Laksh nods no, then the trio rush to the hospital.

Laksh, Meera and Aansh enter, they see the family there crying. Mishti sees Meera and stands up, Meera runs to her and hugs her. Ragini is with Aadi. Aadi is looking frightened. Aansh goes up to him.
Aansh: Are you okay?
Aadi: H..ha
Ragini: That’s what I’m trying to ask him… But…
Aansh: Aadi… Come with me…
Aansh takes Aadi while Ragini looks on, Anjali hugs Ragini.
Aansh takes Aadi to aside.
Aansh: What happened…? Won’t you tell your Papa?
Aadi: Papa… I… I was there with Shri… And…
Aansh: And…? Did you see the person..?
Aadi: Nahi… He st…stabbed… Shri so I… I threw r…rock at him and it hit his head…
Aansh: Front or back?
Aadi: Back…
Aansh: Aadi,
You shouldn’t worry… I mean you did the good thing by supporting your brother.
Aansh hugs Aadi.
Ansh (in head): Thank you Aadi… Because of you we will get closer to the killer…. And maybe the mastermind behind this attack.

Sujata is consoling AP, Mishti is in shock and is continuously hugging Meera.
AP: I don’t know who’s evil eye has fallen on our family…
Sujata: JiJi, don’t worry…
Just then DP gets at call,
DP: Excuse me…
DP goes away and attends the call.
DP: Hello?
A guy is shown on the phone, talking to DP with his head getting bandaged.
Man: What progress have you made so far?!
DP: I done what I could! But Aansh came there!
DP then rolls his sleeve and sees the scratch marks, then Meera is shown scratching the man. The man is revealed to be DP.
DP: She scratched me…
Man: And the small one hit me on the head with a rock! They love each other right?! Well their happiness won’t be there too long!
DP looks on evilly.

Precap: 1 week later…Blast… 2 people die… DP to get caught and secret to unfold…
Aansh – Parth Samthaan
Aadi – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani
Anjali – Tasheen Shah

Shraddah – Reem Sheikh
Varun – Divyam Dama

Meera – Harshali Malothra
Shri – Wahib Kapadia
Mishti – Tanya Sharma

Sorry for the delay… Anyways this is for you, you know who you are? it was requested and I will try to finish it off soon.

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    will the secret affect on ragansh’s relation ?

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