Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 55


The episode begins Mishti leaving with Lakshya, they are talking and laughing, Lakshya waves and Mishti leaves, Ragini rushes to her room, Aansh is sitting down,
Ragini: You must be happy?
Aansh looks up: Happy about what?
Ragini: I can’t believe you Aansh
Aansh: Listen, if it’s about Mishti then I didn’t involve her, Lakshya did.
Ragini: Why did you do it in the first place?
Aansh: I already told you!
Aansh gets up and Ragini thinks that she has to get Aansh drunk as there is no other way.
Ragini: Aansh, your not like this, you are proving me wrong day by day.
Aansh: If you know me so well then why ask these questions?
Ragini: Because you are not the Aansh that used to respect his father.
Aansh: Oh god Ragini, don’t start your drama too!
Ragini walks up to him and slaps him, Aansh looks at her,
Aansh gets angry and takes a bottle of whiskey out, Ragini looks upset.
Ragini: Aansh….
Aansh: Enough Ragini, I heard too much now and saw too much, you left me no option.
Aansh opens the lid and starts drinking it, Ragini gets teary eyed and says sorry Aansh in her head.
Aansh finishes the bottle, Ragini takes another one out and walks up to him,
Ragini: Why don’t you drink this one too?
Aansh angrily takes it and drinks it, he gets drunk and coughs, Ragini holds him but he pushes her back,
Ragini: Aansh, listen to me!
Aansh: I…I don’t want to….
Ragini makes Aansh sit down,
Ragini: Okay Aansh, I’m sorry
Aansh looks at Ragini,
Ragini: I said a bit to much right?
Aansh: Haa, you even slapped me!
Ragini: I’m sorry
Aansh: It’s okay Ragini, I’m sorry for breaking your promise.
Ragini gets emotional and hugs Aansh, he smiles.

Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Aansh,
Ragini: I must say you made a good plan.
Aansh: Plan?
Ragini: Yeah, the plan for Papa Ji
Aansh: Oh, thanks, I know I’m a great Mastermind.
Swara walks past, she thinks to say sorry to Ragini, she was about to say sorry when she heard Ragini,
Ragini: You and Lakshya were amazing, how did you come up with the plan?
Swara gets shocked,
Aansh: It was easy, I made that plan since 1 year and I involved Lakshya and HE involved Mishti, Mishti did help us a lot.
Ragini: Wow, you three were great,
Swara nods her head in disgust and leaves,
Ragini: Was it only you three?
Aansh: Us three?
Ragini nods,
Aansh: Not three, it was us four!
Ragini: Four?
Aansh: Yes four.
Ragini: Four? You never mentioned four?
Aansh: I must say that fourth person should take the whole credit because he….
Aansh stops,
Ragini: Because he what Aansh?
Aansh: I’m hungry.
Ragini: Okay, I’ll get you food but who is that fourth person?
Lakshya walks past and hears Aansh, he thinks what’s wrong with him and enters the room.
Aansh: The fourth person is S…
Lakshya gets shocked and shouts: Aansh!
Ragini and Aansh look there,
Lakshya: Uh, Aansh, your food!
Aansh: Where?
Lakshya: Bhabhi, the food is ready, I thought to get you two but after seeing this, I don’t think Aansh is in the fit position to go down.
Ragini: I’ll get his food here then.
Lakshya nods: And I’ll stay with him until your gone.
Ragini nods and stands up, she thinks all this is gone to vain because of Lakshya, she smiles and heads out, Lakshya gets angry and walks up to Aansh, he takes Aanshs jacket off and takes his phone out and throws it on the bed, he takes Aansh to the bathroom and pushes him in the shower and opens the cold water,
Aansh: What is this Lucky?
Lakshya tells him to shut up and wait. Aansh starts coming in to his senses, he touches his head.

Lakshya glares at Aansh and Aansh coughs,
Aansh: What’s….what’s going on?
Lakshya: Your asking me? You nearly ruined the whole thing.
Aansh comes out and shuts the water,
Aansh: What happened?
Lakshya: Don’t tell me you don’t remember!
Aansh: Stop talking in riddles and tell me!
Lakshya tells Aansh everything and Aansh gets shocked,
Lakshya: You were this close of exposing the fourth person!
Aansh remembers Ragini and thinks that Ragini didn’t do good.

Ragini is walking down the staircase, she sees Swara, Swara ignores her and Ragini thinks why Swara isn’t talking to her. She walks down towards Swara but Swara sees her and leaves, Raginj stops and thinks, she goes in to the kitchen and sees AP and Sujata,
Sujata: JiJi, we couldn’t have breakfast properly, now Bhaisa wouldn’t come out because of his sons!
AP: Sujata, why are you digging up the past?
Swara looks at Ragini,
Swara: Mom, sometimes people enjoy seeing other people being hurt.
Sujata and AP thinks,
Sujata: What are you saying?
Swara: Nothing Mom, have you made Dad’s and Bade Papa’s breakfast?
Sujata: Haa, I’ll go and give it to them.
Swara smiles and nods,
AP: I’ll go and give Arnav and Parineeta breakfast.
Sujata: What about Aadarsh, JiJi?
AP: Aadarsh went early in the morning, I packed his tiffin.
Sujata: Okay JiJi, Swara, what about Sanskaar?
Swara: I’m making his.
AP: You should be resting Swara
Swara: I should be moving a little too.
Sujata: Okay JiJi, I’ll go and give Bhaisa and Ji’s breakfast.
AP: I’ll come too
Sujata and AP leave, Sujata smiled at Ragini.
Ragini comes forward,
Ragini: Should I help you?
Swara: I don’t need your help
Ragini: But Swara….
Swara: What is your problem Ragini, I said I’ll manage!
Swara angrily leaves with Sanskaars breakfast and Ragini looks on with teary eyed,
Ragini: Why is Swara behaving like this?

Ragini comes to the room, she sees Aansh in a hurry and gets shocked,
Ragini: Aansh, your breakfast.
Aansh: I’m not hungry
Ragini puts the tray down and stops Aansh,
Ragini: Aansh..
Aansh (Angrily): What Aansh?! How can you do that Ragini?!
Ragini: What did I do?
Aansh: Stop acting!
Ragini: Aansh!
Aansh takes her hand of his arm and turns around and starts walking, Ragini starts feeling dizzy,
She faints and Aansh stops, he angrily turns around and says: Ragini and you…..
He sees Ragini unconscious and gets shocked, he comes forward but stops,
Aansh: This time your drama won’t work and I won’t forgive you easily, now get up!
Ragini doesn’t get up and Aansh worries, he goes near her and wobbles her but she doesn’t respond, Aansh calls the Dr and picks Ragini up and puts her on the bed.

Precap: Ragini confronts Swara and Swara looks on shocked.

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Aansh: Parth Samthaan
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Credit to: Halima

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