Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 57


The episode begins with Swara and Ragini meeting, they start talking, they nod and they hear the TV, Swara and Ragini go there and everyone hears the sound and rushes down,
They can hear: DurgaPrasad Hy Hy!
Ragini and Swara are shocked, DP is angry, Aansh and Lakshya are sitting down and watching the news, in the news: Why is DurgaPrasad roaming free? How can he get let out free?
Swara: Switch it off Aansh!
Aansh increases the volume, Swara comes forward and switches it off,
Aansh: What the hell Swara, we are watching!
Swara: Go watch this somewhere else, I have something more important to show you!
Sujata: What happened Swara?
Swara: Mom, I got an evidence against the fourth person, Aansh and Lakshya are shocked,
Sujata: Why are you all giving Bhaisa an heart attack? He already suffered from a lot, now I guess this fourth person might be close to him.
Swara plugs in the camera with the TV and turns it on with the remote, the see Aansh Lakshya and hear the fourth person, Aansh and Lakshyas back is facing the camera and it is blocking the fourth person.
The fourth person tells Aansh and Lakshya to move and his face is shown, Swara and the whole family are shocked, the fourth person faces the camera,
Fourth person: Your very fond of seeing me, here I am, now see me! You must have saw me, now bye!
The fourth person leaves.
Sanskaar comes down with his hands in his pockets, Swara and everyone are dazed, the fourth person is none other that Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: You must have saw me?
Swara: Sanskaar, I can’t believe you!
Sanskaar: Since you know it’s me, I might as well tell you my part in this!
It goes to a flashback when Sanskaar calls the media and informs them about DP, he then smirks and calls the society and tells them to blacken DPs face and if it’s necessary then spit on him, he cuts the call and says no one can save you Bade Papa! He laughs and then it goes in to when Sanskaar enters Lakshyas room, Lakshya you? Sanskaars face is shown, then Sanskaar goes out, he sees Ragini and shuts the door and acts as if he was telling them to open the door. The FlashBack ends.

Swara and the whole family are disgusted, Sujata is shocked,
Sujata: But Chore, you took my oath..
Sanskaar: Yh and I didn’t lie.
Sujata: What do you mean?
Sanskaar: I said that I wasn’t involved with Mishti because Lakshya involved her, so I didn’t lie.
Swara: Why?
Sanskaar: I might as well tell you that too, so it all started in the school days, it goes in to a FlashBack:
It starts of with young Sanskaar, he is watching a movie with his friend Kavita during school hours, DP gets the information and he goes to the cinema, he enters and sees Sanskaar and Kavita eating popcorn and laughing,
DP: Sanskaar!
Sanskaar looks there and gets shocked, he stands up and gets scared, Kavita stands,
Kavita: Uncle, it’s not Sankys fault, please….
DP stops her and grabs Sanskaars arm and drags him home, Sanskaar is saying forgive me Bade Papa, RP is sitting and drinking tea, he hears Sanskaar and looks there, DP pushes Sanskaar in and RP and everyone get shocked,
RP: What happened Bhaisa?
DP (angrily): Ask your son!
RP: What happened Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Dad, I….I
DP: What will he tell you I will!
DP tells RP and RP gets shocked, RP comes forward and slaps Sanskaar,
RP: I can’t believe you Sanskaar! Bhaisa earns that money with all hard work and you waste it like it means nothing to you?
Sanskaar (Scared): No Papa….
RP: Who was that girl?
Sanskaar doesn’t say anything,
RP (shouts): Who was that girl?!
Sujata comes forward and hugs Sanskaar,
Sujata: Ji, he’s already scared why are you frightening him?
RP: Shut up Sujata! Because of your Laad pyaar(Love and affection) he’s gone spoilt!

DP: I have taken a decision!
AP: What Ji?
DP: That Sanskaar will go away from here and study abroad.
Sanskaar, Sujata and AP get shocked,
Sanskaar hides behind Sujata,
Sanskaar: No…no I don’t want to go.
DP: Pack his bags and Ram, order the tickets today it self!
RP nods and calls the agents.
Sanskaar: Mom, Bade Maa, I don’t want to go!
Sujata: Chore, I won’t let you go!
A serving comes with the bags and RP comes,
RP: Bhaisa, the flight is today at 8.
AP: How can you send such a small child by himself?
RP: I’m going with him to drop him, I’ll come back the third day.
DP nods,
DP: I think you should start leaving now!
RP grabs Sanskaars hand and takes him, Sanskaar cries and shouts that he doesn’t want to go, Sujata cries and AP looks on emotionally,
Sujata: Bhaisa, please stop them, please!
AP: Ji….
DP: Bas! He has to get punished for his mistakes so that he never repeats them again!
RP and Sanskaar leave in the car.
The FlashBack ends.

Sanskaar: No one ever thought about me!
Sujata cries: No chore I…..
Sanskaar: You didn’t even stop them!
Lakshya and Aansh are shocked,
Lakshya: I can’t believe Papa!
Aansh: You were so small, you must have been through a lot of pain?
Sanskaar: Only these two knows the pain, all of you didn’t even care about my feelings then and now!
Aansh: All this man knows is to hurt other people!
Lakshya: And he enjoys hurting them!
Swara comes forward and slaps Sanskaar,
Swara: I can’t believe you did this Sanskaar!
Sanskaar: Swara….
Swara: You broke my trust, I thought I knew you but I was wrong! I…I hate you Sanskaar!
Swara cries and runs up,
Ragini: Are you three happy? Are you satisfied yet?
Sanskaar: I told the truth and now I’m leaving, my flight is at 8 today and it’s the same day you sent me London.
Sujata: What?
Lakshya and Aansh are shocked,
Sanskaar: When there is nothing here for me then why should I stay?
Ragini: You can’t leave Swara
Sanskaar: She’s going to leave me.
Swara comes down with her bags,
Swara: I will never forgive you for this, the day Bade Papa forgives you then I would too and I won’t live with you anymore!
Ragini and everyone are shocked,
Lakshya: Another Drama.
Aansh: I swear this family doesn’t spare any chances to present there Dramas.
Swara has tears in her eyes and she walks out,
Sanskaar: My luggage is in the car already, so bye!
Aansh: Are you actually leaving?
Lakshya: You can’t leave Bhai!
Sanskaar walks out while AP and Sujata cry.

Swara reaches the Baadi and knocks the door, Sumi opens it and is shocked to see Swaras state and luggage, Swara hugs her and cries.
Mishti, Shekhar, Daadi and Daadaji come out.

Precap: Sanskaar leaves to London, Aansh has an accident and Lakshya jumps off a cliff.

(Thank you for liking?, I hope your ready for the upcoming twist, I’m nervous but i hope you like it.

Mishti: Tanya Sharma
Aansh: Parth Samthaan )

Credit to: Halima

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