Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 53


The episode begins with DP coming downstairs looking fresh, Aansh comes home and gets shocked to see DP, Ragini gets worried,
Ragini: Aansh, you go up, I’ll send your dinner there.
Aansh: Why should I go up?
Aansh stares at DP, DP looks at him angrily, DP and Aansh walk up to each other, Aansh claps, DP looks at him,
Aansh: After doing so much wrong, you still have your head high?
DP: I didn’t do anything wrong, it was all you!
Aansh: So you found out?
Aansh glares at DP,
Aansh: Anyways, I don’t have time for this useless thing and get my food ready!
DP: Did you kick Radikha out?!
Aansh looks up and then at DP,
Aansh: Haa, so what?
DP slaps Aansh and Ragini is shocked, Aansh holds his hand in his fist and looks at Ragini, Ragini nods no.
Sujata: Bhaisa is gone now.
AP gets worried,
DP: I am ashamed of calling you my son, I should’ve died rather than seeing that day and this day!
Aansh gets angry,
DP: I don’t get why you are my son, even Lakshya is better than you, I wish all the fathers stay fatherless than having a child like you!
Aansh: I wish all the child’s die than having a father like YOU!
DP is shocked,
DP: I can’t believe your Pragyas son, that Pragya who was simple and the person who follows the path of the truth gave birth to YOU?!
Aansh: Don’t look happy and don’t say my mothers name out of your filthy mouth!
All are shocked,
DP: Pragya is a……
Aansh slaps DP and DP’s glasses fall off, Ragini rushes in between them and asks Aansh to stop, all get shocked
Aansh: Your telling me to stop, why not him?
DP looks up, tears fall out of his eyes, Ragini gets upset and Swara comes forward,
Swara: How dare you Aansh?
Lakshya gets angry, Sanskaar comes forward,
Aansh: This is between me and him and I don’t find it necessary for you to come in between!
Sanskaar: You can’t talk to Swara like that! How dare you hit Bade Papa?
Aansh: So what? What are you going to do? This is my house and I can do whatever I want!
Swara: Unbelievable Aansh! Because of you Bade Papa has tears in his eyes, because of you he had to bow his head down in shame in front of the whole society, because of you he was disgraced!
Aansh: Do I care? No, so why are you talking?
Swara: Disgusting, I should’ve slapped you on that day.
Aansh: Why don’t all of you slap me, then would you feel better, right?
Swara looks at Ragini,
Ragini: Aansh please stop.
Aansh sees Ragini crying and stops, he feels bad and walks away in anger.

Swara: There’s no point in crying like this Ragini!
DP walks slowly and goes in to his room, he is shocked.
Swara: Look at Bade Papa, it all happened because of your husband! You need to handle him.
Ragini: Swara I’m trying.
Swara: Try harder, I think your not even trying, your letting him do whatever he wants!
Swara leaves in anger while Ragini looks on, AP walks up to her,
AP: Ragini beta, don’t worry, we are with you.
AP leaves, so does Sujata and RP, Parineeta and Aadarsh leave and Arnav and Uttra leave too, Ragini thinks of Swaras words.
Lakshya: Don’t worry Bhabhi.
Ragini nods and Aansh leaves.
Ragini gets a message and is shocked to read it.

Ragansh’s Room:
He thinks about DP, he then remembers Ragini crying, he decides to make it up to her, Ragini comes in and ignores Aansh,
Aansh: Ragini Listen, I’m sorry.
Ragini: You should be saying this to Papa Ji!
Aansh looks away,
Ragini: Fine then!
Ragini goes to get changed, she comes out and doesn’t find Aansh and gets worried,
Ragini: Aansh?
Aansh comes from behind and hugs her,
Ragini: Leave me Aansh!
Aansh: No! What would you do?
Ragini: Aansh!
Aansh doesn’t listen and he smiles,
Ragini: Whatever you did was wrong today Aansh!
Aansh lets go off her,
Aansh: Change the topic!
Ragini: Why did you do that Aansh?
Aansh: Listen Ragini, I don’t want to argue with you.
Aansh goes to the bed and lies down, Ragini sees him and nods her head, she thinks that I will find the truth out.
She walks and sits in the bed, Aansh has his face the other way, Ragini pats his back but he doesn’t respond,
Ragini: Aansh?
Aansh closes his eyes, she rests her head near him, he doesn’t turn around, she gets up and stands on the floor, she goes around the other side and sees Aansh with closed eyes, she smirks. Ragini sits near him and pulls the blanket and Aansh pulls it back, she pulls it again and lies down and puts his arm out and rests her head on his arm and hugs him and she closes her eyes, Aansh smiles with closed eyes and moves a bit back and she hugs him tightly.

Swasan’s room:
Swara is sitting down, Sanskaar comes up to her,
Sanskaar: What happened Swara?
Swara: I said a bit too much to Ragini, right?
Sanskaar: Well Ragini is trying her hardest.
Swara: I know, I don’t know why I shouted at my sister in anger, Ragini is doing her best.
Sanskaar: Don’t worry Swara, relax and I don’t want anything to happen to you or our child so relax.
Swara nods and smiles,
Sanskaar: You can talk to Ragini tomorrow.
Swara: Thanks Sanskaar,
Sanskaar kisses Swara in the forehead, Swara feels a kick, she touches her tummy and smiles,
Sanskaar: What happened?
Swara: The baby kicked
Sanskaar gets happy: What?
Swara takes Sanskaars hand and places it on her tummy, Sanskaar feels the baby’s kick too and he smiles.
Sanskaar: Don’t worry small baby, you will come out soon.
Swara laughs and Sanskaar smiles.

Morning in MM:
Mishti arrives in MM, she looks around and Sujata sees her,
Sujata: Mishti?
Mishti: Hello Aunty, is Lakshya around?
Sujata: Yes, he must be coming but you and Lakshya are hanging out a lot nowadays?!
Mishti gives an fake smile: Ji Aunty, you see, this is what friends do.
Mishti (quietly): You would only understand if you have friends.
Sujata: What?
Mishti: Nothing, how’s Swara?
Sujata: Swara is okay and so is the baby.
Mishti: Wow, is it going to be a boy or a girl?
Sujata: We haven’t found that out yet, I think we are going to find out on the 4th month.
Mishti nods: Okay.
Ragini comes down and sees Mishti, Mishti looks at Ragini,
Mishti: Am I in trouble?
Ragini: Chachi Ji, can you please call everyone.
Sujata: Why? What happened?
Ragini: Please call everyone.
Mishti looks on nervously.
Sujata: JiJi! Bhaisa! Swara! Lakshya! Sanskaar ke Papa! Everyone come down!
Everyone hear Sujata and start coming out of their rooms, Aansh also comes out and stands on top, DP also stands on top on the other side, he sees Aansh and looks down. Aansh thinks what Mishti is doing here.
Ragini: There is one more truth you should know.
AP: What truth Ragini?
Aansh looks at Mishti and Ragini,
Aansh: Ragini, it’s better if we talk in private, it’s our personal matter. They all look up,
Ragini: Aansh, they have rights to know.
Aansh: But why?
Ragini: So that means it’s true?
Ragini looks at Mishti,
Mishti: I don’t know what your talking about.
Ragini: Oh really? Three months ago, can you remember what you did?
Mishti: What?
Ragini: Did you help Aansh or not?
Lakshya gets shocked and Aansh closes his eyes.
Ragini: Haa or Naa.
Mishti: Help in what?
Aansh opens his eyes and Lakshya looks at him.
Ragini: Help him take revenge?
Swara: What do you mean Ragini?
Ragini: Swara, Mishti helped Aansh three months ago and not only her, someone else did too.
The whole family looks on shocked.

Mishti: What do you mean? I didn’t help Aansh!
Swara: Are you sure Ragini?
Ragini: Haa Swara, look at this message.
Ragini gets her phone out and shows Swara the message, Swara looks on shocked.
Mishti: Wh…what message?
Swara looks at Mishti, Mishti snatches the phone and looks, she is surprised,
Mishti: How can you believe this?
Sujata: What does it say?
Mishti: It says that Mishti is behind all this along with Aansh, there is someone from your family who is also involved and Mishti is saving him, she will try her best to see that person!
Mishti looks up at Aansh, she looks down,
Mishti: How can you believe this stupid message, first it’s saying that it’s me then it’s saying that it’s not me, what the hell?
Ragini: Why are you getting nervous?
Mishti: I’m not nervous!
Swara: When did it say, it wasn’t you?
Mishti: Uh… I’m saying it wasn’t me!
Ragini: Then who was it?
Mishti: I don’t know! It wasn’t me!
Ragini: Who are you saving Mishti? Swara looks at Mishti,
Swara: If it wasn’t you then who are you covering for?
Mishti: How can you believe this?
Swara: Mishti! Because of your disgusting act Bade Papa has faced a lot.
Mishti: I didn’t even do anything so why are you blaming me?
Ragini: Swara, calm down, it’s not good for you to stress.
Swara: But Ragini….
Ragini: Relax Swara, Mishti, let’s say it wasn’t you but why did Nayntara say Mishti before dying?
Mishti looks at Ragini,
Mishti: She didn’t say my name, who is Nayntara anyways?
Swara: The same girl that alleged Bade Papa!
Mishti: Of What?
Ragini: Don’t act surprised, you know what we mean.
Mishti: I don’t have time for your nonsense, I’m leaving.
Mishti turns to go but Ragini holds her hand and slaps her. Aansh looks on shocked.

Precap: The whole family find out another truth.

(Mishti: Tanya Sharma
Aansh: Parth Samthaan
Thank you for liking and commenting? Can you guess what’s going to happen? If you can the please comment, thank you.)

Credit to: Halima

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