Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 58


The episode begins at the Baadi, Swara and the family are sitting down,
Shekhar: What happened Swara?
Swara tells the family everything and they are shocked, everyone glare at Mishti,
Swara: I can’t believe he done this Baba.
Shekhar: What is Ragini doing with that Man?
Daadi: I can’t believe Aansh and Sanskaar can do this but there isn’t any surprise the Lakshya did this. Mishti how can you do this?
Mishti: Daadi…..
Shekhar: Enough, today you have ashamed me because of your act! I can’t let Raginis life be ruined, if that man can’t be real to his own family then how will he be real with Ragini?
Sumi walks up to Mishti and slaps her, Mishti is shocked.

Lakshya: We can’t let Bhai go!
Aansh: Your right, let’s go.
Lakshya and Aansh leave, the hole family are shocked and in tears,
RP: I can’t believe my Sanskaar can do this!
Sujata: It all happened because of you Ji! I told you not to let him go that day!
AP: Sujata, calm down, just pray that Aansh and Lakshya stop him.
Sujata nods and folds her hands.

Aansh and Lakshya are in the car, suddenly the car stops and Aansh looks on angry,
Aansh: Did the car had to stop now?
He goes out and opens the trunk, Lakshya comes out,
Lakshya: What happened? Anything serious?
Aansh: No we just need water.
Lakshya nods and Aansh looks around, he sees the water vendor, Lakshya is texting someone, Aansh walks up to the man and asks him for a Water bottle, the man takes the last bottle out and gives it to Aansh, Aansh walks back and drops the bottle, he bends down to pick it up but a Lorry hits him and he goes flying far and then the Lorry treads on him and leaves, Lakshya hears the man shouting and looks back, he is shocked to see Aansh. The Lorry stops and Lakshya rushes to Aansh, he taps Aansh, the Lorry driver comes out and puts Aansh in his Lorry at the back, Lakshya tells him to hurry, the Lorry driver starts driving.

Swara goes in her room, she remembers Sanskaar and cries, Sanskaar is shown in the airport with his ticket, he is remembering Swara, Wafa…ne….bewafai…ki…hai…plays
They both remember their romantic moments, bewafai….bewafai…continues to play….
Swara gets a call and the song stops, Sanskaar hears an announcement and opens his eyes, he stands up and walks towards the aeroplane, he thinks: Just one call Swara, just one call and I’ll be back.
Swara picks up the call,
Swara: Hello, Ragini?
Ragini: Are you okay Swara?
Swara: Haa.
Ragini: You don’t sound fine, where are you?
Swara: At the Baadi.
Ragini: Did you tell Maa Baba?
Swara: Haa, even about Mishti and they all are shouting at her.
Ragini: Swara, don’t worry, it will have an bad effect on the baby.
Swara: Your right Ragini, I won’t cry over that man anymore!
Ragini: Swara, be strong, Sanskaar has been through a lot, he told us that your the only person he loved in his whole life and now that your gone so he has nothing to do.
Swara: What should I do? Tell him I’m never forgiving him and not until Bade Papa does and before doing all this, didn’t he think about us?
Ragini: He left.
Swara: What do you mean?
Ragini tells Swara what happened after she left and Swara gets shocked,
Ragini: He’s gone London, I don’t know if Lakshya and Aansh have reached him yet.
Swara drops the phone in shock,
Ragini: Hello, Swara? Swara?!
Ragini gets another call, she disconnects Swaras call, before she could pick it up it disconnected, Ragini then sees Lakshyas 20 miss calls and gets worried Lakshya calls her again and she picks it up.
Ragini: Hello Lakshya?
Lakshya tells Ragini and Ragini is shocked, she quickly rushes out and informs the family, all are shocked and they leave for the hospital.

Shekhar was about to slap Mishti when he gets a call, he is shocked and tells his family what happened, they all leave but Sumi stays.
Both Gadodia and Maheshwari family reach the hospital and see Lakshya standing outside, they all rush to him,
Ragini: What…what did the Dr say?
The Dr comes out and nods his head,
Dr: It’s too difficult to tell whether he would survive or not!
Ragini gets shocked, AP breaks down and Sujata is dumbstruck.
Dr: Nurse, quickly get the Life support, quick!
The nurse rushes and takes the machine in,
Dr: He has lost too much blood, but don’t worry we put blood on him as his brother donated it. We will try our best but we can’t say he will survive.
Ragini cries while Uttra pacifies her, DP sits down in shock,
Lakshya: His sons life is in danger and he’s sitting down!
DP looks up and Lakshya glares at him,
RP: Bas Lakshya, you spoke too much!
Lakshya goes out in anger and Mishti follows him. Shekhar comes up to Ragini, she hugs Shekhar and cries, Shekhar hugs her back,
Shekhar: Don’t worry beta, I will not let your life get ruined anymore!
Ragini breaks the hug,
Ragini: What do you mean?
Shekhar: I’m taking you home, you will not stay with such cheap person!
All get shocked including Ragini,
Ragini: But Baba….
Shekhar: No Ragini, I have decided you will come Baadi with me.
Daadi: Shekhar is right, your coming with us!
The Dr comes out,
Dr: I’m sorry to say his surging chances are very low, he has gone into coma and he can die anytime then and now!
Ragini and everyone are shocked, Ragini rushes in, the Dr try’s to stop her but Shekhar stops him,
Shekhar: Please Dr Saab, let her meet him for the last time.
The Dr nods and goes away with the nurse.

Ragini sees Aansh wearing a oxygen mask with bandages on his head and arms.
Ragini walks up to him and sits beside him,
Ragini: Aansh, wake up, I know your trying to scare me!
Aansh doesn’t respond,
Ragini: Aansh!
Aanshs heart beat starts dropping, Ragini gets scared, she wiggles Aansh and shouts to wake up.
Ragini (Cries): Aansh, Aa..Aansh they are trying to seperate your Ragini from you, Aansh wake up, tell them to stop.
Aanshs heart beat keeps dropping, Ragini: Aansh, Aansh, I’m pregnant, Aansh what about our baby?
Ragini: You can’t leave your Ragini!!
Aanshs heartbeat stops and Ragini is shocked.
Sanskaar is sitting in the aeroplane, he switches his phone off and rests his head back and remembers Swara, the aeroplane makes an announcement and it flies off to London. Lakshya is driving the car fast, he stops near a cliff, Mishti and him get out,
Mishti: Why did you bring me here?
Lakshya: To tell you something
Mishti: What?
Lakshya: Something
Mishti: And what is that something?
Lakshya: That something is……
Mishti: Is..?
Lakshya breathes and sits down on his knees,
Lakshya: Mishti, I love you.
Mishti gets shocked, he holds Mishtis hand and she nudges it. Lakshya looks at her, Mishti turns around and Lakshya stands up,
Lakshya: Mishti….
Mishti: Please Lakshya, I always thought of you as my friend and I never loved you!
Lakshya is shocked,
Lakshya: I know your lying, I have seen it in your eyes, you do have feelings for me!
Mishti: No Lakshya, you misunderstood our Friendship!
Tears fall out of Mishtis eyes while Lakshya is shocked, Mishti then goes in to a flashback:

Shekhar shouts at Mishti,
Mishti: But Baba…..
Shekhar: No, I don’t want to listen to anything, you have truly disappointed me!
Daadi: It all happened because of that Lakshya!
Mishti: Nahi Daadi….
Shekhar: Your right Maa, Mishti, if I see you anywhere near Lakshya then there will be no space for you in this house and you will see my dead face!
Mishti: Baba!
The flashback ends and Mishti wipes her tears, she turns around,
Mishti: I don’t see you in the same way you see me!
Lakshya: So you don’t love me?
Mishti: No.
Lakshya: Are you sure?
Mishti: Yes!
Lakshya: Fine then bye!
Mishti gets confused, Lakshya walks backwards to the edge of the cliff,
Lakshya: Do you have feelings for me?
Mishti: No!
Lakshya smiles and jumps off and Mishti shouts Lakshya and looks on shocked.

Precap: 2 years later……..

Credit to: Halima

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