Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 7


The episode starts with Ragini standing near the window while Daadi goes to cut the cake. Lakshya walks up to her
Lakshya: Miss Ragini Gadodia, you have to pay for this mud you put on my face.
Ragini: Oh really? Well you have to pay for kidnapping my Daadi!
Lakshya: I was meant to teach you a lesson!
Ragini: You don’t have the courage to mess with me Fattu!
Lakshya: Really?
Ragini: Well Fattu, you had to bring your brother with you
Lakshya: You haven’t met the real Lakshya Maheshwari
Ragini: Don’t even bother to show me
She walks away and Lakshya looks at her

Swara: Maa, I’ll show Sanskaar around the house
Sumi: Okay and take Lucky as well
Lakshya: Well Mausi Maa, why don’t Ragini join us as well
Ragini: No Maa, I don’t want to
Sumi: Go Shona
Swara: I thought I was your Shona?
Lakshya: No I’m her Shona!
Ragini, Swara and Sumi start laughing
Ragini: Shona and you?
Swara: Do you know what Shona even means?
Sumi: Lucky, Shona means Beautiful in Bengali and it is mostly used for girls

Everyone starts laughing and Lakshya looks embarrassed.
Lakshya: Yeah so… Ragini come!
He goes up to Ragini and takes her.
Shekhar: If she doesn’t want to go then don’t force her
Ragini: It’s okay Baba, I’ll go
Swara, Sanskaar, Lakshya and Ragini leave. Lakshya takes Ragini somewhere else,
Ragini: Fattu, where are you taking me?
Lakshya doesn’t say anything, they finally reach the terrace.

Swara takes Sanskaar to her room
Sanskaar: Where’s Lucky and Ragini?
Swara: I don’t know and I think Ragini must have took him to show him something
Sanskaar: Oh
Swara goes to her phone and checks it
Sanskaar: So do you and Ragini share a room?
Swara: Yeah
Sanskaars phone starts ringing, he takes his phone out and answers the call
Swara: Hi
He looks at Swara and cuts the phone
Sanskaar: Did you call?
Swara: Yeah anyways save my number
Sanskaar saves her number

Swara: What do you do?
Sanskaar: I run the company with Bade Papa
Swara: Don’t you do anything fun?
Sanskaar: We have to take everything serious
Swara stares at Sanskaar
Sanskaar: Shall we go
Swara: Yeah
Sanskaar and Swara walk out, Swara slips and Sanskaar holds her, they share an eye-lock, everything goes mute and only the wind could be heard, 2 minuets later
Swara starts laughing and Sanskaar makes her stand, he sees the banana peel and picks it up
Sanskaar: What should I do with it?
Swara: Just throw it
Sanskaar: it’s not right to throw it
She pushes his hand and the banana peel flies out of his and and lands on to the floor, he looks at her angrily
Swara: Sorry
Swara holds her ears

In the terrace:
Ragini: Why did you bring me here?
Lakshya: I wanted to see the terrace
Ragini: Okay I’m going
Ragini was about to go but Lakshya holds her hand and pulls her towards him
Lakshya: Why do you hate me?
Ragini: What?
Lakshya: Is it because of the….

Daadi walks towards the kitchen and slips on the banana peel
Daadi: Aaahhh!!!! Help…..Help I think I broke a bone
Everyone come out Lakshya and Ragini come running and Swara and Sanskaar look down.
Sanskaar: Oh God it’s my fault
Lakshya starts laughing and Daadi gets up and Slaps him and everyone look at him with disgust,

Lakshya wobbles he then realised he was dreaming and looks forward, Daadi was sitting on the sofa, Sanskaar and Swara come down
Swara: Daadi are you okay?
Daadi: Nah, I’m fit and fine aren’t I? Nothing happened right?
Swara looks upset
Ragini: Daadi how did this happen?
Daadi: You came and pushed me that’s how I fell
Daadi is angry
Daadi: And everyone will stand here like a statue and watch me in pain right?
Shekhar: No Maa come I’ll take you to your room
Daadi looks at Lakshya angrily and leaves with Shekhar, Sumi and Dadaji.

After Daadi leaves Lakshya goes out, Ragini goes to the Kitchen
Swara: Sanskaar don’t worry nothing will happen
Sanskaar: I’m really sorry from the behalf of Lucky
Swara: No thank you or sorry in friendship!
Sanskaar smiles

Swara: Come I’ll drop you to the exit
Sanskaar nods and they leave, Swara reaches the gate she waves and turns around to go in but turns back and says ‘Sanskaar’, he looks, she walks forwards and falls on to Sanskaar and both fall on to the floor, they share an eye-lock and again everything is mute and the wind makes the sound
Swara gets up but gets pulled back onto Sanskaars chest as her hair was stuck to his button, he then tries to take it out and does, Swara then tries to get up but is forced back onto Sanskaars chest because this time the her necklace was tangled with his chain
Lakshya looks at them,
Swara then says: I’ll do it

Sanskaar moves his hands back, Swara tries to untangle it and she does after two minutes
Then both of them stand up and go in the opposite direction but are forced back to each other and this time Sanskaars watch gets hold of Swaras dupatta(Scarf) both of them look at each other and start laughing, Lakshya rolls down the window and says: Bhai, hurry up, there’s no time to flirt
After saying that he quickly rolls his window back up and Sanskaar looks at him,
Swara: I guess destiny does not want us to seperate!
Both start laughing, Sanskaar then tries to get the scarf and watch separated but can’t, then Swara tries and she can’t either, both try and it, finally splits but Swaras scarf has a hole,
Swara: sorry, I didn’t see the rock
Sanskaar: No it’s okay and I’m sorry for the hole
Swara smiles and nods

Lakshya plays the horn from the car and Sanskaar looks back
Swara: Bye
Sanskaar: Bye
Swara goes and Sanskaar goes and sits as well
Lakshya: I’m sorry Bhai, I didn’t know that because of me this will happen.
Sanskaar doesn’t say anything and drives

Precap: Lakshya and Sanskaar come home and see DP.

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Credit to: Halima

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