Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 54


The Episode begins with Ragini slapping Mishti, Mishti looks on shocked, Swara and the whole family are stunned, Aansh comes down,
Aansh: Ragini….
Ragini: No Aansh, I will find out the truth today. You don’t need to support Mishti!
Mishti looks at Ragini angrily,
Mishti: What the hell?
Ragini: Tell the truth!

Mishti: I didn’t even do anything and you still slapped me?!
Ragini: You killed Nayntara!
Mishti: I didn’t kill her!
Ragini: Who did?
Mishti: No one! She died because of external bleeding!
Swara: How do you know that?
Mishti realises,
Mishti: It says in the news! You can’t blame me without any proof!
Ragini: I know you did this, why?
Mishti: I told you several times! I didn’t do it!
Aansh: Mishti is innocent!
Ragini: Then who was it?

Swara: Who are you two trying to save?
Mishti: Oh God, it’s no one!
Ragini: Why did she say your name?
Mishti: She couldn’t have said my name because she can’t speak!
Swara: How do you know? No one mentioned that in the news?!
Mishti: Yeah I know they haven’t but…..
Aansh squeezes Mishtis hand and Mishti stops, Ragini sees,
Ragini: It was you and Aansh, Why? What did you have against Papa?
Mishti:l How many times do I have to say it wasn’t me!
Ragini: Then what were you doing in the hospital?
Mishti: When?

Ragini takes her phone of Mishti and plays a Video, she shows Mishti and Aansh gets shocked,
Ragini: Why were you there?
Mishti: Because…..
Ragini: What?
Mishti: Because I work there!
Ragini: You work as an intern!
Swara: Who is that guy in the hoodie?
Mishti: I don’t know!
Swara: How can you not know when he’s right next to you?!
Mishti: Aansh, tell them!
Aansh: What is wrong with all of you?

Swara: What’s wrong with us? What is wrong with you?
Sujata: What’s happening? What are you trying to prove Ragini?
Ragini: Chachi Ji, Aansh wasn’t alone, he had someone supporting him.
Sujata: Who?
Swara: Mishti!
Mishti: I didn’t do anything!
Swara: Who was it then?
Mishti goes quiet,
Ragini: If it wasn’t you then who was it? Why are you gone quiet?
Mishti: Because it’s useless talking to you!

Lakshya: Enough! You want to know who that person was?
They all look at him, Aansh and Mishti nod no and Sanskaar sees this.
Lakshya: It was….
Sanskaar: It was Lakshya!
They all get shocked,
AP: Lakshya?
Ragini: Yes Maa
Mishti: If you knew then why did you ask me?
Ragini: Cause I knew you were saving Lakshya and I wanted him to accept he helped Aansh.
Swara: Was it you Lakshya?
Lakshya: Yes it was me!

AP: Why did you do this?
DP is dazed, he looks at Lakshya with disgust,
Lakshya: I was the one who helped Aansh! I was the one who got Nayntara to blame papa, I was the one who stole the money!
Then it goes in to a Flashback when Lakshya steals the money and comes out, he takes his mask off and smirks while holding the money bag up, he then calls Aansh and tells him the work is done and Aansh smirks when he disconnected the phone in the party. It then moves on to when Lakshya gives Nayntara money and Nayntara smiles and nods, Lakshya then texts Aansh, it comes out of the flashback,
All glare at Lakshya and DP is shocked.

Swara: Why was Mishti there? Mishti: Let me tell you!
Mishti then tells and the story goes to flashback, it starts off with when Mishti was painting her nail, she gets Lakshyas call and is shocked so she rushes to the hospital, Lakshya sees her,
Lakshya: We are stuck in a problem
Mishti: Who?
Lakshya: Me and Aansh!
Mishti: What?

Lakshya then tells Mishti how Aansh came for revenge and all that, Mishti gets shocked,
Mishti: Unbelievable, how can you two do this?
Lakshya: Please help us!
Mishti: This is the last time I’m helping you in this, there will be no next time! Come lets go!
Lakshya nods and takes Mishti there, Mishti checks Nayntara, they meet the Dr and the Dr tells them that Nayntara died because of falling but then Lakshya pays the Dr to say it was because of the external bleeding, the Dr sees the money and smiles. Mishti and Lakshya then smirk and the Flashback ends.

All of them are disgusted by Lakshya and Mishti and Aanshs act,
Mishti: I didn’t do anything, so I don’t get why you all are looking at me like this.
Swara: You helped Aansh and Lakshya!
Ragini: Why?
Mishti: I didn’t know this will happen.
Ragini: What do you mean?
Mishti: He didn’t tell me the entire truth, this stupid Lakshya said that this someone raped her, he didn’t tell me that DP uncle did.
Swara: Bade Papa didn’t!
Mishti: Okay chill….
Swara glares at Mishti,
DP: Today you have put my head in shame, why Lakshya? I thought you were better than Aansh but I was wrong.
Lakshya: Papa please, show your melodrama to someone else!
AP: Is this how you talk to your father?

Lakshya: This is the only language he understands.
Ragini: Why did YOU do this?
Aansh: Ragini please, this….
Lakshya: Leave it Aansh, let me tell them why I did this. So you all want to know?
Sujata: Obviously, why are we just standing here?! Tell us why you did this to Bhaisa?
Lakshya: Whatever Papa did was wrong, he never gave me love and affection, he always hated me since childhood. He loved Aadarsh Bhaiya more, he never ever loved me!
AP: Lakshya! Who told you that your Papa doesn’t like you?
Lakshya: I can see how much he likes me, Aansh is better than Papa.
Sujata: Bhaisa loves you Chore(son) he loves JiJi but he never expresses it, that’s how he likes everyone but never shows it.
AP: Sujata!

Sujata: What wrong am I saying JiJi?
Lakshya: Oh Please, all you can see in him is strictness in him, all he ever does is just to throw his decisions on you and you don’t have your own choice!
DP is shocked and teary eyed, he walks in to his room and locks the door.

Swara looks at Aansh and Lakshya,
Swara: I can’t believe you two would do this, especially to your own father! Disgusting!
Aansh: If your lectures are finished, then shall we go?
Lakshya: Why are you wasting your energy for no reason, no one cares!
Sanskaar: Lucky!!
Lakshya: Don’t be like Papa, I don’t want to hate you too!
Ragini: Mishti, I never expected this from you!
Mishti: I didn’t do anything wrong!

Ragini and Swara leave, AP leaves in teary eyes, Sujata gives the disgusted look and leaves, RP nods his head and leaves with Aadarsh, Parineeta, Arnav and Uttra, Sanskaar: I can’t believe you two, in fact you three!
Mishti: Don’t believe us then, we don’t want you to anyways.
Mishti falsely smiles, Sanskaar leaves.
Mishti: I will leave now
Aansh nods and leaves.

Lakshya looks at Mishti,
Lakshya: So…
Mishti: So?
Lakshya: Thank you
Mishti: Thank you for what?
Lakshya: For saving the other person.
Mishti (smiles): What other person?
Lakshya: You know, there were three people from this family.
Mishti: Shh, talking about the other person isn’t safe, you exposed yourself but the other person is quite smart.
Lakshya: I know.
Mishti: I wonder what the other persons reasons were?
Lakshya nods and Ragini is shocked. Ragini thinks that there is another person, but who?

Precap: Ragini makes Aansh drunk, she starts to ask questions.

(Mishti: Tanya Sharma
Aansh: Parth Samthaan
Thank you so much for liking, I hope you like this episode too? Any guesses of who that third person is?? I’ll make sure that I add the twist in soon )

Credit to: Halima

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