Swaragini (Heart connection) episode 9


Ragini wakes up with a shock, she then looks around, Swara looks at her
Swara: What happened Ragini?
Ragini breathing heavily: Nothing!
Swara looks at Ragini and Ragini looks away
Swara: Tell me Ragini!
Ragini: I remembered that I have a competition tomorrow, which was forced by you, if you didn’t put my name in at the last minute I wouldn’t have been in this state!
Swara: I’m sorry Ragini, you sound awesome and I thought you should let people hear you! I didn’t know you would be scared
Ragini: I’m not scared, I’m just nervous!
Swara looks at Ragini,
Swara: Don’t worry nothing is going to happen tomorrow, no one is going from our family!
Ragini smiles at Swara and hugs her, Swara hugs her back and Swaragini ….plays…..
Ragini: If your with me then I am not afraid of any one!
Swara: I’m always with you, if I’m your support then your my strength, if I’m your sword then your my shield and if I’m your warrior then your my armour! And more importantly if I’m your Shona then your My Laado!! And no one can separate us, no one can separate Swaragini because without Ragini Swara is nothing!!!!
Ragini: And without Swara Ragini is nothing!!!!

It’s morning, Ragini wakes up and gets dressed, Swara is downstairs eating breakfast, Ragini comes downstairs and sits down.
Ragini: Good Morning Maa, Baba, Daadi, Daadaji and Swara
Sumi and Shekhar: Good morning beta!
Swara: Maa, Baba today is the last day of college and our Graduation day, so do come at graduation.
Sumi: What time?
Ragini: At 3:30pm
Swara nods
Shekhar: Okay me and Sumi will come
Swaragini: Okay

Swara and Ragini were leave after eating there breakfast, Sumi feeds Swara and Ragini the last bit and they leave officially, they are walking out of the Baadi and everyone shouts: Good luck!
Dida comes running and feed Swara and Ragini youghert,
Dida: How is it?
Ragini: Naani it’s too bitter!
Swara: In Dida’s language bitterness means good luck and if you don’t feel the bitter then the luck is not on your side
Dida: Swara is right and did you feel the bitterness Swara?
Swara: I’m used to the bitterness, well Dida this is too much.
Dida laughs and says good luck in Bengali.

In the college:
Ragini sees Lakshya talking to his friends, Swara goes to find out when the starts, Lakshya looks at Ragini and looks away, Ragini is thinking why he didn’t come till now, she then says good and leaves.
Lakshya is talking to his friends one of his friend sees Ragini,
He says: I have a bet, who wants to accept it?
Lakshya: What?
His friend: First accept
All of the stay quite
Lakshya: I accept it
Everyone get shocked,
His friend: Okay so….. You know that girl over there who is wearing red plain anarkali suit and has her hair open, what was her name again….
Lakshya: Ragini?
His friend: Yeah, that’s her name, you have to woo her!
Lakshya gets shocked, he then remembers Daadis slap and gets scared
His friend: What Lucky, oh I should’ve understood…..
Lakshya: Out of all the girls you picked her?!
Lakshya then thinks that he will get to know why she hates him and says : I’m not scared, I accept your challenge, I was thinking of a plan.

Ragini reaches inside, she checks her name on the board, Swara comes there
Swara: The competition starts at 12:30 after the lecture, Ragini smiles and says I’m ready!
After the lecture:
Lakshya: Okay guys, I hope this plan works!
Ragini is at the backstage, Swara comes up to her and gives her the water bottle,
Swara: Sorry Ragini, I have to go
Ragini: Where?
Swara looks at Ragini
Ragini: Okay go but you have to tell me at home okay!
Swara nods and leaves, she sends Sanskaar a message saying ‘ Meet me now at 1:40pm at the same place’
Ragini turns around and finds Lakshya standing at the door, Lakshya ignores her and goes, Ragini smiles. Lakshya smirks.
Ragini tries to speak but she can’t, she puts her hand on her neck and tries to pull her voice out, she can’t, she can only pull a little sound. Suddenly Raginis name gets called out, Ragini thinks that her name was 10th how did it become 5th, Ragini comes at the stage in front of everyone, she gets tensed, the judges are waiting, everyone are waiting for her to sing, she starts coughing, everyone boo at her,
Suddenly Lakshya comes out playing the guitar, Ragini looks at him, he starts singing Janam Janam…….Kasam….

Swara is outside Zee cafe waiting for Sanskaar, he comes and sees her, she waves at him and goes up to him,
Swara: You came late!
Sanskaar: Sorry
Swara: What were you doing?
Sanskaar: Sorry, Bade Papa had some work for me to do.
Swara: Oh…..
She smiles and says: come with me
She takes Sanskaar to the pond, Sanskaar is memorised by the beauty of the pond,
Swara: This is the beauty of Kolkata!
Sanskaar: It’s beautiful
Swara: Obviously, everyone says that but in my eyes this is the Beauty of Kolkata while others don’t.
Sanskaar: I never seen this
Swara: Do you ever have fun in your life?
Sanskaar nods no and Swara looks on
Swara: I’ll teach you what fun is
She grasps Sanskaars hand and jumps into the water

Lakshya is singing and then Ragini sings:Teri baahon mein hai mere dono jahaan
Tu rahe jidhar meri jannat wahin
Jal rahi agan hai jo ye do tarfa
Na bujhe kabhi meri mannat yahi
Tu meri aarzu, main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari, main teri mausiqi
And she starts coughing

Lakshya: Talab Talab Talab hai……
He finishes singing and everyone clap, he announces that they forgot to write his name and Ragini was waiting for him.
Ragini looks at Lakshya, The judges announce and declare Ragini and Lakshya as the winners and give them the trophy.
Lakshya comes out of the stadium and Ragini follows him,
She tries to say thank you but can’t, Lakshya looks at her and says: I know what you are trying to say, thank you right?
Ragini nods
Lakshya: Now we are equal, and your welcome
Ragini looks confused
Lakshya: You saved me 4 years ago and I saved you now.
Ragini remembers Lakshya getting slapped.
He then goes but turns around and says: Why do you hate him?
Ragini tries to run but Lakshya holds her hand, then tears drop down from her eyes.

Swara and Sanskaar are in the water, Sanskaar looks at her and she laughs, she throw the water at him and he gets angry,
Swara: This is fun, why are you getting angry?
Sanskaar: You spoilt my clothes!
Swara looks at him and throw the water again.
Sanskaar: You don’t know what anger is right?
Swara nods no and smiles,
Sanskaar: Then I’ll show you, want to see it?
Swara nods yes, Sanskaar looks away, Swara again throw the water at him, he grabs her hand and twist it, he pulls her towards him, Swara closes her eyes, Sanskaar lets go of her hand and looks down at her, she opens her eyes, he was about to move back when Swara hugs him, he smiles, he feels a connection, then he throws water at her and she breaks the hug, she looks at him and both of the start throwing water at each other, he smiles and looks at Swara
Swara: Do you remember, when you fell into the muddy water and pulled me as well
Sanskaar looks on, he then remembers that when he was small
Sanskaar: How do you know?
Swara: Do you remember me?
She shows him the necklace, he smiles and gets out the bracelet
Both: You still have it?
Both start laughing and hug each other
Sanskaar: Teekhi mirch(spicy spice)
Swara: Kaala Banddar (Black monkey)

Lakshya makes Ragini sit down
Lakshya: What happened?
Ragini hugs him, Lakshya puts his hand on Raginis back. Ragini then breaks the hug and look on angry, she then smiles and leaves
Lakshya: She’s so weird,one minuets she’s crying and the other angry and then smiles
Ragini looks back and glares at him and this time he sticks his tongue out. Ragini leaves.

His friends come out, and smirk, the same man who put forward the bet sits next to him
Lakshya: See Arjun, Lucky can make the impossible a possible so who is Ragini?
Arjun: Vah Bahai, I can see it, The Ragini hugged you.
Lakshya: This was the first step
A flashback is shown where Lakshya mixes something in a water bottle and swaps it with Swaras, then Swara gives it to Ragini and she consumes it, they come out of the flashback.
Lakshya: Now time for Plan 2!
Arjun: Let’s go!

Ragini sees a water bottle on the table, she drinks the water and spits a bit of it out.
Ragini to herself: Cheee!
She then starts to hear herself and she drinks more and she can clearly talk, Lakshya walks by,
Lakshya: Thank God your drinking this
Ragini: Why?
Lakshya: Because this can cure your voice and clean it
Ragini: What, how?
Lakshya: I called Mom up as told her then I done all she said and now look, your voice is back!
Ragini: Thanks
Lakshya smiles
Ragini: Not to you! To your mum
Lakshya stops smiling and Ragini laughs.
Lakshya: Ha ha, very funny na?
Ragini: So funny!
Lakshya: I’m telling you don’t mess with Lucky
Ragini: Whatever!
Lakshya was about to speak but stops when his eyes lay on a girl
Lakshya: Wow…what a item
Ragini looks in the direction of Lakshya and sees Shweta and gets shocked.
Ragini: Shweta?
Lakshya: You know her?
Ragini nods
Lakshya: Ragini yaa please introduce me to her please.
Ragini: No! Can’t you do it yourself?
Lakshya: Are you challenging Lucky?
Ragini smiles
Lakshya: You watch how I woo her WITHOUT YOUR HELP!
Ragini: Go.. I’m watching

Lakshya walks upto her,
Lakshya: Hi I’m Lucky
Shweta: I’m Shweta,
Lakshya: Wow, such sweet name
Ragini looks, he turns around and winks at Ragini
Shweta: Lakshya, do you remember me?
Lakshya: Call me Lucky, and what?
Shweta: I was your science partner Shweta, whom you used to call shwe
Lakshya remembers a girl with glasses and salwar suit, he looks at her now and smiles
Lakshya: Wow shwe, you changed!
Shweta: Finally, I know Lakshya.
Lakshya: Lucky
Shweta: Why Lucky?
Lakshya: They call me Lucky because I’m lucky and I bring luck to everyone and leave my charm for girls like you Shwe.
Ragini hears that and thinks: Not lucky but misfortune, they should’ve called him manoos(misfortune/ bad luck)

Ragini walks off, she gets stopped by two boys,
Boy 1: You sound nice
Boy 2: Why wouldn’t she, she looks nice as well
Boy 1: Not nice but mind blowing!
Ragini gets irked, she tries to walk away when boy 2 grabs her hand,
Ragini: Let go of my hand!

Lakshya smiles and talks to Shweta, he then suddenly gets a feeling, he feels someone is in trouble, he looks behind and doesn’t find Ragini, he then runs from there and Shweta looks on! Lakshya in his head: If Ragini is in trouble then the slap would automatically come towards me!
He touches his right cheek, he sees Ragini and runs to her,
Lakshya: What are you doing?
Boy 2: What’s it to you?
Lakshya: Leave her hand!
Boy 1: No, what would you do?
Lakshya punches Boy 2, he then punches Boy 1 both of them run off.
Ragini: Why did you come?
Lakshya: I don’t know, I had a feeling and I came
Ragini: Feeling?
Lakshya: I was not too fond of helping you
Ragini: I never asked for your help!
Lakshya in his head: But my heart was!
Lakshya gives Ragini the evils and Ragini glares.
Lakshya: Ragini, baby tell me why you hate me?..
Ragini: Fattu.. And I’m not your baby!!
Lakshya: Dayan, tell me and anyway it’s the last day of college
Ragini thinks and looks angry
Ragini: Dayan?
Lakshya: If you can call me Fattu, why can’t I call you Dayan?

Precap: Lakshya is on his knees and everyone look, DP enters the college!

(Hope you like this FF, Thank you for the awesome comments??)

Credit to: Halima

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