Swaragini (Heart connection season 2) Episode 10 (last)


DP disconnects the call and leaves.
The Dr shares a good news which lightened everyone’s mood, he said “Shri is out of danger and just needs rest”

1 week later:
Shri is shown sleeping on the bed, the door opens and Laksh comes in,
Laksh: Champ, are you okay
Shri opens his eyes,
Shri: Yes Papa, I’m fine.
Laksh: Good.
Shri: Papa, when are we going? I don’t want to stay here any more.
Laksh: Soon, after you feel better.

Just then Aadi comes with Aansh, Shri smiles seeing him.
Adi; How are you feeling Shri?
Shri: I’m feeling better.

Aansh: He was being stubborn and wanted to meet Shri, so I thought to bring him.

The Dr comes in, he looks at the reports and smiles.
Dr: impressive, Shri is improving, you can take him home today but in the evening.
Laksh: Okay, thank you Dr.
The Dr leaves and Shri smiles.
Laksh in mind: I won’t spare that person who have touched you Shri, I promise! We are this close in finding out, but I hope boss does it.

Aansh in mind: Boss will have do it, today the matter has come to our children, we can’t risk their future.

Scene shifts to MM, DP is sitting and eating, he is joined by RP and the children.
While eating Meera noticed the scratch marks and thinks, she gets shocked.
Meera in mind: Arey, this is the marks I gave my kidnapper but Daadu…?
Meera thinks.

Scene shifts to the hospital, Aadi and Shri are walking outside and they sit in the car, Aansh and Laksh stop and talk.
Laksh: Whoever tried to harm my son, I would not spare him! It was okay when it was up to me but he shouldn’t have brought my son into this!
Aansh: Calm down Lucky, let’s go.
Laksh nods and both turn, just then the car blasts in front of Aansh and Lakshs eyes, both are shocked and stunned.

Aansh shouts: Aadi!!
Laksh couldn’t even move.
Aansh shouts: Shri!!!
Aansh runs there while Laksh is still in shock.

DP receives a call, he attends it.
Man: Mubarak Ho.
DP: Meaning Finished?
Man: Forever!
The man laughs and DP smirks evilly.
Meera notices his smirk and thinks.
AP and Sujata come out. DP becomes serious again.

AP: Aansh, Aadi, Shri and Laksh might be coming. Sujata, gets the Aarti Ki Thali ready.

Just then the wind blows hard, Laksh and Aansh enter MM, both are broke, the wind sounds are being heard along with the clouds thundering. Ragini notices them, so does AP and Sujata.

AP: Laksh? Aansh? Where is Aadi and Shri?
Ragini and Swara walk there.
DP turns around.
Aansh: A…Aadi and Sh…Shri…
Aansh struggles to get his words out, Aansh looks at Ragini.

The police come in, all get surprised.
Police: Sir, we have found the bodies in pieces, some parts are missing.
Aansh and Laksh get shocked, the rest get confused. Aansh and Laksh cry. DP smirks.
AP: What is going on?
Police: Your grandsons have died in a bomb blast.
All get shocked.

Ragini breaks down, Swara holds her with teary eyes. Mishti hears and drops the plate.
Mishti: Noth…nothing can happen to Shri.
Mishti walks there,
Mishti: Ragini, nothing happened to Aadi.
Laksh looks at her painfully.
Mishti: There must be a mistake. Nothing can happen.
Police: But we found parts of their dead body.
Mishti: Who’s dead body? Shri and Aadi are alive.

Laksh walks up to Mishti, Laksh then hugs her, tears fall out of her eyes. She cries and says ‘nothing can happen to our Aadi and Shri!’
All cry, DP fakes being upset.
Meera walks up to DP,
Meera: You done this right?
DP looks at her.
Meera: You killed Shri and Aadi?!
Shraddah: What are you saying?
Meera shouts: This man killed our Shri and Aadi!
All look there.
Meera: Why?! What did they do?!!
DP: Beta…
Meera: Shut up!

All look on, Aansh and Laksh go there, they look at DP.
Meera: Why do you have these marks?! Huh?! I gave them to my kidnapper!!
DP hides it while Aabd holds his hand and sees it, both Laksh and Aansh get shocked and look at each other.
Aansh: Why do you have those marks?
DP: No, it’s nothing…
Laksh: tell clearly!
DP: no… I don’t know
Aansh: Tell us!

Just then Sanskaar enters, Aansh and Laksh look at him, he nods yes and looks down. Laksh and Aansh glare at DP.
Aansh: Oh, so it was you…
Laksh: How dare you? What did our sons ever do to you? Why did you kill them and me?!!
All get shocked, DP looks on.

Just then a man enters, he has ripped clothes on, Sanskaar sees him and smiles. The man is none other than DP.
Sanskaar: Here is the real Bade Papa!
All look there and see DP, the other DP is shocked. AP is also shocked.

DP: He’s n…not the real DurgaPrasad Maheshwari! I… I am!

Other DP: Yes! He is and I killed your sons? I got paid to put all this act! I was forced to become DurgaPrasad Maheshwari, that man promised me half of the property so I agreed but the other man killed your sons!
All get shocked.
Ragini: W…why?

A man sees the fake DP and pays him, DP nods. Then they swap the real Dp with the fake one, after Laksh died, the property was gone so they swapped DP back and as soon as Laksh came back, they switched again.
End of flashback.

Aansh: Who was that man?!
DP (fake): Rag…
Just then he gets shot on the head. All turn around and look up, they see a man running. The police follow him.
Laksh: Rag???
The police throw the man in, all rush to him. Laksh takes his mask off and they get shocked to see Raghav, Uttras husband.

Aansh slaps him and so does Laksh. Raghav says he did all of this for property.
Aansh: we lost our sons because of you!
Ragini and Mishti slap Raghav.

Then Raghav gets arrested and the original DP is back, Ragini is upset at Aansh while Mishti is upset at Laksh, both pacify their wives.

Then Aansh and Laksh are seen burning the body parts of Shri and Aadi. Ragini and Mishti cry. Then they throw their ashes in Ganga.

Ragini hugs Aansh.
Mishti cries on Lakshs shoulder.
Swara and Sanskaar console each other.

4 years later:
It is Aadi and Shris barsi. All are sitting down and praying for them.
Their pictures are shown with varmala on it.

Episode ends.

(Not all ending have a happy ending)

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode, sorry for the lateness. Thank you for supporting me through out my whole journey. Thank you.

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  1. It was awesome but felt like crying wen I found out aadi and Shri died and also felt sad it’s the last episode I wil very badly miss ur ff this ff will always be remembered always ??

    1. I hav been reading it since episode 1 lol and nw it’s the end anyways stay blessed and always keep smiling

  2. awesome and yh one of the memerobale ff’s well done overall it was an emotional ending ?? soo sad ur ending it ??????

  3. It was literally awesome I will miss this ff very badly I hav been reading it from epi 1 and nw it’s the end I was about to cry wen i found out that aadi and Shri hav died and wen I found out tht this is the last epi this ff will always be rembered
    Take care love u keep smiling and stay blessed
    Angel xx

  4. LOL thanx once again ???… I couldn’t comment I kept trying so I asked ???… But yh tht sweet lovely msg is from me Halima angel xx

  5. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Sad ending but nice.

  6. Lol

    Uhun!! So sad !!??????????? but i love the ff

  7. Dafsi

    It was so sad dea loved the chappy di keep going I really god tears I dont why but i did 🙁 anyways it was an emotional one

  8. Awesome,……:-) 🙂 . but i like ur first season most when dp lost his memory…..plz make another funny & romatic ff soon

  9. Nusz Khan

    Yes this is sad… But DP double role was funny…

    Will miss this Fan-Fiction xx..

    Anyways keep smiling like always

    Nusz xx

  10. U ended this one is soon… It was emotional epi…!!!

  11. love rags and ansh

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