Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 8


Sanskaar and Lakshya come home, the run upstairs but DP stops them and the see DP, Lakshya looks on
DP: Where have you both been?
Sanskaar: Bade Papa, we went to the Baadi
DP gets Angry
DP: Why did you go there?
Lakshya and Sanskaar look at each other.
Lakshya: Papa we went for a stroll but Swara called and invited us to Daadi birthday party
DP looks even more angry

Lakshya looks at him
Sanskaar: Sorry Bade Papa, I told him to come
DP: I didn’t expect this from you Sanskaar, you have disappointed me today, If it was Lakshya then I would’ve still got it but, You?
Sanskaar looks down with a guilty face and Lakshya looks on with and angry face, Lakshya runs upstairs and locks his room, DP looks at Sanskaar and he goes, Sanskaar to himself: It’s my fault!
And he goes feeling guilty.

Lakshya in his room is angry, he sits on his bed and remembers his dream about Daadi slapping him but then goes into the Flashback where he was 17 and Ragini was 16 and he comes to the Baadi, he sees Ragini and tries to scare her, Ragini slips and hangs from the terrace, Daadi comes there and shouts at him, he forwards his hand and Ragini holds it but he nearly let go, Daadi looked on worried, he pulls her up and she hugged Daadi,
Lakshya: Ragini look, I’m…
Daadi slaps him and he looks shocked, everyone come there.

All: What happened?
Daadi was about to tell but Ragini stops her and says: I just slipped and Lakshya saved me
Lakshya looks at her
Shekhar: Thanks beta, you saved my daughter
Daadi looks on Angrily, Lakshya smiles, Sumi hugs him and takes him downstairs.
Sumi: Thank you Lucky for saving my daughter
Lakshya: It’s okay Mausi Maa
He then comes out the flashback and touches his cheeks, he remembers the pain and says: Daadi has a heavy and hard hand.
He lets a breath out, he then thinks not to ever mess with Daadi because she is a dangerous women and the wrong women to mess with.
That was the reason why he quickly ran out.

Sanskaar in his room thinks about Swara and the moments he had with her, he starts with their first meeting and continues remembering scenes and smiles, he then thinks not to get too happy, they are only FRIENDS! New friends!!

In Swaraginis room:
Swara picks her phone up, she thinks to send Sanskaar a message, she then thinks he must be sleeping, she then thinks what will more likely happen if I send one message, she opens messages and texts ‘HI’ to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar takes his phone and sees Swaras message, he then types ‘Hi, what are you doing?’
She opens the message and types ‘Not much you?’
He replies with ‘I’m just trying to sleep but can’t’
Swara texts ‘Are you thinking about me?’
He opens the message, she then sends an smiley emoji and writes ‘I’m joking’ he then types ‘I know’ Swara ‘Meet me outside Zee cafe at 2:00pm’ Sanskaar ‘Tomorrow?’ Swara ‘No, two weeks later, obviously Tomorrow’
Sanskaar ‘I might not make it’
Swara ‘I don’t want to listen to anything, I’ll meet you tomorrow, BYExxx’

Swara and Sanskaar notice the xxx and get shy. Then Swara shuts the phone and taps her head suddenly Ragini recalls Lakshya coming close and asks …. “Why do you show so hatedness to me don’t you like me?
Ragini wakes up in a big shock and the episode ends with dirty look!

Precap: Swara and Sanskaar meet and Lakshya remembers the slap and gets scared

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Credit to: Halima

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