Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 61


The episode begins with Ragini sitting down with Aadi, she gets a call and attends it,
Nurse: Hello Dr Ragini?
Ragini: Yes?
Nurse: Where are you?
Ragini: In Kolkata, why is there any problem?
Nurse: No, we were just wondering because you didn’t come and we anyways wanted to send you Kolkata for an duty for some days.
Ragini: Okay, send me the address and I’ll go and report in.
Nurse: Okay thanks dr.
Ragini: No problem.
Ragini disconnects the phone,
Mishti: Whose call was it?
Ragini: It was the hospital, they said that I needed to go to Kolkata hospital to do something.
Mishti: That’s good, your getting a hang of it.
Ragini nods: It’s all because of you, thanks.
Mishti: No thank you or sorry!
A FB is shown when Ragini is sitting with Aadi, Mishti comes and gives Ragini a letter, Ragini opens it and gets shocked,
Ragini: What’s this?
Mishti: Your letter.
Ragini: But why?
Mishti: You can’t sit home all the time.
Ragini: But….
Mishti: No buts or Vuts, your going for training and that is final, trust me this training centre will make you learn in no time.
Ragini: Thanks Mishti.
Mishti: No problem and no thank you!
FB ends,
Ragini: You were right, that training centre teach me in no time and now today I’m a Dr and I got promoted 2 times.
Mishti: We got qualifications, degrees and jobs too.
They both smile,
Ragini: What are you a specialist in?
Mishti: All, From surgeries to Midwifery, what about you?
Ragini: Same, Multi.
Mishti: The hospital must’ve got jealous?
Ragini: They were praising us
Mishti: Did you get that multi badge?
Ragini nods,
Ragini: And don’t worry I brought yours as well.
Mishti: Where’s Jeju?

They look around and see Lakshya standing and waiting, Sanskaar arrives and sees Lakshya, Lakshya lets out a sigh and walks up to the car, Sanskaar gets out and Lakshya and him share a hug, Swara gets out with Shraddah and Ragini sees her, Mishti does too, Swara walks towards them, they smile at each other, Swara hugs Ragini and then Mishti, Swaragini title play, Sanskaar tells Lakshya that Aansh is out of coma and Lakshya gets happy, Lakshya was about to go tell Ragini but Sanskaar stops him, Sanskaar tells him everything and Lakshya gets shocked, Ragini, Swara and Mishti are talking.

Lakshya: How can he do that?
Sanskaar: I don’t know, he’s instigating Aansh.
Lakshya: And does Aansh believe him?
Sanskaar: No.
Lakshya gets a call and he picks it up without noticing,
Lakshya (Angry): Hello?
Aansh: Hello, Lakshya?
Lakshya gets surprised: Aansh? Aansh you woke up?
Aansh: Where have you been Saale, I missed you!
Lakshya: I should be saying this, you left me I didn’t leave you, 2 years Aansh 2 years?!
Aansh: I know, I heard what happened to you, when you coming back?
Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: I’m back today.
Aansh: Seriously?
Lakshya: Haa.
Aansh gets another call and Lakshyas phones battery dies, Swara, Ragini, Mishti, Shraddah, Meera and Aadi,
Swara: Can’t Meera walk yet?
Mishti: No but Aadi can.
Swara: So can Shraddah, Shraddah used to struggle but she never gave up.
Lakshya: Aadi can too, he’s on his Papa, he fights against whatever comes in his way, he’s a fighter.
Mishti: A champ!
They get inside the car, Lakshya is sitting at the front with Sanskaar, Aadi is sitting in Raginis lap, Shraddah is sitting in Mishtis lap and Meera is sitting in Swaras lap,
Sanskaar: So where are you going to stay?
Lakshya: To the hotel.
Swara: Why not home?
Sanskaar: I knew you would say that so I rented you a house for 2 weeks.
Lakshya: Thanks Bhai.
Swara: Why don’t you come Baadi?
Mishti: Do you think Baba will let us?
Swara looks on.

Sujata and AP are finished with the preparations,
Sujata: Thank god the preparations for the evening party finished.
AP: Haa.
DP and RP come home, they see the preparations and RP gets happy,
DP: It’s good.
Sujata: Who are the special guests?
RP: They are from Mumbai and they will arrive at 4.
DP: Start the other arrangements!
Sujata: Bhaisa, all the arrangements are finished, me, JiJi, Radikha, Uttra and Parineeta done all the work quickly.
AP: Sujata is right.
Aansh comes down, he ignores DP and goes out.

Swara and Mishti are in the Park, Ragini is gone to the hospital, Aadi and Shraddah are playing, Mishti and Swara are talking, Aadi stands up and tries walking, he goes forward, Aansh is walking down remembering Ragini, Aadi clashes in to Aansh and falls down, Aansh notices and picks him up,
Aansh: I’m sorry beta, I didn’t notice you, I must say you are a very strong boy, you didn’t cry?
Aadi smiles,
Aansh: What’s your name?
Aadi: Aadi
Aansh: Aadi?
Aadi nods, Aadi then remembers Lakshya showing Aanshs picture,
Aadi: Papa
Aansh looks at him,
Swara look down and notices Aadi missing,
Swara: Aadi?
Mishti looks too,
Mishti: Champ?
They get worried, Swara starts looking on one side while Mishti starts looking the other side. Mishti starts walking forward, she finally notices Aadi and walks fast, she gets shocked to see Aansh holding Aadi, Aadi looks back,
Aadi: Chachi
Aadi points at Mishti and Aansh looks there, he doesn’t find anyone and looks at Aadi, Mishti is hiding behind the tree thinking,
Mishti: Aansh? I need to tell Ragini so she can tell him about Aadi.
Mishti rings Ragini but Ragini does not pick up, she looks there and is stunned to see Aadi and Aansh missing.

Aansh is walking with Aadi,
Aansh: Where’s your Mamma?
Aadi: Mamma
Aansh: Papa?
Aadi: Papa, you
Aansh is surprised,
Aansh: No, I’m not your Papa.
Aansh then feels some connection with Aadi.
Aansh: I’ll take you to my house but before that I need to take you to the police station to give my ID in
They reach the police station,
Aansh walks in with Aadi, he meets the ACP,
Aansh: ACP?
ACP: Yes?
Aansh: This boy was found alone in the park.
ACP: What’s his name?
Aansh: Aadi
ACP: Age?
Aansh: He looks 2, so 2?
ACP: Okay if we get any information regarding him then we will call you, until then can you please take him to your house?
Aansh nods, he signs the papaers and gives his number and leaves.

Precap: Aansh and Aadi come MM

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Aansh: Parth Samthaan
Mishti: Tanya Sharma )

Credit to: Halima

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