Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 64


The episode begins with the ladies coming in and saying congrats to Lakshya, he smiles and nods his head, suddenly his PA comes rushing,
PA: Sir! Sir!
Lakshya looks at him,
Lakshya: What happened?
PA: Sir, I just received the Singapore clients call and they said…..
Lakshya looks curious,
Lakshya: What did they say?
PA: They….they

Lakshya: Get straight to the point!
PA: They liked our presentation and they made a deal with us, we got the contract sir!
Lakshya smiles, he looks at Mishti then his son,
PA: I must say, your Son and Daughter are lucky for you sir.
All get puzzled,
Lakshya: The contract that we have being preparing for years has came to me, your right, my son and daughter are lucky for me.
PA: When your daughter came, you went billionaire and now your son came, your going to become double billionaire!
Lakshya smiles, he looks at Mishti, she’s sleeping.
DP and the men look on,
Sujata: Chore, you have a daughter?
Lakshya nods,
Sujata: Where is she then, why isn’t she here? I also want to see your daughter.
Lakshya: We will leave in a bit, so there’s no point.
AP looks at him,
Sujata: Where will you go? Have you seen this chori’s state, let her rest here for a day and then you can leave tomorrow if she’s better.
AP: Haa beta stay here until she gets better.
Lakshya looks at DP: What if someone kicks me out again?
Aansh: Don’t worry, I’m here now, no one will say anything to you.
They both glare at DP.
DP leaves in anger, Ragini was about to leave when Sujata stops her,
Sujata: Why don’t you stay here tonight?
Ragini gets worried,

Sujata: Stay with Mishti.
AP: You might as well.
Ragini nods, everyone leave from the room but Aansh and Sanskaar and Ragini stay, Sujata comes back.

She locks the door and everyone look at her,
Sujata: I know she’s Ragini!
Aansh and Lakshya gets shocked,
Sujata: I want to know the truth!
Sanskaar: What truth?
Sujata: The truth all of you are hiding!
They don’t say anything,
Sujata: By keeping quiet the truth is not going to change!
Lakshya: What?
Sujata looks at him,

Sujata: Don’t fool me, I have seen Raginis face!
Before Sujata could say anything else they all hear DP shouting,
Sujata: Now what’s happened?
They all rush to see expect Mishti as she’s sleeping. They see Swara downstairs with Meera and Shraddah, they see another woman who DP is shouting at, Lakshya is holding his son, Lakshya was about to fall when Sujata holds him,
Sujata: Careful chore! Give me this chora, I’ll hold him!
Sujata takes the baby of Lakshyas hand and walks downstairs,
Sujata: What’s happened now, Bhaisa?
Sanskaar sees the woman’s face and gets shocked, it turns out to be Kavita,
Sanskaar: Kavita?!
Kavita looks at him,
Kavita: Sanky?!
DP: Do you know her?
Kavita: Sanky, I’m not lying, you know me, tell him!
Sanskaar: What happened?
DP: Arnav!!
Arnav comes out, he sees Kavita and gets shocked,
Arnav: Kavita?
Kavita runs up to him and hugs him, he hugs her back and Radikha comes out, she is married and her husband is gone on a business trip,
DP and everyone look on shocked,

Sujata: What is this? Your beyond Lakshya! Chore don’t forget Bhaisa is here, standing and watching!
DP: Arnav!
Arnav breaks the hug,
Arnav: She’s telling the truth, if she told you I’m married to her then she isn’t lying.
Kavita looks at DP,
DP: Unbelievable! I don’t even have a single un-useless and favourite child!
Aansh: Why are you lying! Radikhas right there!
DP gets angry,
DP: One child got married without permission, the other child married without informing us, third child married an enemies son, fourth child hates me, fifth child who I thought liked me, doesn’t even want to see my face, no one respects me! I have to say Uttra and Aadarsh are the only ones who kept my respect, the others tarnished it!
Aansh: Who married your enemies son?
Sujata: Radikha!
Aansh looks at Radikha and Radikha has her head down.

AP looks at all of them,
AP: You all are in this house for yourselves, now everyone opened my eyes.
DP and AP leave, Sujata sees Swara and gets happy,
Sujata: My granddaughter!

Sujata rushes to Shraddah, she hands the baby to Swara and hugs Shraddah, Meera walks to Lakshya, she was about to fall when Aansh catches her and picks her up, Meera looks at him confusingly.
Swara smiles looking at the baby, Sanskaar looks at Swara, Swara ignores him, they all head upstairs, they are walking past DPs room and hear him talking, they stop,
DP: I had to lie to Aansh!
AP: But why Ji?
DP: What else would’ve I done? I wanted Aansh to find Ragini, not just sit there and wait, I wonder where she must be, they don’t care about me, I care about them, they only see my angry side not my other side.

AP: Ji….
DP: I knew Aansh wouldn’t trust me so he would’ve done something to prove me wrong, so I had to say that Annapurna.
AP: Ji, they don’t even know that you forgave them.
Aansh looks on,
DP: Your right Annapurna, I forgave them but they misunderstood me.
AP: They call themselves your sons but they don’t even know you properly.
DP: I didn’t want Lakshya to stay in this house after marrying Mishti because I know by seeing my face he wouldn’t live peacefully here, that’s why I said all that. I wanted him to start afresh but he actually made me proud by proving me wrong.

Lakshya gets stunned and looks on,
DP: I didn’t stop Sanskaar because I knew that if I say I forgave him then Swara would not forgive him easily, I wanted to let Sanskaar go because I couldn’t face him after doing so much wrong to him, I was so selfish that I couldn’t know the pain I have him.
AP: No Ji, it’s not your fault.
DP: It is!
Sanskaar looks on, Swara then looks at all three of them,

DP: Lakshya was right, whatever he said about me was right.
Lakshya bows his head,
DP: Aansh is right, I don’t deserve to be called a father, my children don’t even listen to me and don’t tell me things.
Aansh bows his head,
AP: Ji…..
DP: No Annapurna, Sanskaar was right, I only care about my self, others pains are useless in front of me, right?
Sanskaar bows his head,
DP: Am I that bad Annapurna that all my children hates me?
AP: Nahi Ji, don’t think like that!
DP: Promise me Aannapurna, that you won’t tell anyone about that secret!
AP: But….
DP: Annapurna!
AP: Okay Ji.

They leave from outside and come to Lakshyas room, Mishti wakes up,
Sujata: Did you three chore hear that?
They don’t say anything,
Swara: How will they Mom? They think it’s another Drama!

They look at her,
Swara: They only care about themselves, there’s no point in talking to them!
Sanskaar: Swara…
Swara: No Sanskaar!
Meera sees Mishti, Aansh puts her down and she walks to Mishti, Mishti smiles seeing Meera walking, Swara walks up to Mishti, she gives the baby to her and Mishti smiles, she holds the baby.
Sujata: How can you chore be heartless?
Swara goes back to them,
Swara: Other people’s feelings won’t matter to them.

Sujata: I can’t believe them.
Swara: Bade Papa used to call you and accept you as a son Sanskaar, but what did he get in return?
Sanskaar looks down,
Swara: Bade Papa accepted you as his son with asking for any proof, you may not be his son, right Aansh?
Aansh thinks,
Swara: Bade Papa had high expectations from you, you achieved more than he thought, you made him proud, but did you actually make him proud?
Lakshya looks at Swara,
Sujata: Because of you chore Bhaisa thinks that!
Swara: How would you feel Aansh when Aadi takes revenge from you for leaving him and his mum and he didn’t know what actually happened!
Mishti places the baby down on the bed, Meera is sleeping, Aansh shockingly looks at her,
Swara: What will you do Sanskaar if Shraddah hates you for leaving her alone before she was born and insults you?
Sanskaar gets sad,

Swara: What can I say for you Lakshya?! Anyways, let’s say your daughter took revenge from you for ignoring them and not giving them love and tarnished your respect and image?
Lakshya thinks,
Ragini: We don’t need apologies, Papa Ji does!
Mishti gets up,
Sujata: Chori, why did you get up? You need rest!
Mishti walks up to Lakshya, she grabs Lakshyas hand and takes him, everyone follow but Sujata stays with the children.
They reach outside DP’s room,
DP is getting calls and he finally picks up, they see from the window,
DP: Stop calling me! I don’t care!

Caller: You must not care but do you care about your daughter?
DP: What?!
Caller: Uttra!
DP get shocked,
DP: What have you done to her?!
He hears Uttra screaming and shouting,
Caller: If you want her safe the do what I say!
The caller cuts the phone and DP is stunned, Mishti, Lakshya, Aansh and Ragini wonder what’s wrong.

Precap: Lakshya names the baby.

(Mishti: Tanya Sharma
Aansh: Parth Samthaan

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Credit to: Halima

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