Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 49

The episode begins with Sanskaar, Aansh and Lakshya reaching the Baadi,
Lakshya: How are you going to get in?
Aansh: From the entrance.
Sanskaar: I don’t know where Swaras room is.
Aansh looks at him,
Aansh: You only care about Swara
Sanskaar: And your here to meet Ragini too.
Lakshya: Shhh, if the wake up then they will batter us.
Aansh: True, let’s go now.
Lakshya: What about Daadi?
Aansh: I will handle her.
Lakshya: Sure, we all know how you become a mouse in front of her.
Aansh: But I’m not worser than you, from sher to cockroach, that’s why Daadi doesn’t like because your a cockroach!
Lakshya: I’m a cockroach? Your a…a…spider, that’s why everyone screams and sometimes beat you up, your face is like a poisonous spider!
Aansh: Your a…..
Sanskaar: Stop it both of you! We are not here to waste time, I lied to Bade Papa and that too for you two and if he finds out then he won’t spare me!
Aansh: Chill, we were joking.
Sanskaar: Joking?
Lakshya: Haa, this is our little joke.
Sanskaar nods his head no and goes in.
Lakshya: You better help him, if he ends up in Daadi’s room then….
Aansh: Haa
Aansh rushes in and Lakshya follows.

Aansh and Sanskaar reach Swara and Raginis room, Sanskaar was about to knock when Aansh stops him,
Aansh (quietly): What are you doing?
Sanskaar: How else are we meant to get in?
Aansh opens the door: Like this!
They come in and Sanskaar sees Swara sleeping, he smiles seeing her, Aansh goes to the other side and sees Ragini.
He smiles and moves back,
Aansh: Ahh, her beauty kills me.
Sanskaar: What?
Aansh: Nothing!
Swara hears them whisper, she opens her eyes and sees Sanskaar,
Swara: Sanskaar?
He looks at her, Ragini gets disturbed and opens her eyes, Aansh hides under the bed, Ragini looks around and sees Sanskaar, she gets up,
Ragini: Sanskaar you?
Swara turns the light on,
Swara: Did you come alone?
Sanskaar looks around and doesn’t see Aansh,
Sanskaar: Uh…
Ragini feels Aansh presence and looks around but fails to find him,
Ragini thinks: Aansh must be somewhere around here, why am I feeling his presence?
Swara: Sanskaar?
Sanskaar understands,
Sanskaar: Let’s go talk outside because Raginis getting disturbed.
Swara looks at Ragini and she nods yes, Aansh smiles from under the bed.
Swara: Okay.
Swara gets up and leaves with Sanskaar and Sanskaar shuts the door.
Sanskaar: Where shall we go?
Swara: Terrace?
Sanskaar nods and they head to the terrace.

Ragini stands up, she goes in front of the mirror, Aansh gets out and stands behind her, she sees him from the mirror, she looks back but he’s not there because he hid behind the curtains, she feels Aansh is near her and she is getting restless,
Ragini: Aansh?
Aansh hears her,
Ragini: Aansh, I know your here.
Aansh looks surprised and smiles,
Ragini turns around and Aansh goes towards the lights and turns it off, Ragini looks up and looks back, she walks towards the light when Aansh holds her,
Ragini: Aansh?
He pulls her closer to him and she smiles, she then remembers what Mishti said, don’t forgive him easily, Ragini thinks: I will not forgive you easily Aansh, not until you give me that ring.
She pushes Aansh and walks away, she smirks while Aansh looks on,
Aansh: How did you know it’s me?
Ragini: Because all of that idea would’ve been yours unless Lakshya came too.
Aansh: Aunty, your gone smart.
Ragini: I know and your going stupid.
She giggles while Aansh stares,
Aansh: But at least I’m not ageing!
Ragini: Me and aging? No your mistaken Aansh, I think you need glasses.
Aansh: I do to see you properly.
Aansh comes forward,
Aansh: Won’t you forgive me?
Ragini: Please Aansh
Aansh: Take your time but don’t take 10 years.
Ragini laughs,
Aansh: Keep on smiling, it suits you.
Ragini blushes,
Aansh: You said you would come back but you didn’t.
Ragini: Daadi said to stay so we stayed and we told Maa.
Aansh: We have a party tomorrow and I’m taking you with me.
Ragini: I don’t want to go.
Aansh: Why? I told them that I’m bringing my wife with me.
Ragini: But….
Aansh: Okay, if you don’t want to then I won’t too.
Ragini: But they are your friends.
Aansh: My friends? Are you okay Ragini, with what angle do they look like my friends to you? Haa, they can be your friends as they are around your age Aunty. I don’t be friends with old people.
Ragini gets angry,
Ragini: Why did you marry me then, huh? I’m old too.
Aansh smiles: But your beautiful that’s why I married you, you look better out of all those Aunties out there, I swear if they see you they would get jealous,
Ragini smiles: Really?
Aansh: Haa, even the moon is jealous of you because the moon looks bland compare to you, your the most beautiful Aunty I ever seen, no wonder the moon is jealous.
Aansh grabs Raginis hand and takes her to the window, they both look out and don’t see the moon,
Aansh: See, the moon is not here, he must’ve said that if she’s there then why do I have to come out!
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: Enough with your dialogues and go now.
Aansh: Every wife wants her husband to stay with her and your the first wife that’s telling her husband to go, wow.
Ragini: Enough, now leave.
Aansh: Wah Beta, the first wife in the world whose kicking her husband out.
Ragini smiles,
Aansh: Will you come to the party with me?
Ragini: I need to think.
Aansh: Haa or Naa, otherwise I’m not leaving.
Ragini: Haa baba, go now.
Aansh smiles and leaves, Ragini blushes.

Lakshya enters Mishtis room, he walk to her and bends down, she moves her hand and it falls on Lakshyas hand, Lakshya continues to stare at her,
Mishti: Lakshya, what are you doing here?
Lakshya gets shocked and moves back,
Lakshya: She’s dreaming about me?
He smiles,
Mishti: Duffer, I’m awake and why will I be dreaming about you?
Lakshya: But your…
Mishti: Just because my eyes are closed it doesn’t mean I’m not awake.
Lakshya nods,
Mishti: Why are you here?
Lakshya: I’m here to…to be friends with you.
Mishti opens her eyes, she sits up,
Mishti: Friends? So you came all the way from your house to my room at this time, just to friends?
Lakshya: Yes, I’m here to be your friends, I’m forwarding the friendship hand.
Mishti thinks,
Mishti: Well, you are funny, not as bad as I thought and entertainment so yeah.
She shakes his hand,
Lakshya: Friends
Mishti: Friends
Lakshya smiles,
Mishti: Do you want anything to eat?
Lakshya nods no,
Mishti: Good you said no because I was t going to go anyways, I’m hungry, the food that they made was rubbish, no offence, we have that nearly everyday.
Lakshya nods,
Mishti: Is Swara awake or Ragini?
Lakshya: Yh.
Mishti: Can you please ask them to make me food?
Lakshya: Why don’t you go yourself?
Mishti: Only if you come with me, I’m not going all the way down there.
Lakshya: Your Lazy.
Mishti: So, it’s good to be lazy.
They both laugh,
Mishti: Lucky?
Lakshya: Yeah, I’ll come with you.
Mishti: Shall we go out?
Lakshya: What?
Mishti: It’s not what you think, I’m saying lets go out to eat.
Lakshya: Now?
Mishti: Naa tomorrow
Lakshya nods
Mishti: Duh, obviously today, if a person is cold, would you give the blanket tomorrow?
Lakshya: No
Mishti: So I’m hungry and I want food now, you don’t know my stomach.
Lakshya: Okay, let’s go.
Mishti smiles and nods, she gets out and Lakshya sees her in a black shirt with yellow shorts, she puts her shoes on.
Lakshya: Your going like that?
Mishti: Why what’s wrong? If your going like that then why can’t I?
Lakshya nods and they go out, they meet Aansh,
Aansh: Where are you two going?
Lakshya: Out to eat.
Aansh: Why?
Lakshya looks at Mishti,
Aansh: This Bhukhar eats all the time.
Mishti: Excuse me? It’s not my fault I’m hungry!
Aansh: Learn to control it
Mishti: Oh really, would you be able to?
Aansh is speechless,
Mishti: Exactly!

Sanskaar and Swara are hugging,
Swara: Couldn’t you stay without me?
Sanskaar: How could I if my life is far away from me?
Swara smiles: You could’ve waited, I am anyways coming back tomorrow.
Sanskaar: It’s impossible to stay an hour without you.
Sanskaar gets a phone call so he breaks the hug, he picks up the call,
Sanskaar: Hello
Aansh: Where are you?
Sanskaar: I’m just coming
Aansh: Hurry up, don’t take 20 minuets
Sanskaar: Okay.
Sanskaar disconnects the call and looks at Swara.
Sanskaar: I need to go now
Swara: Okay
Sanskaar: Be back early tomorrow
Swara nods and Sanskaar leaves.

Mishti: I don’t want to go anymore
Aansh: Why?
Mishti: Because!
Mishti leaves,
Lakshya: It was you
Aansh: Me, how?
Lakshya: You called her a Bhukhar that’s why
Aansh: She doesn’t take anything seriously.
Sanskaar comes outside,
Sanskaar: Are you ready?
Aansh nods and they get in the car, Lakshya feels bad so he texts Ragini that Mishti is hungry, Ragini replys Okay. Sanskaar starts driving.

Ragini gives Mishti food,
Mishti: Did he give you the ring?
Ragini nods no, she then remembers Aansh and smiles,
Ragini: He said there is a party tomorrow and he wants to take me.
Mishti: That’s good
Ragini: But I don’t want to go
Mishti: Don’t worry, I’ll help you deck
Ragini: But…
Mishti: Don’t say no or else he would be heart broken.
Ragini smiles,
Mishti: What time?
Ragini: I don’t know, maybe at 6
Mishti: 6 in the morning?!
Ragini: No
Mishti: Good.
Ragini: I’m going now
Mishti nods: Thank you for making me food.
Ragini smiles and leaves.

Precap: Aansh gives Ragini the ring.

(Mishti- Tanya Sharma
Aansh- Parth Samthaan
Thank you?)

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