Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 59


2 years later:
Ragini shouts Aansh and the whole family hear, Sujata and AP are shocked, she cries with her head on his chest, the Dr comes in with the nurse and checks him, Shekhar comes in and takes Ragini forcefully and Ragini says no, she looks at Aansh while Shekhar is dragging her, Aansh moves his fingers and suddenly his heartbeat comes back, the Dr checks him and Shekhar takes Ragini to the Baadi, the Dr comes out,
Dr: It’s a miracle, Aansh survived but….
All get happy,
AP: But what Dr Saab?
Dr: He’s in coma.
All get shocked, Sujata sends a message to Ragini.

Ragini wakes up in shock, she looks around and checks the time, it’s 8:20am, she gets up and goes to the kitchen, the house looks different, she starts cooking, Lakshya comes out,
Lakshya: What’s for breakfast?
Ragini: Eggs and toast.
Lakshya: Not eggs and toast again.
Ragini: Well you have to cope with what you got!
They both laugh,
Ragini: Where’s Meera and Adi?
Lakshya: Meera and Adi are sleeping in my room.
Ragini: And….
Lakshya: She’s sleeping with them.
It goes in to a Flashback when Lakshya jumps of the cliff, Mishti shouts Lakshya, she cries,
Mishti: Lakshya, please come back, I love you!!
Mishti falls down and cries,
Mishti: Baba told me to stay away from you, if you can read my eyes, couldn’t you read them this time?

Mishti cries with her head down,
Lakshya from behind: How could’ve I when you were facing the other way.
Mishti realises and stands up, she looks back and finds Lakshya standing there, she runs up to him and hugs him, she then hits him on the shoulder.
FB ends and Lakshya smiles.

Ragini: I can’t believe Papa kicked her out.
Lakshya nods,
Ragini: It’s good you accepted her.
Lakshya nods,
It goes in to a flashback when Mishti went home, Shekhar asked her where had she been, she doesn’t reply, she sees Ragini there,
Mishti: Ragini?
Shekhar: I’m asking you a question!
Mishti: But what is Ragini doing here?
Daadi: We brought her here! She is never going back to Aansh or that house!
Mishti gets shocked while Ragini is in tears, Swara comes down,
Shekhar: You went to meet Lakshya right?
Mishti: No, I…..
Shekhar slaps her, all get shocked,

Shekhar: I told you that if you meet him then there will be no place for you in my house! Get out!!
Mishti: But Baba..
Shekhar grabs her hand and pushes her out, she was about to fall when Lakshya comes and catches her in time, Shekhar and Daadi get angry seeing him, Mishti looks up.
Lakshya: You don’t need to kick her out, I’m taking her!
Shekhar angrily closes the door and Lakshya takes Mishti and they both leave. FB ends.

Lakshya laugh,
Lakshya: Even Papa betrayed us, but it was funny how he thought that….
Another FB is shown when Lakshya and Mishti marry, Lakshya enters the house and DP and everyone get shocked,
DP: What is this Lakshya?!
Lakshya: So Aansh is not here and your attitude came back?
DP: Lakshya!
Lakshya: I have got married!
DP: With who’s permission?!

Lakshya: My!
DP: There is no place for you or her in my house!
Lakshya: Your house?
DP: Yes, since Aansh is in coma, the whole property will come back to me!
Lakshya: Unbelievable! Your son is dying there and you care about the property?
The lawyer comes,
DP: Get out of my house!
Lakshya nods his head in disgust and walks towards the door, the lawyer opens up the papers,
Lawyer: In this will it is said that if something happens to Aansh, then the whole property and business would be named on Lakshya and Sanskaar and if anything happens to them then the whole property will go to the charitable trust.
DP gets shocked, Lakshya hears this and smiles, he thinks that he will never let Papa have this property so he leaves with Mishti.
Lawyer: Unless Lakshya and Sanskaar sign on the papers them the property can be yours.
The FB ends.

Lakshya: You also ran from your house.
Ragini stops chopping and thinks,
It goes in to another flashback when Ragini wakes up at night, she goes to the kitchen to get water, she hears Daadi saying that Shekhar will get Ragini married again and since Swaras pregnant, he will think about her too. Ragini gets shocked, she goes up and decides to leave the house, so she packs her bags and goes to the train station and boards the train to Mumbai. FB ends.

Ragini: I met Mishti in the hospital.
Mishti is a Dr in a hospital, she is called for a delivery because the rest of the Drs are busy, so she goes to the room and gets shocked to see Ragini, Ragini gives birth to a boy and Mishti brings Ragini home with her, FB ends.
Ragini: If Mishti didn’t bring me with her then I don’t know where me or my son would be.
Lakshya: Aansh ka Aansh, Aansh doesn’t even know he has an child, the family doesn’t either, I wonder what Swara Bhabhi had.
Ragini remember Swara, Mishti comes out, Mishti is 8 months pregnant,
Mishti: I’m starving, if you guys are finished talking then can I have my breakfast now?
Lakshya: Here comes Bukhar Queen, someone give her food or she might eat me.
Mishti gets annoyed and leaves while touching her stomach.
Ragini: Lakshya!

Lakshya: Ok sorry, I’ll go see her.
Ragini nods and Lakshya leaves, Ragini remembers Aansh and tears fall out of her eyes.

In Kolkata:
The streets are shown and the train tracks, Sanskaar comes out of the airport, he takes his sun glasses off and looks around, in his head he is thinking that after 2 years I came back, how must Swara be and my child? He feels guilty for leaving his child, he walks out, his phone starts ringing, it’s none other than Lakshya, Sanskaar smiles and picks the call up,
Sanskaar: Hello, Lucky?
Lakshya: You actually came back Bhai? I was just trying your number, hoping you would pick up.
Sanskaar: Yes I came back and I’m in Kolkata now.
Lakshya: Oh, well do check on Aansh.
Sanskaar: Why? what happened?
Lakshya tells Sanskaar everything and Sanskaar gets shocked,
Sanskaar: Why didn’t you tell me before?
Lakshya: You left Bhai!
Sanskaar: Where are you?

Lakshya: I’m in Mumbai.
Sanskaar: Why?
Lakhsya tells him how DP kicked him out.
Sanskaar: I can’t believe he would do it again!
Lakshya: That man can never change.
Sanskaar: Okay, I will check, why don’t you come?
Lakshya: I am for a business meeting.
Sanskaar: Lucky gone responsible huh?
Lakshya: After having a child I have to go responsible.
Sanskaar: A child?
Lakshya: Haa Bhai, a daughter.
Sanskaar smiles,
Lakshya: Bhai I’ll see you the next day!
Sanskaar: Why the next day, why not today?
Lakshya: I have to travel by train because Mishti is pregnant and she isn’t allowed to travel by plain.
Sanskaar: Okay, bye Lucky.
Lakshya: By Bhai.
Lakshya disconnects the phone, he finds a taxi and heads straight to the hospital.

In the hospital:
Aansh moves his hands, he remembers Ragini, he wakes up in shock and the nurses call the Dr, Ragini feels Aansh, she gets worried, the Dr comes and checks him,
Dr: How do you feel?
Aansh: Better.

Dr: I must say, you improved a lot from past these 2 years.
Aansh gets shocked,
Aansh: 2 years?
Dr: Yes 2 years, you have been in coma for 2 years.
Aansh thinks about Ragini.
The Dr calls DP and DP gets shocked, Sanskaar reaches the hospital an hour later, DP comes too, Sanskaar asks for Aansh while DP walks straight to his room, he enters and sees Aansh, the nurse directs Sanskaar, he nods and says thank you and walks towards it,
Aansh sees DP,
Aansh: Where’s Ragini?
The nurse leaves,
DP: Ragini is gone!
Aansh: What do you mean?
DP: She ran away with her old lover!
Aansh gets shocked and Sanskaar enters.

Precap: Lakshya, Mishti, Ragini, Meera and Aadi come to Kolkata after 2 years.

Credit to: Halima

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