Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 50

The episode begins with the sun rising and MM is shown,
AP: Where’s Aansh, Sanskaar and Lakshya?
DP: Haven’t they came yet?
AP: No, they are usually up before 8:20am.
DP: What time is it?
AP: Ji, it’s 8:25am
DP: Well they are not getting any food is they are late, it’s their fault as they should know this rule.
AP: But Ji…
DP: Bas! You know the rules and don’t support them.
Sujata comes with aloo sabzi: But Bhaisa, if you continue doing this then…..
DP looks at her,
Sujata: I mean….
RP: Sujata! If you don’t have any sensible thing to say then it’s better if you shut up.
Sujata looks away,
Sujata in her head: They all ways shout at me.
Aansh rushes downstairs, he quickly sits on the chair half asleep, he widens his eyes to stay awake, he drinks some water, DP looks at him, DP looks back and sees Lakshya running down the stairs, Lakshya reaches the table and sits down, he lets out a sigh, DP stares at him, everyone come down including Sanskaar for breakfast and the sit down. DP looks at the time,
DP: We may start
Sujata: But Bhaisa it’s not 8:30 yet.
DP: I know, we have a project meeting today that’s why we will start early.
Sujata nods.

They finish eating, Lakshya smiles while Aansh gets up, Aansh glares at him, DP thinks,
DP: I thought that since Lakshya is sitting idle at home and not doing any work, he should come office with us.
Lakshya gets up in shock and Aansh giggles,
Lakshya: Paapa, office?
DP: Yeah, what’s wrong?
Lakshya: Papa I can’t go office
DP: Why?
Lakshya: Because…I….. I have to….
DP: Because it will ruin your reputation.
Aansh: Reputation? What reputation?
DP: Of him being lazy.
Lakshya looks at him,
DP: What else can he do, he’s just lazy, he should get a award of being lazy, all he knows is just to defame me and my name, if he goes to work then his reputation of laziness would be ruined, he doesn’t care about my reputation. He won’t be able to do it, I don’t want him to defame me in my office.
Lakshya: No Papa I’m not lazy, I’m standing and if I was lazy then I would be in my bed Papaaa
DP looks at him
Lakshya: I’m ready and be tension free because Lucky will bring luck in to your office.
DP: Get ready
Lakshya: I am ready.
DP: Your not coming in that.
Lakshya: What’s wrong with this?
DP nods his head no and looks at Aansh clothes.
DP: Let’s go.
RP: Ji Bhaisa.
They leave for office with Lakshya.

Evening (5:20pm) in MM:
Ragini is getting dressed, she wears gold pink Saree with diamond necklace and earring, she takes her bangles off and wear diamond bracelets on each hand. She smiles and wears red lipstick with gold eyeshadow and black mascara along with black eyeliner. She opens her hair and pushes it back, she looks at her self in the mirror and smiles,
Ragini: Where’s Aansh now?

Lakshya comes home with Aansh,
Sujata sees them: This quick?
Aansh: Haa
Sujata: Where Bhaisa?
Aansh: In the office
Sujata: Then you..?
Lakshya: There’s a party and Papa told us to go there but I’m not going, he’s going with Ragini.
Aansh: Yeah, but Lucky come Naa?
Lakshya: What am I going to there, I very hardly managed to escape from the office, Chachi it’s not a office it’s a jail.
Sujata: What?
Lakshya: Yes Chachi, if you don’t do any work then you get whipped.
Sujata looks on,
Lakshya: But to be honest Chachi, I enjoyed it, it was quite fun and cruel.
Aansh laugh: Chachi, his dramas never end.
Aansh heads to his room, he opens the door and looks around, he doesn’t find Ragini and gets sad,
Aansh: Aunty promised she will come and she’s still not here.

Aansh gets changed and brushes his hair looking in the mirror, Ragini comes out of the washroom and sees Aansh, Aansh puts some perfume on and sees Ragini,
Aansh: So you actually came?
Ragini comes forward and he is memorised seeing her, he turns around and looks at her,
Ragini: What time are we leaving?
Aansh doesn’t say anything,
Ragini: Aansh?!
He smiles and says: 6
Ragini: It’s already 6
Aansh: You didn’t let me complete the sentence. At 6:14pm.
Ragini nods and sees the time, it’s 6:10pm.
Aansh finishes and says: Shall we go?
Ragini nods and they head out, Aansh forgets his phone and goes back to get it, he goes to the drawer to get the file and sees the ring, he picks it up and smiles, he puts it back in and takes the file.

At the party:
Ragini and Aansh enter the party,
Aansh sees some clients and takes Ragini with him,
Aansh: Hello, how are you doing?
Mr Roy: I’m fine, how are you?
Aansh: I’m fine thanks, this is my wife Ragini.
Mr Roy: Hello
Ragini: Hi
Mr Roy: I must say she’s beautiful.
Aansh: Thanks after all she’s my wife.
Mr Roy laughs,
Mr Roy: I forgot your the only handsome one here.
Aansh laughs,
Mr Roy: Why don’t she go join the ladies over there?
Ragini: Okay, I’ll go.
Aansh nods and Ragini goes to the ladies and starts talking to them. Aansh gets a phone call and he goes to the corner,
Aansh: Hello?
Unknown: The work is done.
Aansh: Okay good, don’t tell anyone.
Aansh smirks and cuts the call, Mr Roy sees him and goes to him,
Mr Roy: You seem happy, what’s the reason?
Aansh: Nothing
Mr Roy: There must be something
Aansh looks at Ragini and Mr Roy looks at Ragini too, he smiles,
Mr Roy: Okay, I get you
Aansh smiles
Mr Roy: Let’s go have some drinks.
Aansh: Now?
Mr Roy: Yes
Aansh: But….
Mr Roy takes him to the bar.

Swara is in the kitchen cooking, Sanskaar, RP and DP come home,
DP: Annapurna, where is Lakshya?
AP: He’s upstairs
DP: Isn’t he gone to the party with Aansh?
AP: No Ji, Ragini went with him.
DP thinks and then nods,
AP: Ji, go freshen up, I’ll serve the food.
DP goes to freshen up.

Sanskaar comes to the kitchen, he sees Swara and smiles, he comes forward and hugs her from behind, she gets shocked,
Swara: Sanskaar, someone might come.
Sanskaar: Don’t worry, no ones going to come.
Swara: The doors open, anyone can come anytime.
Sanskaar: So? Your my wife, I’m not scared of anyone!
Swara: But you are of Bade Papa
Sanskaar: Yeah sure, I’m not.
Swara smiles: Oh really?
Sanskaar: Ji Haa!
DP comes in the kitchen, he sees Sanskaar and Swara and fumes,
DP in his head: Chee Chee Chee, nowadays they do it in front of everyone, I didn’t accept this from Sanskaar.

DP: Sanskaar
Sanskaar doesn’t hear him and Swara worries,
DP shouts: Sanskaar!!!!
Sanskaar lets go and turns around in shock, Lakshya jumps up in shock from his bed,
Lakshya: Papa always shouts, no Bhai is gone, I wonder what he must have done.
All rush in the kitchen,
Sujata: What happened Bhaisa, what did my son do?
DP: Ask your son what he did.
Sujata: What did you do Sanskaar?
Sanskaar doesn’t say anything and looks at Swara, they both look on worried,
DP: Why are you silent? You didn’t feel ashamed while doing it!
Lakshya: What did he do Papa?
DP looks angry with his head up high like normal.
Lakshya: I bet Papa caught them romancing and that’s why he’s angry.
DP looks at him, Sanskaar nods and Lakshya laughs,
Lakshya: What Papa, over this small thing you nearly gave all of us heart attack
DP: What do you mean?
Lakshya: Papa, I don’t see any crime in romancing with your wife. Bhai showed love to her his way like you show Maa your way but your way is boring, even Chacha is more experienced.
RP in his head: Why is he telling this to Bhaisa, will he get me killed?
DP: Lakshya!!
Lakshya moves back,
Sujata: Bhaisa, you go sit down, we will bring food.
DP nods and and goes out with RP and Lakshya, Sanskaar follows on.

The Party ends and Aansh gets drunk, Ragini comes to him,
Ragini: Aansh, why did you drink too much if this was meant to happen?
Aansh: Just chill Ragini, I’m not that drunk, I know my limits.
Ragini: Yeah sure, it looks like you crossed your limits!
Mr Roy comes there: Is everything okay?
Ragini: Yes and thank you for such a wonderful party, we will leave now.
Mr Roy: Okay, take care Aansh
Aansh: Thanks Mr Roy
Aansh stands up and Ragini and him walk out,
Ragini: How are we meant to go home?
Aansh: You drive
Ragini: Me?
Aansh: Haa, who else?
Ragini: Okay, give me the keys
Aansh takes out his keys, Ragini tries to take it but he pulls it back,
Ragini: Stop teasing me Aansh, give me the keys
She tries taking it off him, Aansh laughs,
Aansh: Come on Ragini, try to get the keys!
Ragini: Aansh!
Aansh looks at her, he touches his head and Ragini takes the keys of him, she helps him sit in the car and she sits in the drivers seat and starts driving.
Aansh: Wow, I didn’t know my wife could drive.
Ragini: Every wife can drive
Aansh: I said my wife
Ragini: What happens if Papa Ji sees you like this?
Aansh: I don’t care, I’m not scared of him.
Ragini: Your not scared of him? Wait who was the one who came yesterday without telling Papa Ji?
Aansh: Shut up and look forward on the road
Ragini: Aww Aansh, what happened? Hawa tight? Ragini laughs and the reach MM.

Aansh gets out of the car and in his head he is asking God to bless him, Ragini sees him and smiles,
Ragini: Come, quick, I thought your not scared of him.
Aansh: Haa, I’m not, I’m coming.
Aansh goes in nervously, Ragini and Aansh reach their bedroom.
Aansh smiles and let’s out a sigh, he falls on the bed, he sees Ragini taking her jewellery off,
Aansh: Wait, there’s one thing that’s missing.
Ragini looks at him, Aansh smiles and takes out the ring from the drawer, Aansh shows it to Ragini and she smiles,
Aansh: This ring, but you probably don’t want it.
Aansh turns around when Ragini says Aansh. He turns around and looks at her,
Ragini: Uh…who’s that ring for?
Aansh: You
Ragini: Me?
Aansh kneels down, Ragini looks down,
Aansh: I didn’t get a chance then, I might as well do it now, so…..Mrs Ragini Gadodia would you marry me?
Aansh laughs
Aansh: How stupid, you already married me, well…. I love you Ragini, will you accept this stupid Aansh?
Ragini smiles, Aansh stands up and puts the ring on her finger, Ragini gets glad,
Ragini in her head: Finally Aansh gave me this ring.
Ragini: You have done a great favour by giving me this Ring, thank you Aansh.
Ragini hugs Aansh and he surprisingly smiles.
Aansh breaks the hug, he takes Ragini to the mirror, Ragini takes off her Jewellery, Aansh then looks at her and smiles, Ragini leaves but Aansh holds her pallu and stops her, she touches her shoulder and smiles, Moh…moh….tune….plays….
He brings Ragini closer to him, he turns Ragini and tries to kiss her when she pushes him and blushes,
Aansh: How long would you make me wait Ragini? This poor guy is hungry for your love.
Ragini: You won’t be anymore.
Aansh: What do you mean?
Ragini turns around and smiles, Moh….moh….ke…dhage…plays..

Precap: DP suffers from a loss.

(Mishti- Tanya Sharma
Aansh- Parth Samthaan
Thank you? I read all the comments on the previous episode, thank you so much, thank you for supporting me and my FF against 1 person, thank you❤️)

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