Swaragini (Heart Connection) Maha-Episode, 39

The episode begin with Swara waking up, she goes downstairs and sees the hall decorated along with the Baadi,
Mishti: Swara, go get changed, it’s nearly 2pm
Swara: What do you mean?
Mishti turns her phone on and shows the time to Swara, it’s 12:12pm.
Ragini comes there holding a flowers basket,
Ragini: It’s your Sangeet today!
Swara: What?
Mishti: I was going to wake you up but I had some work to do, now quick.
They take Swara to her room,
Ragini: Maa and Baba changed the date.
Swara: But that’s early.
Mishti: I know you will miss us, but we won’t!
Swara looks at them,
Ragini: Mishtis right, I won’t mis you!
Swara: I’m leaving early, you two hate me no wonder you won’t miss me.
Swara gets teary eyed and looks away, Ragini hugs her from behind and Mishti smiles.
Mishti: We won’t miss you because
Ragini: Because we won’t forget you!
Mishti: We only forget the people we will miss!
Ragini: So you will forget us?
Swara smiles and nods no, she stands up and hugs Mishti and Ragini, Swaragini…..title…..plays…..

Maheshwari house:
Annapurna and Sujata are making arrangement, Aansh comes down,
Aansh: Choti Maa, what’s happening?
Sujata: We are going to the brides Sangeet/Mehndi.
Aansh: So Dance?
Sujata nods
Aansh: I’m coming too!
Lakshya comes downstairs,
Sujata: You can’t!
Aansh: Why?
AP: It’s only girls
Lakshya: That’s not fair, why only girls?
AP: That’s the rules
Aansh: I’m coming
Sujata: You can’t! Now let us do our work

DP comes down, AP looks at him and looks away,
AP: Sujata, we need to prepare, hurry.
Sujata: Okay JiJi.
Lakshya walks up to Aansh, Radikha comes out wearing a pink ghaghra choli,
Aansh: Your going too?
Radikha: Obvio, but you boys aren’t!
Lakshya: Don’t get too happy!
Radikha: Awww
Aansh glares at her.
DP: What’s going on?
Aansh and Lakshya: Nothing!
DP: I’m going to the office, if there is a problem then call me.
Sujata: Ji Bhaisa.
DP leaves.

2:00pm at Baadi:
Ragini and Mishti get dressed, Mishti is wearing baby blue Anarkali suit and Ragini is wearing purple Lengha, they go to Swara and see her, they get happy, they go up to her and put the jewellery made of flowers on Swara and take her downstairs.
AP and Sujata reach there along with other guests, they make Swara sit down outside.

Aansh and Lakshya reach there, they see women entering,
Lakshya: Now what?
Aansh: Idea!
Lakshya looks at him.
They enter the Baadi wearing Sarees with the gunghat.
Lakshya: Are you sure this will work?
Aansh: Yes and now let’s go!
They go in mixing with some women, Ragini sees them and thinks why two of them have their gunghat out, Sumi then calls her and she goes, Dida comes out,
Dida: Shona, I can’t believe this.
Swara: I don’t want to leave you Dida.
Dida sits next to her, Swara hugs her and the girls come to do her mendhi and Dida moves,

A women comes up to Dida,
Women: Are you ready?
Dida: Yes
Aansh and Lakshya sit down,
Dida: This time Mishti is blowing it.
Mishti comes and Dida stops her,
Dida: Mishti!
Mishti: Ji Dida?
Dida: Come with me.
Mishti nods and follows Dida, Dida brings her near the Idol and hands her the horn.
Dida: You will blow it.
Mishti: Me?
Dida smiles and nods, the women’s come and get ready to dance,
Dida: You have to, it’s a ritual from Bengali tradition!
Mishti nods and Lakshya and Aansh think,
Mishti blows the horn and Lakshya and Aansh hold their ears, the women’s start dancing and Swara smiles, Mishti stops and smiles, they bring her to dance but she refuses to.

A Man comes and hugs Ragini from behind, she gets shocked, Aansh looks at them and looks on,
Aansh: Who is that?
Lakshya: Who?
Aansh: If you take your eyes of there and place them there then you would see!
Lakshya looks there and sees them,
Lakshya: I don’t know who that is?
He breaks the hug and Ragini turns around, she smiles
Ragini: You?!!
He smiles and nods,
Ragini: It’s been ages, I missed you!
Aansh looks at them, he thinks to go there, Lakshya stops him.

Ragini: Raghav!!
Raghav: I missed you too Ragu,
Ragini: But I’m angry at you!
Raghav: I’m sorry Ragu.
Sumi comes there and sees them,
Sumi: Who is this Ragini?
Ragini: Maa, this is Raghav, my friend.
Raghav: Her best friend.
Sumi: Come in
Raghav: Okay Aunty.
Aansh to Lakshya: It was meant to be all girls Party, where did that Man come from?
Lakshya: I don’t know where that Kebab ki haddi came from.

The women come and ask Lakshya and Aansh to dance, they nod no but the women’s take them forcefully, Radikha looks down and sees the shoes, she thinks she saw them before and thinks, she looks angry and calls DP.
Radikha: Hello, Papa?
DP: Hm?
Radikha: Papa, Lakshya and Aansh are here
DP: What? I’m coming, make sure they don’t leave.
Radikha: Okay Papa.
She disconnects the phone and thinks Lakshya and Aansh, you two are gone! She smirks and walks to Swara.

Aansh and Lakshya are dancing, Ragini gets forced to dance and she stands next to Aansh, he changes his voice.
Aansh: Beta, who was that?
Ragini: Who Aunty?
Aansh thinks: I called her Aunty and now I’m in the state of an Aunty.
Aansh: That boy who was hugging you.
Ragini: Him?
Aansh: Haa.
Ragini: He’s my friend, I’m upset at him, even Aansh is better than him.
Aansh gets happy,
Aansh: Oh, who is Aansh?
Ragini: He’s a friend too.
Aansh: Okay.
A lady stands on Aansh drape and it’s gets pulled, he notices and all look at him including Ragini, Lakshya looks at him and tries to move but Radikha stands there, he looks forward.
Sujata: Aansh you?
Aansh: Um…..
Radikha: Not only him, but this one as well.
She pulls Lakshyas pallu and all stare.
Radikha: Don’t worry, there are more.
Sujata and AP think, Radikha goes near a lady, she tries to run when Radikha pulls the Pallu, they are shocked to see RP.
Sujata: Ji, You?
Radikha: Not only him, there’s Aadarsh and Arnav too.
She goes to them and pulls their Pallu and all look at them, DP reaches and looks at all of them angrily, Aansh takes the drape and throws it on the floor.
Lakshya takes it off too and looks back, He is stunned.
Aansh: You lot came too? See Lakshya, we think alike!
Aadarsh and Arnav look back and get shocked, RP looks at them and sees DP and is dazed.
Aansh: What happened to you all?
Lakshya makes him turn and Aansh sees DP and opens his mouth in shock.
Aansh: Uh..vo….Arnav, I told you not to do this!
Lakshya: Haa….uh…Arnav Bhaiya, we told you to party at home.
Arnav looks at them,
Arnav: I said?? It was Chacha idea!
RP looks on,
RP: Naa Bhaisa, they are lying, it…it was this stupid Aanshs idea.
Aansh: Why are you blaming me! It was…
DP puts his hands forward and says Bas!
DP: I didn’t expect this from you Aadarsh, especially you Ram!!
RP: Bahisa, I …
DP: Enough!!!
Sujata: Bhaisa, let it be, the sangeet is about to start and since you all are here, you might as well stay.
Sumi: Sujata Ji is right
DP looks at the boys with anger and nods. Swara smiles and Aansh and Lakshya let out a sigh.
Ragini looks at him and walks away, Mishti laughs quietly. DP comes in and everyone start dancing, Sujata and RP smile.
Lakshya walks up to Mishti, Aansh stands next to Ragini and Raghav comes.

Lakshya: Why are you laughing?
Mishti: Nothing.
Lakshya: There is something.
Mishti: I said Nothing!
Lakshya: Why are you getting Angry?
Mishti: I’m not!
Lakshya: Then you are being rude.
Mishti: I’m not
Lakshya: You are, I just escaped from trouble and now people are hating me!
Mishti looks at him: Sorry.
Lakshya looks at her,
Lakshya: What? I couldn’t hear you.
Mishti: Then go get your ears checked!
Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: It’s okay.
Mishti smiles,
Lakshya: Come dance.
Mishti: No, I’m not dancing.
Lakshya: Come na!
Mishti: No!
Lakshya: Fine, I’m going and I will call you on the Dance floor.
Mishti: Good luck!

Raghav: Who is this Ragu?
Ragini: This is Aansh
Raghav: Aansh?
Ragini: My friend.
Raghav smiles, Aansh looks at him, Raghav grabs Raginis hand and takes her to the dance floor, they both start dancing and Ragini smiles, Raghav apologies and she accepts it, Aansh looks on, he gets angry, Ragini ignores him.
The music stops and Raghav looks around, everyone clear the Dance floor and Lakshya stands in the middle, he starts dancing on Salam-e-Ishq.
He looks at Mishti and grabs her hand and brings her in the floor, she doesn’t Dance and Aansh comes up, he starts dancing and looks at Ragini, Ragini comes up and Aansh dances with her, Mishti dance on the banno part and Sumi joins her, they start dancing and Salam-E-Ishq, DP looks at AP on the Maaf karde and AP looks at him, She looks at him on the part when it Meri Maang mein tera Sindoor hai…..and smiles.
DP looks at her and smiles, Aansh sees this and smiles.
They dance and finish. Everyone clap and Swara thinks about Sanskaar, Raghav walks up to Ragini and praises her, she smiles and Aansh looks at him angrily.
Raghav takes Ragini and Aansh looks at him, Aansh follows and sees Ragini and Raghav getting close and gets angry, he goes forward and pushes him, Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: What is this Aansh?
Aansh looks at her,
Ragini: Aansh?
Aansh: What is this Ragini?!!!!
Ragini: What Aansh?
Aansh angrily smacks the wall and goes downstairs.
The sangeet finishes and AP and Sujata bless Swara and leave, Aansh realises, he thinks what just happened and why he did that, Lakshya comes and Aansh stops him,
Aansh: What happens when you get jealous to see someone with someone?
Lakshya: It means you love them! It means you love Ragini!
Aansh thinks: Do I actually love Ragini, when?
Lakshya: Come lets go,
Lakshya takes Aansh.

Maheshwari house at night:
Aansh is lying down on his bed, he thinks about Ragini and realises he actually loves her, he smiles and says: Ragini Gadodia?!

Precap: Aansh plans to tell Ragini his feelings.

Raghav-Karan Tacker

sorry for the late update, I had some guests around my house and I hope you enjoy the Maha episode?

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