Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 60


The episode begins with Aadi crying, Mishti hears him, she goes up to him,
Mishti: What happened Prince Charming? Why you crying?
Mishti: Lakshya!
Lakshya comes,
Lakshya: What happened?
Mishti: Look, Meera woke up and Aadi is crying, handle them!
Lakshya: Me?
Mishti: Naa, our neighbour, obviously you!
Lakshya: But….
Mishti: But what? I have a headache so your handling them!
Anyways you’re the one who wanted a child, now take care of two!
Mishti leaves, Lakshya lets out a big sigh and picks Aadi up, then Meera starts crying, he tries to shut her up, then both Meera and Aadi start crying. He makes a face,
Lakshya: Handling 1 child is hard, how will I handle the other one, now I have to handle three. He looks tensed. Ragini comes and feeds Meera milk, Lakshya walks around with Aadi and Aadi shuts up.

Lakshya: Aadi, can you walk?
Aadi looks around, Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: Your 2 Aadi and you can’t walk? When I was your age I used to run.
Ragini laughs, Lakshya turns around and looks at her,
Lakshya: What happened?
Ragini: You used to run when you were 2?
Lakshya nods,
Ragini: It’s impossible, if you said you were 4 then I would’ve believed you, but run?
Lakshya: I was only joking Bhabhi, well anyways I have a meeting in Kolkata and do you all want to come?
Mishti comes,
Mishti: What do you mean come? We already packed!
Lakshya: What?
Mishti: We are leaving today, I have booked our tickets at 8:00pm.
Lakshya: Plane or Train?
Mishti: Train!
Ragini: We should be leaving now.
Mishti nods,
Mishti: I’ll check if the car is ready or not.
Ragini nods and Lakshya looks on surprised, in his head: Wow, they already done arrangements and I was still thinking.
They get changed and leave for the train station.

Sanskaar comes in, DP and Aansh look at him, DP looks at him angrily,
Sanskaar: Aansh, it’s good your fine.
Aansh: Where’s Ragini?
Sanskaar looks at DP, he then looks at Aansh,
Sanskaar: Ragini? I don’t know where she is, I just came back today.
DP: I told you Aansh, she ran away with her old lover.
Sanskaar gets shocked,
Aansh: I don’t believe you!
DP: Then where is she? Why isn’t she here?

Sanskaar: Ragini can never do this!
DP: Well she did! In these 2 years she had disappeared.
Aansh: Ragini can’t do that, she loves me!
DP: Well her love wasn’t true! She only married you for money!
Aansh: Enough!
DP: I’m telling the truth! After hearing about your accident and your chances of not surviving she just ran away.
Aansh gets shocked,
DP: If she loved you then wouldn’t she be here? where is she and why did she react after your death news was out and that the property would transfer on…..?
Aansh: I can’t believe Ragini can….
DP: If you don’t believe me then ask Shekhar and our whole family!
Sanskaar: You know Ragini can never do this so don’t believe him.
Aansh looks at Sanskaar,
DP: Why are you believing him? He left for 2 years so how would he know what happened during that time?
The Dr comes,
Dr: The patient can get discharged today and you can take him home.
DP nods,

DP: Thank you Dr Saab.
Dr: You need to come out and sign the discharge letter.
DP: Sanskaar, go and sign the discharge letter!
Sanskaar: Me?
Sanskaar looks at Aansh and leaves to sign the discharge letter,
DP: Think Aansh, think! That’s all I can say to you! Get changed I will be waiting outside!
Aansh thinks and DP leaves.
Sanskaar signs the discharge letter and comes back, DP and him don’t talk and Sanskaar waits for Aansh.

Lakshya, Mishti, Ragini, Aadi and Meera reach the train station, Ragini is holding Aadi and Lakshya is holding Meera, they find their train and board it, Mishti sits down,
Lakshya: Couldn’t you find any better seats?
Mishti: These were the only ones left, so there weren’t any more!
Ragini: Have you decided where we would stay in Kolkata?
Lakshya: Yes, in a hotel, Bhai is back.

Ragini (happy): What?
Lakshya: He came back today from London.
Mishti: That’s good.
Lakshya: I have sent him a message that we will reach tomorrow and he will come and pick us up.
Mishti: That’s good, thank god he’s coming, or else we would’ve went in those taxis.
The train starts moving.

Aansh gets changed and comes out, he walks and thinks about Ragini, DP and Sanskaar are waiting in the car for him, Aansh comes and sits at the back, Sanskaar starts driving, they reach MM, Sujata gets shocked seeing Aansh and Sanskaar, AP comes out and sees them two,
Sujata: Sanskaar, Aansh?
Aansh and Sanskaar go to their perspective rooms.
Aansh remembers Ragini while holding her picture and Sanskaar remembers Swara, he looks at his phone, Sanskaar thinks that he will meet Swara. Sanskaar comes down and ignores the family and goes out, Sujata gets disheartened while AP consoles her.

It’s night, Mishti and Ragini are sleeping, Meera is too and she is lying near Ragini, Aadi is in Lakshyas lap, Lakshya talks to him,
Lakshya: Your fathers name is Aansh, so what’s your fathers name?
Aadi doesn’t say anything, Aadi smiles,
Lakshya: Okay, don’t say Aansh but at least say Papa.
Aadi: Pa
Lakshya: Papa
Aadi: Papa.
Lakshya gets happy,
Lakshya: Say it again
Aadi (smiles): Papa
Lakshya: Who am I?
Aadi: Chachu

Lakshya smiles: You have the same smile at your Papa. Do you want to play on my phone?
Aadi nods yes, Lakshya gets his phone out and opens it for Aadi, Aadi plays some games, Lakshya falls asleep, the phone falls and Aadi jumps off Lakshyas lap, he falls but gets up, he picks the phone up and it goes onto calls, he presses Aanshs number by accident, Aanshs phone starts ringing, Aansh picks it up without looking and says hello,
Aadi puts the phone to his ears and says hello, Aansh gets surprised,
Aadi: Papa
Aansh gets shocked,
Aadi: Papa
Aansh: Who is this?
Aadi: Aa….
Lakshya wakes up, he takes the phone and cuts it, he then picks Aadi up and puts him down,
Lakshya: Who were you calling Aadi?

Aadi: Papa
Lakshya checks his phone and sees Aanshs number and gets surprised,
Lakshya: This number won’t work for a long time, it’s been 2 years and he still hasn’t picked his phone up.
Aadi: Chachu
Lakshya: Nothing, come go to sleep. Wait do you want to see your Papas picture?
Aadi nods yes and Lakshya puts Aanshs picture up on his phone and shows Aadi, Aadi says Papa.

Aansh tries to ring that number again but it won’t work because of the service, he then notices it’s Lakshyas number and wonders where Lakshya is. He was about to go out when he notices that it’s late night and everyone must be asleep.
Sanskaar reaches the Baadi, he looks around and remembers when he used to meet Swara, he then steps out of his car and remembers the moments he shared with Swara, he enters the Baadi and walks up to Swaras room, he opens the door and sees Swara and the child, but he cannot see their faces as it is dark. He shuts the door and locks it, he pulls the curtains over, he locks the windows, Swara hears a sound and wakes up, she sees a man standing there,
Swara: Who are you?

Swara puts the lights on in a hurry and turns around, she doesn’t see anyone and looks around, she looks at her child, she was about to switch the lights of when Sanskaar says Swara, she gets shocked and looks back and sees Sanskaar standing there. Tears fall out of her eyes,
Swara: Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Swara, I…..
Swara: Enough Sanskaar, now you remembered us? After 2 years?
Sanskaar: You were anyways going to leave me, so what was the point of staying here?
Swara: Go away Sanskaar!
Sanskaar: I did come back but you slapped me and kicked me out!
It goes in to a flashback when Sanskaar doesn’t feel anything right, so he steps out of the aeroplane,
Air hostess: Sir, you can’t leave like this.
Sanskaar: I have to.
Sanskaar then leaves and the aeroplane takes off, Sanskaar reaches Baadi and sees Swara sitting down thinking, he walks up to her and gets on his knees and says sorry, Swara looks there and is shocked to see him,

Swara: What are you doing here?
Sanskaar: I couldn’t leave you Swara.
Swara: I don’t care, whatever you did was wrong, you didn’t even apologise to Bade Papa.
Sanskaar: All of you care about Bade Papa, no one cares about what I’ve been through!
Swara: I hate you Sanskaar, leave!
Sanskaar: But
Swara walks up to him and slaps him, she grabs his hand and he stands up, she pushes him out of the Baadi and closes the doors, she then rushes to be house and cries. Sanskaar leaves for London in another flight. FB ends.
Swara: It was your fault then and now!
Sanskaar: My love wasn’t fake for you then and now!
Sanskaar then looks at his daughter lying down and sleeping, he walks up to her but Swara stops him,
Swara: You have no rights to touch her Sanskaar!
Sanskaar: We are still married and I have rights in you and her!
Swara: You lost those rights then, so with what rights are you showing them now?
Sanskaar: I never gave that right away, you snatched it then and your not giving it back now!
Swara: You can’t meet Shraddah, I don’t want her to see your face!
Sanskaar: Why? She’s my daughter and I’m her father!
Sanskaar then let’s out a laugh,

Sanskaar: You named her Shraddah?
Swara: Uh…
Sanskaar: Because you still remembered me, you at least named her what I wanted, so wouldn’t that give me rights?
Daadi walks past, she sees the lights on and knocks on the doors,
Daadi: Is everything alright Swara?
Swara gets worried,
Swara: Haa, Daadi, everything’s okay.
Daadi: Then why are the lights on?
Swara: Nothing Daadi, I was just…just drinking water.
Daadi nods,
Daadi: Okay, switches the lights off.
Swara: Ji Daadi.
Swara switches the lights off and Daadi leaves, Sanskaar looks at Swara, he then takes his shoes, socks and jacket off.
Swara: What are you doing?
Sanskaar: I’m staying here!

Swara: What?
Sanskaar: Today I will sleep next to my daughter.
Swara: No!
Sanskaar moves Shraddah to the side and lies next to her, he takes the duvet and puts some on him, Swara lies down in anger, Sanskaar closes his eyes and Swara looks at him, Wafa….ne…bewafai….bewafai….ki…hai…plays….

It’s morning, Mishti, Lakshya, Ragini, Aadi and Meera come to Kolkata, they are waiting outside Kolkata train station,
Mishti: Where is Jeju?
Lakshya: He must be coming, I told him we are coming.
Aadi: Icecream.
Ragini: What?
Aadi sees Icecream and points at it,
Ragini: I’ll take Aadi to the Icecream vendor.

Mishti: Why only Aadi? I’m coming too.
Ragini: I forgot that there is one more child here too.
Mishti takes Meera from Lakshya and walks to the Icecream vendor.

Swara wakes up, she sees Sanskaar sleeping with his arms folded around Shraddah, she thinks why he did wrong that day, Sanskaar gets a phone call, he gets disturbed by it, it rings again and he opens his eyes, Shraddah wakes up too,
Shraddah: Mama!
Sanskaar picks up the call,
Sanskaar: Hello?
Lakshya: Hello Bhai where are you?
Sanskaar gets up in shock,
Sanskaar: Uh.. I’m just coming Lucky, don’t worry.
Lakshya: How will I not worry when these two ladies will kill me?
Sanskaar: Two ladies?
Lakshya: Yes, Mishti and Ragini.
Sanskaar: Ragini?

Swara looks at him,
Sanskaar: Yh, I’m just coming.
Sanskaar cuts the call, he gets up and puts his socks on, Shraddha wakes up, Sanskaar puts his shoes on and his Jacket,
Swara: Where are you going?
Sanskaar: To pick Lucky up from the train station, how far is it from here?
Swara: 30 Minuets
Sanskaar: If you said 2 hours then Lucky would’ve killed me, especially Mishti.
Shraddah looks confused,
Swara: Mishti and Ragini?
Sanskaar nods yes, Swara gets emotional, Sanskaar walks towards the door, he was about to open it when Swara stops him,
Swara: Your going to get in trouble, go from the pipe!
Sanskaar nods and opens the window, he looks down and gets nervous,
Sanskaar: If you want to come then I will be waiting outside.
he then goes out, Swara thinks.
She gets dressed herself and gets Shraddah dressed,
Shraddah: Mamma, papa?

Swara: Haa Shona, he is your father.
They go down,
Daadi: Where are you going?
Swara: I’m taking Shraddah out.
Daadi: Where?
Swara: Pa..Park! Shraddah gets bored home so I thought to take her out.
Daadi nods and Swara and Shraddah go out, Sanskaar is waiting in the car, Swara opens the door and sits at the back with Shraddah. Sanskaar starts driving.

Aansh wakes up, he goes out and sees Sujata and AP doing preparations, he sees Radikha and gets shocked, he then sees Uttra go pass and calls her, she stops,
Aansh: Where’s Lakshya?
Uttra: Vo…
Aansh: Don’t be scared tell me
Uttra tells him and he looks on shocked, Uttra then leaves and Aansh looks angry.

Precap: Sanskaar reaches the train station and sees Lakshya.

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Aansh: Parth Samthaan )

Credit to: Halima

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