Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 52


3 Months Later:
DP steps out of the police car and looks at his house, the police leave,
DP came back in the same avatar he left in, he still has that black paint on his face, he looks around and remember the media and people, he glances away,
DP: I was so ashamed and wrongly accused, how will I face Annapurna?
He walks ahead and finally reaches the door, he opens the door and the wind blows, he enters the house and climbs the stairs, he looks around and doesn’t see anyone.

The maid walks past and sees DP, she gets happy and shouts: Bade Malik is back! (Twice). Ramdeen Kaka comes out, he runs up to DP and hugs him,
Ramdeen: Bade Malik, we missed you so much, thank god you came back.
DP: What’s going on?
Ramdeen moves back and gives an upsetting look,
Ramdeen: Vo Aansh baba…..
Sujata comes in with the Aarti plate, she wonders who that is and walks up to see, she gets happy,
Sujata: JiJi! Bhaisa is back!
AP hears her and rushes up, Sujata was about to hug DP when she remembered her limits,
Sujata: Bhaisa, it’s good you came back.
AP smiles looking at DP, tears fall out of her eyes and she wipes them,
DP: What happened?
Sujata looks at AP and AP nods no,
Lakshya comes out and gets happy seeing DP,
Lakshya: Papa, your back? Papa you don’t know how much I missed you, please Papa, fix everything.
Aadarsh and Arnav come out, they smile too, Parineeta comes out too,
Sujata: Careful Parineeta.
Parineeta: Ji Chachi Ji.
Uttra smiles and comes out,
Uttra: Bade Papa? Bade Papa, Aansh kicked out Radikha Di.
DP gets shocked hearing that, he looks at everyone and they nod yes, Sanskaar and Swara come out, Swara is three months pregnant and Parineeta is 6 months.
Sanskaar: Haa Bade Papa, not only this but….
AP nods no and Sanskaar keeps quiet.
Sujata: JiJi lets tell him, he has rights to know about his demon son!
DP: Demon?
Lakshya: He’s not a demon!
Sujata: Then what is he? After his dreadful act, we all are ashamed.
DP: What happened?
Sujata tells him and the story goes in to a flashback,

3 months earlier:
Lakshya asks Aansh what the papers are about, Aansh doesn’t say anything, he goes to his room and puts the papers in his wardrobe, Ragini comes there,
Ragini: What happened Aansh?
Aansh smiles: Nothing, everything good has happened.
Ragini: What do you mean?
Aansh: Come lets go.
Ragini: Where?
Aansh: Let’s go
Ragini: Aansh, why do I feel like your behind all this?
Aansh looks at her, he then looks away and Ragini looks shocked,
Ragini: This means you are behind all this, why Aansh?
Aansh: Ragini please, I don’t have time for all this.
Ragini nods her head and the whole family rush upstairs and stand outside Aansh’s room,
Ragini: I want to know why?!
Aansh: I don’t want to talk about it!
Ragini: How can you do this to your own father?
Aansh: Father?
Ragini: Yes, your father.
The whole family look on confusingly,
Aansh: You want to know why I did this, then listen! I hate him!
Ragini looks at him,
Aansh: I hate that man, he doesn’t deserve to be called my father!
Ragini: Why?
Aansh: Because of him my whole life is ruined, in my childhood people used to taunt me, they used to say I’m a illegitimate.
Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: I know you been through a lot but maybe Papa Ji has some explanations.
Aansh: Because of him my Mom commuted suicide! You don’t know how it feels Ragini.
Ragini: I do Aansh, I lost my mother too.
Aansh looks at her,
Ragini: I know how you feel, but now I have a mother and sisters, don’t loose that opportunity. Maa came in to my life and now she came in to yours too.
Ragini points at AP, Aansh looks at her,
Aansh: I don’t have anything against this family so I won’t do anything to them but I will never forgive that Man. He deserved all this.
Ragini: But Aansh…..
Aansh: Please Ragini, would you forgive your Baba, if he did that?
Ragini: Lakshya forgave you
Aansh: Mishti accepted you too. I’m asking about your Baba.
Ragini doesn’t say anything,
Aansh: Try to stand in my place and see that Man, you will always find hatred for him. I don’t have anything against you too.
Ragini thinks,
Ragini: Your right Aansh, I wouldn’t have forgave my Baba easily, but I wouldn’t do this either!

Radikha comes forward and slaps Aansh,
Radikha: I didn’t accept this from you Aansh!
Aansh looks at her,
Radikha: I am ashamed to call you my brother!
Aansh: And your proud to call that Man your father?
Radikha: It wasn’t his fault!
Aansh: He’s the one who betrayed out Mum!
Aansh leaves in anger, Ragini tries to go after him but Radikha stops him,
Radikha: I didn’t know he had so much poison in him.
Ragini: What actually happened?
Radikha tells Ragini everything,
Ragini hears this and vows to make Aansh closer to DP and his family and if she fails to do that then she will assume that she’s not perfect for Aansh and shes not capable to become this family’s Bhau,
Ragini then leaves while the whole family are shocked.

Sujata: Bhaisa, Aansh was after all this and because of him you are in this state, Bhaisa, in the morning he kicked Radikha out because she did not listen to him.
DP: Today?
Sujata: No a month ago. We don’t even know where she is, Arnav, Sanskaar and Aadarsh have been looking for her.
DP gets shocked,
DP: I can’t believe Aansh did this.
Sujata: Not only this, he named the whole property on his name.
DP looks at her,
AP: He didn’t do anything bad to us, he doesn’t even talk to us.
Sujata: Why are you lying JiJi?! He shouts at us and argues with us in drunken state.
DP gets angry,
DP: Where is he?!
AP: He only done that once, he promised Ragini that he will never do it again.
Sujata: He’s gone to a party.
DP: He’s partying after troubling us?!
Sujata: I know Bhaisa. Poor Ragini, she has to face so much trouble.
AP: I believe he’s going to change, Raginis love will change him!
Sujata: Then why hasn’t he changed in these three months?
AP: He has, he had been nice to you, remember?!
Sujata remembers when Aansh collided with her and she drop her phone, he picked it up and gave it to her and said sorry and went.
AP: Did you remember?
Sujata: Haa JiJi, but…..
AP: Ragini is trying all her best, we know Aansh loves her and he will listen to her.
Sujata: Okay JiJi, Aansh does love Ragini, that’s why he took her to the hospital over a small cut.
AP: Ragini has been trying her best and we should support her.
DP is ashamed and he walks upstairs and remembers Aansh.

Precap: DP slaps Aansh and Aansh slaps DP back.

(Thank you for liking, I’m sorry if you found this bad but don’t worry Ragansh are still together, there is 1 more twist to come and I’m sure you all will hate me but I’m sorry and I hope you like it ?

Aansh: Parth Samthaan
Mishti: Tanya Sharma. )

Credit to: Halima

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