Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 5


The episode begins with Lakshya walking down and he stands in the corner, he takes his phone out and dials Sanskaars number,
He looks up and sees Ragini walking out from Didas house and going towards hers. Lakshya immediately cuts the call and looks on, In his head: If I didn’t take Ragini then who???

Lakshyas phone starts ringing, he shockingly cuts the call, Ragini hears a sound and asks who it is but Lakshya doesn’t respond.
Ragini: Who is it? If your don’t come out in three seconds then I will scream.
Lakshya is thinking
Ragini: 1…….2…….3.
Ragini was about to scream when Lakshya came and put his hand on her mouth and took her outside the Baadi.

Ragini: Lakshya?!!!
Lakshya (sad): Ragini
Ragini: Lakshya!
Lakshya: Ragini?
Ragini looks on angry and Lakshya puts his eyes down
Ragini (shouting): Lakshya! What are you doing here?
Lakshya looks up
Lakshya: Sshhh
Ragini glares at him

Lakshya picks Ragini up and takes her in his arms, he weighs her by moving his arms up and down
Ragini: Lakshya
Lakshya drops her and she falls on to the floor
Ragini (angrily): LAKSHYA!!!

He looks at her and then turns around and calls Sanskaar. Sanskaar pics up the call,
Lakshya: Bhai there’s one problem
Sanskaar: What?
Lakshya: Bhai…..we took the wrong person.

Sanskaar stops the car and and Lakshya cuts the call, he goes back and opens the sack and is shocked to see…..

Ragini gets up and says: Lakshya what are you doing here?
Lakshya looks at Ragini and makes the guilty face
Lakshya: Nothing, I’m here to….. To…. Have fresh air
Ragini looks on confusingly
Ragini: Here?

Swara wakes up and doesn’t find Ragini near her, she goes out and searches for her, she goes into the kitchen and does not see her there too, Swara gets tensed and sees the house door open, she goes out and sees the Baadi door open she goes to close it but sees Lakshya and Ragini

Swara: Ragini? Lakshya?
Ragini looks at Swara and Lakshya looks on scared
Ragini: Swara, thank his you came
Swara: What’s Lakshya doing here?
Ragini: Even I asked him but he didn’t respond
Swara looks at Lakshya.
Lakshya say to himself: If it wasn’t Swara either then who????
Swara: Lakshya?
Lakshya looks at Swara
Lakshya: Um…I…I’m here for a stroll
Swara (confused): Here?
Lakshya: Yeah, can’t I come anywhere to stroll.
Ragini: Ohh

Swara: Ragini what were you doing here?
Ragini: Nothing, I just went to Naanis house to get Kesar milk for Daadi
Swara: Daadi?
Ragini: Yes

A flashback is shown when Daadi comes to Swara and Raginis room and Ragini wakes up
Ragini (quietly): Daadi, what happened, do you need something?
Daadi: Yes laado, I wanted to have Kesar milk, but we don’t have the stuff
Ragini: Oh, but don’t worry Daadi I’ll go to Naanis house and see if she has it
Daadi: at this time?
Ragini: Yes Daadi, and anyways no need to do formalities
Daadi smiles and Ragini goes out, then Daadi sits beside Swara and eventually falls asleep.

Swara: But Daadi isn’t with me!

Lakshya fainted and fell on to the floor, Ragini and Swara run to him and try waking him up, Ragini got the muddy water and sprinkled it in his face
Swara: Chee, Ragini!!
Lakshya then wakes up and says: That means we kidnapped Daadi!!!?
Swara and Ragini look on shocked and say: WHAT?!!!
Lakshya looks up

Sanskaar was about to faint but calls Lakshya, Ragini takes his phone and puts it on speaker
Sanskaar: Lucky, don’t you have any shame, you kidnapped Daadi not Ragini
Ragini and Swara look at Lakshya while closes his eyes
Sanskaar: Lucky???
Swara: Wow, you both kidnapped my Daadi, how dare you?
Ragini: Bring her back
Sanskaar cuts the call and goes back in the car
Sanskaar to himself: Oh god, I’m going to Kill Lucky.
He starts driving

Ragini and Swara give Lakshya the evil glare,

A flashback is shown when Lakshya picks Ragini(Daadi) he fell, he thought why she was so heavy, he puts her in the sack and picks it up with difficulties

Sanskaar is driving and a flashback was shown when Lakshya threw the sack and he catches it but it was hard for him to pick it up, he was sweating and thought: Wow Ragini is fat, Lakshya didn’t tell me
Then he comes out of the flashback and reaches to the Baadi

Swara looks at Sanskaar and Sanskaar looks at Lakshya and Lakshya looks away. The screen freezes on Lakshyas guilty face.

Precap: Daadi wakes up and shouts, Swara and Ragini look on.

(Hope you like this episode)?

Credit to: Halima

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