Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 63


The episode begins with Ragini looking surprised, Aansh locks the door and walks forward,
Ragini turns around and Aansh and Ragini share an eye lock, Ragini hugs Aansh and he hugs her back,
Tears fall out of Raginis eyes and the song stops playing, Aansh breaks the hug and looks Ragini.
Aansh: Where were you Ragini?
Ragini: I was in Mumbai with Lakshya and Mishti.
Ragini tells Aansh everything that him having an accident and going in coma and how her baba wanted her to marry someone else. Aansh looks at her,
Ragini: You left me, I didn’t leave you!

Aansh: I’m sorry.
Ragini: No one new I was pregnant, only Lakshya did.
Aansh gets angry remembering what DP said. Ragini looks at Aadi,
Aansh: I promise I won’t leave you or Aadi ever again.
Ragini turns around looking at Aansh, Aansh makes Ragini sit down, he looks at her and smiles,
Aansh: It feels good to see you back. I knew Aadi was our child.
Ragini looks at him,
Aansh: You must be wondering how?
Ragini nods yes,
Aansh: When the lady came and Mishti and Swara, I got suspicious because Aadi already told me who his Mamma was.
Ragini gets confused,

Aansh: You didn’t understand?
Ragini nods no and it goes to a flashback where Aadi sees Raginis photo and calls her Mamma, Aansh gets shocked and picks the photo and shows it to him,
Aansh: Is this your Mamma?
Aadi nods yes,
Aansh: Are you sure.
Aadi nods yes,
Aansh thinks that he is Raginis son, which means he is my son, he then hugs and kisses Aadi, flashback ends and Aansh brings the picture and shows it to Ragini, Ragini looks at her picture and smiles, then when I saw Mishti and Swara outside, I was then fully sure Aadi is my son.

Mishti is thinking if Ragini got Aadi or not, she texts her and Lakshya comes to her,
Lakshya: Are you okay?
Mishti: I wonder if Ragini got Aadi yet or not?!
Lakshya: Chill
Mishti: I can’t see Aansh anywhere too.
Sujata comes up to them,
Sujata: How are you Chore?
Lakshya: I’m fine, u?
Sujata: Fine, all of you left one by one leaving me alone.
Lakshya: Aansh was your favourite anyways.
Sujata: Haa, but I did miss you too.

Lakshya: Thank you, finally someone missed me.
Sujata: Not only me, JiJi did too, she cries every night looking at your picture. All you chore don’t even care about us, no wonder you left.
Lakshya: We had reasons.
Sujata: Then Ragini left too and Swara is at the Baadi, they won’t let me meet my grandchild.
Lakshya: What happened to Ragini?
Sujata: I don’t know chore, I think she left because her Daadi was going to force her to marry somewhere else, it’s good she ran or else she would’ve got married to someone else.
Lakshya: Oh…

DP sees Sujata and Lakshya talking,
Mishti: Where’s the washroom?
Sujata: Don’t tell me you forgot?
Mishti nods yes,
Sujata: Fair enough, it’s been 2 years since you entered the house, but it’s good you entered, now Bhaisa can’t do anything to you.
Sujata and Lakshya smiles,
Sujata: Come, I’ll take you to the washroom.
Mishti nods and goes with Sujata.

Mishti and Sujata reach Lakshyas room,
Sujata: This is Lakshyas room, you can use the bathroom, I’ll be waiting outside.
Mishti nods and goes to the bathroom.
Sujata sees Aanshs room and thinks to go there but then she stops and waits outside the room.
Mishti is in the bathroom, she washes her hand and suddenly starts feeling pain, she gets shocked, she breathes continually and the pain starts getting bigger, she breathes and she calls Ragini, Ragini was about to pick up when Aansh takes her phone,
Aansh: Today I will talk to you and no one is allowed to disturb us.
Ragini: But it must be important.

Aansh nods no and Ragini looks at him,
Mishti starts her labour pain and breathes heavily, she thinks why Ragini isn’t answering, she walks to the door with difficulty and opens it, she shouts in pain, she tries to call Lakshya but her phone drops and she comes out, she yells in pain, Sujata hears her and comes in, she is shocked to see her state,
Sujata: Chori, are you okay?
Mishti nods no, Mishti sits down and screams in pain, no one hear her because of the loud music.
Sujata: What shall we do?
Mishti: Aansh…..Aanshs room.
Sujata thinks, she sees Mishtis condition and rushes to Aanshs room and knocks, Mishtis phone starts ringing but she can’t reach it,
Aansh hears Sujata and thinks that she came in between them,
Sujata: Open the door!
Ragini puts her phone down and wonders why Mishti called her,
Aansh: What happened?
Sujata: Vo Mishti, Mishti needs you!
Aansh thinks and Ragini gets shocked, she then covers her face and opens the door, Sujata gets shocked seeing her in Aanshs room,
Aansh: What happened?

Sujata: Mishti is in labour pain.
Ragini gets shocked,
Aansh: Where is she?
Sujata: In Lakshyas room
Ragini rushes there, Aansh looks at Aadi and sees him sleeping, he then follows Ragini, Sujata rushes down and shouts Lakshya three times, all look at her,
RP: What happened Sujata?

Sujata: Mishti!
Lakshya gets shocked,
Lakshya: What happened to her?!
Sujata: Vo, upar in your room…. (Upstairs in your room…..)
Lakshya rushes to his room, Ragini comes in and sees Mishti in pain, Aansh reaches there, Lakshya comes and looks inside, Sujata comes up and inside the room, AP and the ladies rush up too, DP and the men are downstairs wondering what must’ve happened.

Sujata comes in and locks the door, Lakshya knocks on the door,
Ragini: Don’t worry Mishti, nothing will happen!
Mishti nods, Ragini makes her lie down,
AP: What happened?
They look at Aansh and Aansh doesn’t reply.
Lakshya: Don’t worry Mishti, nothing will happened to you.!
Mishti hears Lakshya,
Mishti: Lakshya!

Lakshya hears her,
Sujata: What are you doing Chori, why do you want Lakshya to come in?
Lakshya knocks to open,
Ragini picks her Pallu up and asks Mishti to relax, Sujata gets shocked to see Ragini and smiles after,
Ragini: Please, get me water and towel.
Sujata nods and goes to the bathroom, she gets water in the bucket and gives her the towel,
Lakshya: Mishti, I’m with you in your heart, never make yourself feel alone!
Mishti listens to him, DP comes up
Lakshya: I swear Mishti, even if you get fat and grow pimples I will still love you.
All the ladies look at him, DP looks at him angrily, all the men arrive too,
Mishti smiles in pain,

Sujata: He’s such a Besharam chora, in front of everyone he is romancing, if Bhaisa hears him then he will be gone.
Ragini: If you and Lakshya continue doing this then she will feel less pain and it will be easier for her.
Lakshya: Do you remember the first time? I was with you but this time I’m not, but I’m outside.
Sujata raises her eyebrows,
Sujata: What’s this? He went with you last time? Chi Chi!
Lakshya: I love you Mishti!
All look at him,
Sujata: Hy, this Chora has no shame, if Bhaisa is listening then…. Even Sanskaar ke Papa isn’t that romantic, you youngsters are lucky.
Ragini: Push!

Everyone look at Lakshya and start talking, Lakshya worries, DP stares, then they hear a baby crying and get happy, Sujata opens the door, she is looking sad and Lakshya looks at her,
Sujata: Chore…..
Lakshya: What happened?!
Sujata smiles: You have a son!
Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: How’s Mishti?
Sujata: Go see yourself!
Lakshya enters and smiles seeing Mishti lying on the bed and Ragini brings his son to him, he smiles and picks him up,
Lakshya: Thank you.

Ragini: It’s okay.
Ragini puts Pallu to cover her face, Aansh comes in and smiles,
Aansh: Congrats Lucky, you have a son!
Lakshya: Thanks Aansh.
The ladies come in and see Lakshya and Mishti.

Precap: Aansh, Swara, Ragini, Lakshya and Mishti hear DP talking.

(Thank you for commenting?
Mishti: Tanya Sharma
Aansh: Parth Samthaan )

Credit to: Halima

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