Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 51

The episode begins with Ragini turning around, she walks towards Aansh, she hugs him and Aansh smiles, he feels dizzy, Moh….moh….ke….dhage….plays…
Aansh kisses her neck, she blushes. Aansh then kisses her and both of them move back, Aansh breaks the lip lock and Moh Moh plays…. Aansh places Ragini on the bed, he comes closer and the screen shifts to the moon and they consummate and Moh…moh…continues..to…play…..
Ragini opens her eyes and sees Aansh sleeping, she smiles, Aansh puts his hand over her and she looks at the ring, she moves in and goes to sleep.

Morning in MM:
Ragini goes to the bathroom and gets dressed, she comes out and dries her hair, Aansh opens his eyes, he sees Ragini and smiles,
Aansh: Where are you going?
Ragini: Downstairs
Aansh: What time is it?
Ragini: It must be 7:40am
Aansh: You have to get up that early?
Ragini: If you want to know the time then get up and stop being lazy!
Aansh: It’s only 7:40, I might as well go to sleep.
Aansh puts the blanket on his face, he smirks, Ragini finishes and decides to get Aansh up, she sees a spider,
Ragini: Spider?
Aansh hears this and moves a bit to the side, Ragini smiles and gets an idea,
Ragini (scared): Aansh Spider!!
Aansh gets up and stands on the bed,
Aansh (shocked): Where??
Ragini laughs: I guess I don’t need to do hard work to wake you up.
Aansh looks at her, she smilingly glares at him, he gets down but she runs out.

Ragini walks past Lakshyas room and sees him smiling, she knocks and enters, he is lost,
Ragini: Lakshya, are you awake?
Lakshya doesn’t listen to her,
Ragini: Lakshya?
DP walks past, he sees Ragini in Lakshyas room and enters,
Ragini: Lakshya?
DP sees Lakshya,
DP: What happened?
Ragini turns around: Lakshya….
DP: Lakshya!!
Lakshya gets up,
Lakshya: Ji Papa?
DP: Where is your focus? Couldn’t you hear your Bhabhi is calling you?
Lakshya: No Papa, I was just…..
DP: Bas! Get dressed and come downstairs!
Lakshya nods and DP leaves,
Lakshya: Sorry Bhabhi!
Ragini: It’s okay Lakshya, anyways were you sleeping?
Lakshya: Uh…I need to get dressed or you know what Papas going to do.
Ragini smiles and nods, she then closes the door and leaves.

Ragini enters the Kitchen, Aansh comes downstairs and so does Lakshya, DP is sitting on the sofa, DP gets a call and he is shocked, DP stands up, they all look at him, he cuts the call and looks at Aansh, Lakshya and RP.
Lakshya: What happened Papa?
DP doesn’t say anything,
Sanskaar comes down with Swara, DP looks at him and Sanskaar is confused,
RP: What happened Bhaisa?
DP: Ram, our company has suffered from 1 Cr loss,
All get shocked,
RP: What? 1 Cr?
suddenly the police runs in with the CIB agents,
CIB Agent: Hello, my name is Raghav and I heard that you have black money here, so we are going to search.
He signals the police and the police start searching, AP, Sujata, Ragini, Uttra, Radikha, Arnav and Aadarsh come out.
Sujata: What’s happening Bhaisa?
AP: Ji, what happened?
Aansh: The CIB agent claims that Papa hid some black money in the house.
Sujata: What? Bhaisa can never do this. Bhaisa did you actually hide this money?
DP looks at her,
RP: Sujata! Shut up!
Sujata: Ji, you always tell me to shut up!
RP looks at her, Sujata looks away,
CIB: We even heard that you stole the company’s money.
DP looks at them, the inspector comes out with a bag, they open it and find money in it, DP and everyone get shocked,
Inspector: This looks approximately about 1 Cr
2 Constables come with another bag, they find the money and look at DP, DP looks on stunned,
DP: I don’t know how the money got here Inspector Saab.
Inspector: I’m sorry Mr Maheshwari, we have to arrest you.
AP gets shocked,
Sujata: Bahisa! You stole the money from your own company?
RP looks at her,
Sujata: I’m not lying, I didn’t expect this from Bhaisa.
AP: Sujata
Sujata: I’m sorry JiJi but…..
Sanskaar: Mom please!
Sujata: Yeah, say Mom please, would you say the same to the society? How will we face them?
Ragini: Inspector, I think there is a big misunderstanding.
Swara: Haa Inspector, Bade Papa can’t do this.
CIB: Even we did not believe the unknown caller but now we say the evidence and we have to arrest him.

Inspector comes forward,
Inspector: You have been alleged of Rape too.
All get shocked,
Sujata: What, Bhaisa raped someone?
All look at Sujata,
Sujata: No Inspector Saab, you have a big misunderstanding, Bhaisa can never rape anyone in this age, please inspector Saab, say that your lying!
Tears fall out of APs eyes,
AP: I don’t agree with this, Ji can never do this, I believe him.
DP looks at AP, he is shocked and ashamed, he has his head down.
The inspector arrests DP and takes him out, everyone follow, they go outside and see people and the media.
People: Durga Parasad hy hy.
Media: DurgaPrasad Maheshwari has raped a 20 year old girl, Nayntara Singh and today she died because of external bleeding, not only this but he also does illegal business and today he has been exposed, we are very ashamed of DurgaParasad Maheshwari.
DP is walking in shock, people are giving him the evils, a women comes up and put black paint on his face and spits on him, DP is shocked, the media come and ask questions but DP ignores them and the inspectors pushes them out of the way, the whole family are shocked and emotional, Arnav, Adarsh and Sanskaar get angry.
They throw rocks at DP and one of it hits his head and AP was about to run when Sujata stops her.
Sujata: No JiJi, say if something happens to you?
DP sits in the car and the police take him, Sanskaar, Lakshya, Aadarsh and Arnav go after them, Radikha cries and hugs AP.

2 hours later:
Lakshya, Arnav, Adarsh and Sanskaar come home sad, AP looks at them,
AP: What happened? Where’s Ji?
Aansh: Where’s Papa?
Lakshya looks down,
Arnav: Papa is jailed for 3 Months.
They all gets shocked, AP falls down and Sujata cries.
Sujata: Ji, Bhaisa……
RP hugs Sujata and she hugs him back.
A courier man comes,
Courier man: Is Mr Aansh Maheshwari here?
Aansh: Yes?
Aansh walks up to the courier man and signs the paper, the man leaves and he opens the parcel, he smirks and the episode ends on Aansh smirking.

Precap: 3 Months later

(I’m so sorry for the late update, I had a bad internet connection, I hope you like today’s episode, Thank you for waiting and liking?
Aansh: Parth Samthaan
Mishti: Tanya Sharma )

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