Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 6

The episode begins with Sanskaar getting out of the car, Swara walks up to him, Ragini and Lakshya glare at each other,
Ragini: What did you think when you were kidnapping Daadi?
Lakshya: Oh hello, I did not plan to kidnap your Daadi, I wasn’t fond of kidnapping her,
Then they start fighting

Swara looks at Sanskaar
Swara: I couldn’t believe you did this
Sanskaar: Vo Swara…. I’m sorry I didn’t know
Swara: What do you mean
Sanskaar: Lakshya didn’t tell me, he said he wanted to talk to Ragini outside the Baadi.

Swara thinks that Lakshya made a fool out of him and looks at Lakshya, she then looks at Sanskaar
Swara: Look Sanskaar, I’m sorry for what I said yesterday
Sanskaar looks on shocked
Sanskaar: I thought that you would be angry
Swara: Why will I be angry with you, it’s not your fault
Sanskaar smiles, Swara smiles as well,
Swara: Well.. I was wondering if we could be friends
Sanskaar looks on weirdly
Sanskaar (confusingly): okay. I never had friends that are Girls
Swara looks shocked and starts laughing
Sanskaar: what happened?
Swara: Nothing, you never had girls friends?
Sanskaar looks at her
Swara: Sorry, but since we are friends then we should often meet

Sanskaar then nods and forwards his hand
Swara nudges his hand and hugs him
Sanskaar looks down and puts his hands around Swara
Swara in her head: Your so innocent and boring Sanskaar but I will help you understand the real meaning of living in this world and also make you understand how people can use you because of your innocence
She then smiles, Lakshya and Ragini look at them, Swara then breaks the hug and takes Sanskaars phone,
Sanskaar: What are you doing?
Swara: I’m giving you my number and since we are friends we should talk much and you know….. Behave like friends

Lakshya and Ragini walk up to them
Lakshya: What’s going on?
Ragini: What’s your problem Fattu (Coward)
Everyone: Fattu?
Ragini: Yeah, Lakshya is a Fattu!
She looks at Lakshya
Ragini: And anyways Sanskaar is braver, that’s why he took Daadi not knowing it wasn’t me and if it was Lakshya he would’ve not even drove.
She looks at Lakshya makes a face
Lakshya makes a surprised face
Lakshya: I wasn’t too fond of touching you
Ragini: That’s why you kidnapped Daadi?
Swara: Stop it! And Fattu
Lakshya looks at her
Ragini laughs and Sanskaar
Swara: I mean Lakshya whatever you did was wrong and you lied to Sanskaar

Lakshya: Lied?
Sanskaar: What?
Swara: About you and Ragini
Before she could say anything Daadi wakes up and shouts, Swara and Ragini look on
Daadi: Open me!!!
Daadi: Whoever this was I swear I will not spare you
Lakshya: What now?
Ragini: What do you mean ‘What now?’ It’s your fault and you fix it
Swara: Open the boot
Lakshya looks at Swara

Sanskaar goes to the boot and opens it Daadi sees him, Sanskaar opens her hand and she gets out and is angry she was about to shout but sees Swara and Ragini and looks confused, she walks up to them
Daadi: What’s this?
Swara: Vo Daadi….
Daadi was about to shout
Ragini: Bas Daadi!
Daadi looks at her
Ragini: Come with me
She grabs her hand and takes her
Swara: Ragini!
Ragini: Enough Swara
Everyone look on shocked and follows

Ragini opens their house door and pushes Daadi in
Daadi turns around and the lights come on
Everyone: Happy Birthday to you! ( Continue singing)
Daadi turns around and gets happy she looks at Ragini, Ragini goes to Daadi and hugs her
Ragini: Sorry Daadi and Happy birthday!

Swara, Sanskaar and Lakshya look at Ragini and she smiles at them
Swara: Happy birthday Daadi !
Lakshya: Happy Birthday
Sanskaar: Happy birthday and Sorry.
Sumi: Lakshya? What are you doing here?
Lakshya: Mausi Maa….. Swara invited us
Lakshya looks at Swara
Swara: Yes Maa, they helped us by making Daadi stay outside while you and Baba were doing the decorations
Ragini in her head: Moh uthah ke kahi bhi aa jata hai bin bulaye ( He comes anywhere anytime uninvited)

He looks at Ragini and she looks away.

Precap: Daadi slap Lakshya and he looks shocked.

(Thank you for liking Episode 5, and thank you for encouraging me, hope you like this one too?)

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