Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 56


The episode begins with the Dr checking Ragini, no one is aware of Ragini expect from Aansh and Lakshya, Lakshya and Aansh are standing outside the room.
Lakshya: How long is the Dr going to take?
Aansh: I’m not sure
Lakshya: No one even came to check on Bhabhi and they claim they care.
Aansh: Don’t spoil your mood over them.
Lakshya: Your right.
Aansh gets a call and he goes to the side to attend it, the Dr comes out,
Dr: Congratulations, your going to be a father.
Lakshya is surprised and happy,
Lakshya: Dr, I’m not her husband
They Dr looks on confusingly,

Lakshya: I’m her devar.
Dr: Oh, sorry then congrats, your going to be a Chacha.
Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: Thanks Dr, let me drop you to the door.
Dr nods and Lakshya and her leave, Aansh finishes talking on the phone and sees the Dr leaving with Lakshya, he goes in to his room and sees Ragini, he walks up to her,
Aansh: Are you okay?
Ragini smiles: Yes Aansh
Aansh: Okay, I’m going out.
Ragini: Aansh…
Aansh leaves, Ragini looks on, she thinks that why isn’t Aansh happy.

Aansh is walking down the stairs, he walks past Lakshya and Lakshya thinks what has happened to him, Aansh stops,
Aansh: I’ll be back by 8:00pm, be careful.
Lakshya: Okay, I know how to be careful!
Aansh leaves and Lakshya walks up, he sees Sanskaar,
Lakshya: Bhai…..
Sanskaar ignores him and goes, DP comes down with AP, he ignores Lakshya and goes, AP ignores him too,

Sujata comes out of the kitchen,
Sujata: Bhaisa, it’s good you came, I don’t know why you seemed to be missing.
DP: R…Ram kaha hai?
Sujata: Ji’s just there
Sujata points at RP and DP sees him sitting upset, DP walks up to him and sits down,
DP: Ram, how’s the office work?
RP: Bhaisa, Aansh and Lakshya and Sanskaar are handling it.
DP: Why are you not gone?
RP: How can I go without you?
DP: Ram….
RP: No Bhaisa, I have vowed to enter the office with you, when you come back, you can even ask Sujata.
DP looks at Sujata and Sujata nods,
Sujata: Haa Bhaisa, Ji was ready to fast for 3 months.
DP looks at RP emotionally, RP hugs DP.
Lakshya sees this and walks upstairs, DP and RP break the hug and look there, Sanskaar comes out and gets ready to go out.
DP: Stop Lakshya!
Lakshya stops and so does Sanskar, Sujata and AP look surprised, RP looks at DP.
Lakshya turns around,
DP: I know why you did this!
Lakshya: I already told you my reasons!

Swara and Ragini hear DP and they come out, they are on top of the stairs, Swara looks at Ragini and ignores her.
DP: There is one more reason why you hate me!
Lakshya: Okay, tell everyone what you did!
DP: Lakshyas biggest reason to hate me was Kavya.
Sujata: Kavya?
AP: Ji, is it the same Kavya that….
DP nods, Lakshya looks at him,
Lakshya: Yes, it’s the same Kavya that committed suicide because of him!
He points at DP and everyone get shocked,
Lakshya: What did you thinks that I will forget her? No! You misunderstood us and her.
RP: What did Bhaisa do?
Lakshya: Will you speak or shall I?
DP looks down,

Lakshya: Kavya was my friend more like my sister, Papa thought that her and me were in a relationship, he went to her house and called her characterless and that type who only traps rich boys to get money, Kavya couldn’t accept her insult and she committed suicide, she left a letter for me and from that day I vowed to take revenge.
AP and RP and Sujata are shocked, Swara and Ragini are dazed,
Lakshya: Papa is fond of killing people right? Here’s your answer.
Lakshya leaves in anger and RP looks at DP,
DP: I didn’t know the truth, I said too much and because of me…..
Tears flow out of DPs eyes, he stands up and walks to his room. Sanskaar nods his head and leaves.

Ragini sees Swara, she walks up to her and holds her hand, Swara nudges it,
Swara: What is your problem Ragini?
Ragini: What did I do?
Swara: Your asking me what you did?
Ragini: I don’t know what wrong I did.
Swara: You enjoy seeing Bade Papa in pain right?

Ragini: What? Why will I enjoy seeing Papa Ji in pain?
Swara: Oh really? Then what were you saying in the morning?
Ragini: What?
Ragini thinks, she remembers asking Aansh and looks at Swara.
Ragini: It’s not what you think.
Swara: What I heard was not wrong!
Swara turns around,
Ragini: There is a fourth person in this.
Swara stops and gets shocked, she turns around and looks at Ragini,
Swara: What do you mean?
Ragini walks up to her and tells her what Mishti and Lakshya said and what Aansh said,
Swara: If your telling the truth then who is the fourth person?
Ragini: I don’t know, Aansh said it starts with S but before he could say the full name, Lakshya came and stopped him.
Swara looks at Ragini,

Swara: I’m sorry, Ragini I….
Ragini stops Swara,
Ragini: It’s okay Swara, you don’t need to say sorry, if I heard that, then I would’ve assumed what you thought too.
Swara hugs Ragini and Ragini hugs her back, Swaragini title….plays…..
They break the hug and Ragini wipes Swaras tears and Swara wipes Raginis, they both smile,
Swara: Now we need to find who the fourth person is.
Ragini: There are only two people who’s name begins with an S.
Swara: Mom and Sanskaar, but mine begins with an S too.
Ragini: I believe you and I know you wouldn’t do it.
Swara smiles,
Ragini: We need to think of a plan to get the fourth person.
Swara nods and they both think.

8:00pm, in MM:
Aansh and Sanskaar reach home, they see everyone shouting at Sujata,
Sujata: I’m telling you I didn’t do anything,
Lakshya comes down and stands next to Aansh and Sanskaar.
Swara: How can you do this Mom?
Sujata: I didn’t do anything!
AP: I didn’t expect this from you Sujata!

RP: Sujata! You have crossed your limits.
Aansh: Yeh kaun sa Drama shuru hua? (What drama started?)
Lakshya: Chachi pe Shak! (Suspicion on Cahchi!)
Aansh: Oh wow, Dramas never end in this house.
Lakshya: I know, each day and every time their new dramas start, come lets go it’s not worth watching.
Aansh nods, Lakshya and Aansh were about to leave when swear shouts stop, the look at her,
Aansh: We are not intrested in your drama, so let us go, okay?
Swara: We found out who the fourt person is!
Sanskaar, Lakshya and Aansh look on confusingly.
Ragini: It was Chachi Ji!
Sujata (cries): Look, they are blaming me for no reason, I didn’t do anything! Why would I do that to Bhaisa?
Aansh: What’s going on?
Swara: I thought your not interested in this Drama.
Aansh: When you are falsely accusing someone then it gets serious!
Sanskaar: What happened Swara?
Swara: Sanskaar, Mom is the fourth person that helped Aansh, Lakshya and Mishti!
Sanskaar (Shocked): What?

RP: I can’t believe Sujata, Sujata has many reasons agains Bhaisa!
DP looks on, RP grabs Sujatas hand,
RP: There is no space for you in this house or in my heart! Get out from here!
All are shocked, RP drags Sujata while she shouts no,
Sanskaar: Dad? Dad, stop, Mom didn’t do anything!
RP doesn’t listen and drags Sujata up the stairs,
Lakshya whispers: This must be their new plot to expose the fourth person.
Aansh nods and Sanskaar hears,
Sanskaar: Dad, please leave Mom.
Sanskaar comes forward and RP stops,
Sanskaar: Mom, did you do anything?
Sujata (sobs): No chore, I swear I didn’t do anything.
Sanskaar: Are you sure Mom?
Sujata nods, Sanskaar puts her hand on his head,
Sanskaar: Then swear on my life and say it wasn’t you!
Sujata and everyone get shocked, Sujata thinks what has happened, the whole planning is ruined.
Sujata: I swear Chore, I didn’t support Aansh in his bad deeds!
Sanskaar: Mom didn’t do anything! Mom never takes false oath on my life.
RP: Sanskaar is right, Sujata can never lie when it comes to swearing on Sanskaars life.
Swara and Ragini get shocked,

Sanskaar: I told you my Mom can never do this!
Ragini whispers: Our whole plan went to vain, we thought that the fourth person will own up if we blame Chachi Ji.
Swara nods and thinks,

Sujata takes Sanskaars hand and puts it on her head,
Sujata: Now you swear chore, tell me you weren’t involved with them.
Sanskaar gets shocked, everyone look on. Swara and Ragini think and look at Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: Maa
Sujata: No, take an oath!
Sanskaar: I swear on your life that I wasn’t involved with Mishti, A…
Sujata stops him,
Sujata: I believe you chore.
Sanskaar lets out a sigh, Aansh and Lakshya think that he’s pretty smart.
Aansh: If your Drama is over then shall we leave?
Lakshya: So you all found out about the fourth person?
Aansh: Well don’t worry, he’s 1 step ahead all of us, you’ll never reach him.
Lakshya: What did you think, that you’ll make a plan and the fourth person will never realise your plan?
All are stunned,
Aansh: Why are you looking at us like that? We know it’s a plan to expose the fourth person!
Lakshya: If we are 1 step ahead all of you the the fourth person is 2 steps ahead all of us!
Aansh and Lakshya smile and leave, Sanskaar gets angry and goes was about to go after him when Sujata stops him,
Sujata: Leave it chore.
Sanskaar: How can they do that and who is the fourth person?
Sujata: I don’t know, Swara and Ragini are saying that it begins with an S, they suspected me first.
Sanskaar: I wonder who it might be?
Sanskaar gets thinking,
Sujata: You go fresh up!
Sanskaar nods and leaves.

Swara: If it isn’t Mom and Sanskaar, then who is it? Are you sure Aansh said S, maybe he was trying to say another letter?
Ragini: I think your right Swara, but we need to reach that person.
Swara nods.

Lakshya and Aansh are sitting in Lakshyas room, someone enters and Aansh and Lakshya look at the person,
Lakshya: You?
Aansh: What are you doing here? Did anyone see you?
Lakshya: No?
The persons back is shown,
Aansh: What do you want?
The person: I’m thinking to expose my self.
Aansh: What?
Lakshya: Are you gone mad?
Aansh: If you want to then you can, we won’t tell anyone!
The person: What did they think that I’m not smart?
Aansh: They are stupid.

The person: I’ll wait till the right time then, but you two remain silent!
Lakshya: Okay, sorry.
The person: Hm
Aansh: Now go quietly.
The person leaves and Aansh and Lakshya look at each other, Lakshya remembers Ragini telling him not to tell anyone, not even Aansh as she wants to tell him herself, Lakshya nods and smiles.

Ragini comes to Lakshyas room and sees Sanskaar, he knocks on the door,
Sanskaar: Open the door, I need to talk to you!
Lakshya opens it, Sanskaar slaps Lakshya and Lakshya look on shocked, Ragini is shocked,
Sanskaar: Why are you doing this Lakshya?
Aansh comes out,
Aansh: What is your problem Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Whatever you did was wrong, I couldn’t slap you that day but now I have the opportunity to!
Sanskaar leaves in anger, Lakshya goes out and Aansh ignores Ragini and goes. Ragini gets suspicious.

Precap: Swara plays a video and everyone are shocked to see the fourth person.

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Aansh: Parth Samthaan
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Credit to: Halima

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