Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 62


The Episode begins with Mishti rushing to Swara,
Swara: Have you found him?
Mishti: He’s…he’s with Aansh
Swara: What?
Mishti: I saw Aadi with Aansh and then they disappeared.
Swara: How will we get him back?
Mishti: Chill, Aadis with his Papa and that’s what gives me tension free, he’s safe in his Papas hand.

Swara: But….
Mishti: We will tell Ragini that Aansh took Aadi and then problem solved, okay?
Swara: Haa, but what will we say to Ragini when she comes back?
Mishti: Don’t worry Swara, I’ll handle it, but we need to do something.
Swara: We can’t go to get him, they know us.
Mishti and Swara think and they both get an idea.

Aansh reaches MM with Aadi, he sees the decorations and walks up the stairs, Sujata sees him and thinks what he’s doing with the baby, she then tells AP and AP gets thinking,
Parineeta comes out with her son,
AP: Abhimanyu?
Abhi walks to AP and hugs her, AP smiles, DP and RP come out,
RP: Are you all ready?
They all nod,
DP: Where’s Aansh.
Sujata: I saw Aansh going up with a boy.
RP: What?
Sujata: Haa Ji.

Aanshs room:
Aadi is sitting down on the bed, he looks around and Aansh sits next to him,
Aansh: So Aadi, do you want something to eat or drink?
Aadi nods no,
Aadi: Mamma
Aadi sees Raginis pic and smiles,

Aadi: Mamma!
Aansh: Where?
Aadi points at Raginis picture and Aansh gets shocked.

Swara and Mishti reach MM, they tell the lady to go in and get Aadi, she nods and goes in,
Swara: Make sure you get Aadi.
The lady nods and enters, she starts her drama,
Lady: Aadi, Aadi beta?!
DP and RP look at her, Sujata, AP and Parineeta come out.
Lady: Where is my Aadi?!
Aansh hears her and brings Aadi out, the lady sees Aadi and starts acting,
Lady: Aadi, come, come to Mamma.

Aansh: Aadi, is she your Mamma?
Aadi looks at her, the lady nods yes and Aadi looks at Aansh and nods no.
Aansh: Who are you?
Lady: I’m Aadis mum
Aansh: Stop lying!
Lady: I’m not!
DP: What’s going on?
They ignore him,
Aansh: Go away or else I’ll call the police.
The lady worries,
Aansh: Why are you worrying?
Lady: No..
Aansh: Why are you here?
Lady: No I’m just….

Aansh: The truth!
Lady: Okay, the two ladies outside paid me to bring Aadi out saying he’s my son.
Everyone get shocked,

Outside MM:
Swara and Mishti are waiting eagerly,
Swara: Where is she?
The lady comes out and Swara sees her,
Swara: Where’s Aadi?
The lady ignores her and goes, Mishti turns around and sees Aansh behind her and gets shocked, Swara turns around and gets shocked too,
Aansh: You two?!
Swara: I’m here to take Aadi
Aansh: Who is he?
Swara: He’s my…my son!
Aansh is dazed,

Aansh: Aadi, is she your Mamma?
Aadi: Maasi
Aansh looks at Swara and Swara does not say anything,
Mishti: I’m his Mamma that’s why.
Aansh looks at her,
Mishti: Come here Aadi, my Prince Charming.
Aadi leans forward and Mishti takes him,
Aansh: Is she your Mamma?
Aadi: Mamma.
Mishti: Haa, I’m his Mamma.
Swara gets Raginis call and is shocked, Aansh sees Swara and Swara hides her phone,
Aansh: I don’t believe you, somethings fishy.
Aadi: Papa

Mishti: Haa Aadi, we will go to Papa.
Mishti tries to leave when Aadi points at Aansh and Mishti makes a face,
Aansh: Why is he pointing at me?
Swara: Because he wants to know who you are.
Aansh: I can’t trust you two, my heart is telling me that he is not any of yours son!
Aansh takes Aadi back,

Aansh: Go get proof then I will believe you!
Aansh goes inside with Aadi while Mishti and Swara look on,
Mishti: Now Ragini can get Aadi back.
Swara: But how?
Sanskaar comes with Shraddah, Swara takes Shraddah and Mishti and Swara leave, Shraddah waves at Sanskaar and Sanskaar smiles and waves back.

Mishti and Swara tell Ragini everything about how Aansh too Aadi, tears fall out of Raginis eyes,
Ragini: Aansh woke up?
Mishti and Swara nod,
Mishti: Now you have to go and get Aadi back, I told Swara he’s safe with Aansh but she….
Swara looks at her,

Lakshya comes,
Lakshya: Are you ready for a party?
Mishti: What party?
Lakshya: It’s nearly 4!
Mishti remembers,
Mishti: Oh yeah, I remembered, where is the party?
Lakshya smiles: Maheshwari house!
Swara, Mishti and Ragini look at him,

Mishti: This can be a good chance for Ragini to come to get Aadi.
Lakshya: What?
They tell Lakshya and Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: Don’t worry you lot, Aadi is with his Papa.
Swara: But still, Ragini can’t live without him.
Lakshya: Go get dressed but Ragini you have to go undercover.
Ragini: Why?

Lakshya: Just do it and I’ll tell you the reason after.
Mishti and Raginj leave to get dressed, Lakshya wears a Black Tuxedo with Black shirt, Mishti comes out wearing green and gold saree(the one Meera used to wear in Saathiya) Lakshya is memorized to see her, Mishti has her hair straightened, Lakshya smiles and Mishti looks at him,
Mishti: What happened?
Lakshya: You look beautiful

Mishti: And?
Lakshya: I never seen you in a saree before, I seen you in Salwar, Anarkali, Western and now in Saree, you look beautiful in all your clothes.
Mishti smiles, Ragini and Swara smile too, Ragini wears a plain Saree with Pallu on her head,
Swara: Romance baad mein karna, ab jao! (Romance later, now go!)
They leave and Swara goes to the room where Meera and Shraddah are.

RP and DP are waiting,
RP: Where are they Bhaisa? All the other guests arrived.
DP: What was his name again?!
RP: I don’t know, I think it was Mr M, Haa, people call him Mr M but his name is LM.
DP: LM?!
RP: People call him LM but I’ll call him Mr M.

Some guests start arriving, RP smiles and greets them in,
DP: They Said 4 and its 4:30.
RP: I know Bhaisa.
Mr M’s PA comes,
RP: Bhaisa, is that Mr M’s PA?
DP: Haa!
RP: PA came but Mr M didn’t.
Sanskaar comes down and so does Aansh, Mr M walks in and people start shaking his hand,
One man: Mr M’s here.
RP and DP look, they can’t see him because people are shaking his hand and clicking pictures.
RP: I heard that he became a business tycoon in 2 years, the whole world wants him, he’s gone famous let me see who Mr M is.
The PA makes him walk up to DP, DP and RP are shocked to see Lakshya, Lakshya smiles at them,
PA: This is Mr DurgaPrasad and his brother RamPrasad.

Aansh sees Lakshya, he walks up to him and smiles, people block him but Aansh asks them to let him through,
Sujata: People are behind him and they are crowded as he is a celebrity!
AP: I wonder who he is?
Sujata: Let’s go JiJi.
Sujata grabs APs hand and takes her near DP, they are shocked to see Lakshya, Aansh hugs Lakshya and Lakshya hugs him back, all look on.
Ragini enters MM with Pallu on her head and face to cover herself, Aansh feels her presence, Ragini tries to go upstairs when one of the lady takes her with her and she gets confused, Aansh breaks the hug and smiles at Lakshya,

PA: Do you know him?
Lakshya: Haa.
PA: I must say, he is a special person that you must’ve hugged.
Lakshya: Haa, he is a special person.
PA: If you don’t mind, may I ask who?
Lakshya: Mera Bhai.
PA is stunned,
PA: Aap ka Bhai sir?
Lakshya: Yes my brother, real brother and you see that person there?
The PA nods while Lakshya points at Sanskaar,
Lakshya: He’s my brother too.
PA: Wow, so your related to DurgaPrasad Maheshwari?
Lakshya: Change the topic.
PA: Sorry sir, where’s Mishti Ma’am?

Lakshya looks back and people move out of the way and make path for Mishti, she comes walking and smiles nervously while looking at Aansh, some of the girls are giving Mishti the evils,
One of the girl: Mishti is so beautiful, now wonder Mr M fell for her.
Girl 3: I can’t believe he fell for her!
Girl 2: Well his brother isn’t bad either.
They look at Aansh, Lakshya talks to some clients while DP and RP look at him.
DP: I can’t believe this useless idiot is Mr M.

RP: Haa Bhaisa, I think he stole the identit of Mr M, poor Mr M, I wonder where he must be.

Ragini comes out of the kitchen and puts the drinks on the table, she goes upstairs and thinks finally she came upstairs, where’s Aadi?
She walks around and remembers her times in this house and these corridors, she goes to her and Aanshs room, she sees Aadi in it and smiles, she shuts the door and takes the Pallu off, Aadi is sleeping, she looks around the room and she remembers hers and Aanshs moments, Moh…Moh…tune…plays….

Mishti is standing on her own, AP walks up to her and smiles, Lakshya comes there and ignores AP, he then takes Mishtis hand and takes her to the dance floor,
Bilkul….socha…na…plays, Mishti and Aansh dance to that, Bilkul socha na, Bilkul Samjha na, kaise yeh sab hoga ya, pyaar Mujhe tumse hi, jaane Kab Ho Gaya…plays…
Aansh imagines Ragini coming towards him and smiles, Ragini disappears and Aansh comes out of the imagination, he then remembers Aadi and walks up stairs, Lakshya and Mishti dance and DP looks on, the song finishes and everyone clap, they comment.

PA: You two should get the best dancers award, you two suit each other.
Lakshya: Thanks
Mishti smiles.

Ragini was about to pick Aadi up when Aansh comes in, Ragini gets shocked while Aansh looks on,
Aansh: Ragini?
Ragini gets surprised.

Precap: Ragansh talk.

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Mishti: Tanya Sharma
Aansh: Parth Samthaan )

Credit to: Halima

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