Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 65 *Final Episode*


The episode starts with Mishti, Lakshya, Ragini and Aansh thinking while Swara and Sanskaar are confused, DP thinks what to do, he then gets up while Swara, Mishti, Ragini, Aansh, Lakshya and Sanskaar leave, they come back to Lakshyas room,
Swara: What happened? It sounded like bade papa is in some sort of trouble.
Ragini: He sounded tensed.
Sujata: Chore, I think you all should find out, Bhaisa isn’t going to tell us easily.
AP knocks on the door,
AP: Sujata, is Mishti awake?
Sujata: Haa JiJi, she’s awake.
AP: Okay tell them to come out for the babies name ceremony.
Sujata: What? This quick?
AP: This is the only chance we have, they will leave soon.
Sujata: True JiJi, I will bring all of them down.
AP: Okay.
AP leaves, Lakshya thinks,
Sujata: Why do you have to hide yourself in that Pallu Ragini?
Ragini: I don’t know, I was here to get Aadi.
Sujata: Aadi?
Ragini looks at Aansh,
Aansh: Aadi is my son.
Sujata (surprised): What? You never told me!
Aansh: I found out recently.
Sujata: Now to get you back, I will do something!
They all look,
Sujata: You get dressed and come while I go down.

Sujata grabs Raginis hand and takes her, Ragini puts her Pallu over her face, Aansh, Lakshya and Sanskaar tell her to stop but she drags her. Sujata brings her down the stair case and AP and everyone look, they start talking among each other,
AP: What is this Sujata?
Sujata: Ask her JiJi!
AP: What do you mean?
DP: Be clear Sujata!
Sujata: Bhaisa, I found this Chori in Aanshs room, she was abducting the child that Aansh brought home.
They all get shocked,
Aansh: No….
Sujata: Na Chore, don’t stop me today, why was this Chori in your room huh?
Lakshya thinks what Chachi is trying to do,
RP: What are you Sujata?
Sujata: I’m telling the truth Ji!
DP: Who are you and whatever Sujata is saying, is it true?!
Ragini gets worried, she thinks,
Lady2: First the party and now the ceremony, something has to go wrong!
Lady1: I know!
Aansh: No!
All look at him,
DP: Was this lady trying to take the child?
Aansh: Yes
Sujata: See Bhaisa, I told you!
Aansh: But whatever you saw and assumed was wrong!
Sujata: Oh really? Then who is she?
Aansh understands what Sujata is trying to do,
Aansh: She’s the mother of that child and you know her!
They all think, Mishti and Swara come down with the children,
Aansh: Show everyone and prove them wrong!
Ragini nods no, Aansh then goes near her and lifts her Pallu, Ragini is upset and looking down, he moves out of the way and everyone and stunned to see her.
AP: Ragini?
DP: Ragini?!
Ragini looks up,
Sujata (acting shocked): Ragini?!
Aansh: And Aad is my son!
They get double stunned,
AP: What?
AP looks at Ragini and Ragini nods, AP smiles,
DP looks on,
AP: Today’s day is good for us, we got our sons and Bahus back.
AP thanks god, Sujata smiles and Aansh nods his head, Sujata looks at Lakshya, Lakshya is surprised and nods his head.
Sujata: Ragini, is that what your going to wear on your nephews naming ceremony? Come with me, we can talk later as a whole family after the naming ceromany!
AP nods and signals Ragini to go and Ragini leaves.

Mishti and Lakshya sit down while Pandit reads some mantras, Lakshya looks bored, DP looks proud, Sujata comes out with Aadi and AP smiles looking at him, Sujata gives Aadi to Aansh and Aansh smiles,
Sujata whispers: How did you like my acting?
Aansh: It was mind blowing.
Sujata smiles and stands next to AP,
Pandit: What would you like to name your son?
Mishti looks at Lakshya,
Lakshya holds his son,
Lakshya: My son brought luck, charm and wealth to my life, I want to name my son….
He looks at Mishti and Mishti nods, DP looks at him,
Lakshya: Shrimant!
DP gets shocked and happy from the inside but doesn’t show it,
AP smiles and Sujata thinks she heard it somewhere,
Pandit: Do you mind?
DP looks at Mishti, Mishti nods no and smiles, DP looks up proudly,
Lakshya looks at DP while DP remembers him telling AP about thinking to name Lakshyas son Shrimant but then thought that Lakshya will name him, Lakshya is standing and he heard and entered to his room with the rest.
Everyone clap and Lakshya looks away, DP looks at him and the name is finalised. He then gets the callers call and goes to the side.

DP: Hello?
Caller: I’m letting her go, I’m sorry, bye!
Call disconnects and DP is surprised, Uttra comes down the stairs, DP looks back and is happy to see Uttra back but he doesn’t show it, Uttra is happy to see Sanskaar, Swara, Lakshya, Mishti and Ragini.
Radikha comes and hugs Uttra,
Radikha: It’s good you came back, I got worried.
Arnav walks up to DP and apologies, the name ceremony finishes and everyone start leaving.
Gadodia family start to come in, Aansh walks up to DP,
Aansh: I’m sorry, I’m not even worth calling you Papa, I…
Ragini comes out,
Lakshya: I’m sorry Papa, please forgive me.
Sanskaar: If you don’t forgive us then no one else will, we won’t be able to face our selves after hurting you.
Aansh: We were angry
Lakshya: We were innocent and nasamajh
Sanskaar: We didn’t even know what we were doing!
They hold their ears and bend on their knees, DP looks at them, he was about to cry emotionally but he controls it and nods yes, they get up and hug DP, DP hugs them back, Swara, Ragini and Mishti apologise to Shekhar, he ignores them, Sumi hugs them and Daadi eventually breaks the grudge and hugs them too, Shekhar gets emotional and hugs them, Sanskaar, Aansh and Lakshya apologise and Shekhar hugs them too.
DP holds Aadi, Daadi holds Shri(Shrimant), Sujata holds Shraddah and AP holds Meera, everyone are smiling expect DP, Swara and Sanskaar hug and DP looks, they break the hug and Lakshya teases him.

5 years later:
Mishti is standing on the staircase, she is looking at the children play and smiles,
Mishti: Careful Shraddah, you will get hurt!
Shraddah: Okay Chachi!
Aansh, Lakshya, Sanskaar, Ram and DP leave for office, Swara and Ragini join Mishti on the staircase, Radikha comes with her husband and child, she has a 5 yr old daughter named Misha. Ragini has a 4 yr old daughter named Anjali, AP and Sujata are coming with food for the children, Uttra comes with her husband and 3 yr old son named Sahil.

Swara, Ragini and Mishti see them smiling and smiles,
Swara: Doesn’t our family look happy after all these years?
Ragini: It seems filled
Mishti: And fun.
Swara: This is our family and we will protect it,
Ragini: And guide it
Mishti: And help it in every problem.
They join hands and Swaragini…title….plays, they share a hug.

The END!

Thank you for supporting me through out my journey of writing Heart Connection, thank you so much for commenting and liking.
I’m sorry that I have to end it today but I had to. I’m planning to write another FF based on Raglak, I don’t want to reveal too much because I wanted it to remain a surprise, if I write it then it would be called Swaragini (Chand ka dusra Chehra)
Thank your for supporting, I will write an introduction for the new FF, till then thank you and bye.?

Credit to: Halima

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