Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 48

The episode begins at the Baadi, Mishti arrives and goes in, Daadi follows on,
Daadi: Come help me in the kitchen
Mishti: Now?
Daadi: Naa, 10 years later!
Mishti: Daadi! I’m tired and after all that, I don’t have the strength to cook.
Daadi: Then whose going to help me? Your…..
Swaragini: We will Daadi.
Mishti: See Daadi, your not alone.
Sumi: Haa Maa, we will help you and she needs rest, she got shot as well.
Daadi nods and Mishti leaves,
Daadi: Where’s Shekhar?
Sumi: Shekhar is gone with Papa to the shop.
Daadi: Okay, now come.
They nod and go with Daadi.

Mishti is sleeping in her room with blanket over her face, Ragini comes in,
Ragini: Mishti?
Mishti (tired): Hmm?
Ragini: Everyone are waiting for you.
Mishti: I will eat later.
Ragini: Quickly before Daadi comes.
Mishti: Hmm, I’ll come in 2 minuets.
Ragini nods and leaves, Mishti takes the blanket off and stretches her arm and pushes her hair back and smiles.

Daadi and everyone are waiting at the table,
Daadi: Where is she?
Ragini: Daadi, she said she’s coming in 2 minuets.
Daadi: What has happened to this girl? How can she change so much?
Swara: Everyone claims Mishti is back, so it means that this is the real her and she hid herself since ages.
Shekhar: I agree with Swara, we don’t know everything about Mishti as we weren’t with her for years.
Sumi: Haa Maa, we don’t know who our real daughter is, there is a lot to find out about her, I wasn’t with her when she needed me and now….
Sumi gets emotional while Shekhar holds her hand,
Shekhar: Not only you, me as well and maybe this is the opportunity to know our daughter and spend the rest of the time with her.
Sumi nods and Mishti comes, she smiles,
Mishti: Did I miss anything?
Daadi: Your still wearing those clothes?
Mishti looks at them,
Mishti: What’s wrong with them?
Daadi glares at her,
Mishti goes up to Daadi and hugs her from behind,
Mishti: Daadi…what else is there? They all are heavy and they prick me.
Daadi: Enough! Sit down and eat.
Daadi looks at Shekhar and he nods, Mishti sits down,
Mishti: What is made?
Daadi thinks: Mishti must have been through a lot and now she needs our support, it’s good that the real her is revealing, now she won’t have anything to hide or endure. It’s true that I like Mishti out of all of them but if I show my love towards her the most then the others will think it’s not fair, so I have to be a bit strict with her.
Mishti looks at Daadi and smiles,
Daadi: Now eat!
Mishti nods and starts eating.

Aansh is in his room, he is having a bath,
Aansh: Ragini, pass the towel….
He remembers that Ragini isn’t here, he thinks that she said she will be back but hasn’t came yet, he comes out and gets changed, he looks at the table and smiles, he remembers Ragini decking up, he suddenly looks at the time and smirks,

Lakshya is sleeping, Aansh comes there and sits beside him,
Aansh: Lucky!
Lakshya doesn’t listen,
Aansh: Lucky!!!
Aansh moves Lakshya and he wakes up,
Lakshya (angry + tired): What?!! Let me sleep!
Aansh: It’s only 9:20pm.
Lakshya: So?
Aansh: We should be partying at this time, I mean you should be!
Lakshya: Yh so?
Aansh: What happened to you?
Lakshya: I’m tired and that’s all.
Aansh stands up, he turns around and smiles,
Aansh (acting sad): It’s okay, I would go Baadi alone then.
Lakshya hears the word Baadi and gets up, Aansh was about to leave,
Lakshya: Stop!
Aansh smirks and then turns looking sad,
Aansh: What
Lakshya: What did you say?
Aansh: It’s 9:20pm
Lakshya: No after that.
Aansh: You should be partying
Lakshya: After that
Aansh: I’ll go Baadi alone then?
Lakshya: Your going Baadi, why?
Aansh: Just
Lakshya: Missing Ragini, huh?
Aansh smiles and Lakshya teases him,
Aansh: I don’t know what your talking about, your the one who got up straight away when I said Baadi, why?
Lakshya goes quiet,
Lakshya: Um…uh….
Aansh: Exactly
Aansh laugh,
Lakshya: I’m not coming with you.
Aansh: Don’t feel bad, I was only joking, you took it serious, come na.
Lakshya: No, I’m not coming, you can take Bhai with you.
Aansh: Not a bad idea.
Aansh is walking towards the door, Lakshya hopes he stops and says come again, Aansh turns around and Lakshya looks all serious,
Aansh: Come Naa!
Lakshya: Since your forcing me, I might as well come.
Aansh laughs and nods his head, Lakshya gets up and smiles,
Aansh: I’m going to ask Sanskaar if he want to come.
Lakshya nods: I’ll come with you.
Aansh nods and they leave.

Ragini comes to Mishtis room, she sees her reading a magazine,
Ragini: Mishti
Mishti looks up,
Ragini: Maa sent Haldi Vala milk for you.
Mishti nods, Ragini places it on the table and Mishti notices Ragins finger,
Mishti: Where’s your ring?
Ragini looks at her confusingly: What ring?
Mishti: Come sit down.
Ragini sits down, Mishti looks at both of her hands,
Ragini: What are you doing?
Mishti: Your ring?
Ragini: What ring?
Mishti: The one that Aansh brought for you.
Ragini: For me? When?
Mishti opens her mouth: So he hasn’t gave it to you yet?
Ragini nods no,
Mishti: That idiot, he told me that he will propose to you and he still hasn’t?
Ragini looks at her,
Ragini: What do you mean?
Mishti: You know when he came to the Baadi, yeah?
Ragini nods,
Mishti: He proposed to me?
Ragini nods,
Mishti: He was practising so that he could propose to you and he showed me the ring he got for you and trust me, it’s adorable.
Ragini looks on,
Ragini: So he didn’t actually propose to you?
Mishti nods no,
Mishti: It was only a practise for you.
Mishti thinks,
Mishti: Don’t tell me you thought that he actually meant it for me?
Ragini looks away,
Mishti: Oh god! There’s nothing between us expect from friendship, no wonder you looked upset that day.

Ragini remembers Aansh telling her that he loves her and she not believing him, Mishti laughs and Ragini looks at her,
Mishti: Buddhu, he loves you!
Ragini: But I’m still upset at him.
Mishti: For marrying you without your permission?
Ragini nods,
Mishti: Don’t forgive him easily, show some tantrums and when he says I love you In front of everyone then forgive him.
Ragini: In front of everyone?
Mishti: Haa, he has to because if he truly loves you, he shouldn’t be afraid and he married you and he has to prove if he’s worthy of you, which I guarantee he is.
Ragini smiles: Your right, I won’t forgive him until he gives me that ring.
Mishti smiles
Mishti: That’s like my sister!
Ragini and her hi-five.

Aansh and Lakshya reach Sanskaars room, they go inside and see Sanskaar sitting and staring in space,
Lakshya: Bhai?
Sanskaar looks at him,
Aansh: We came to ask if you want to come Baadi with us?
Sanskaar gets up: Now? Why?
Aansh: Haa or Naa?
Sanskaar: But….
Lakshya: Bhai, Haa or Naa?
Sanskaar thinks and nods yes,
Aansh: Let’s go then.
They nod and head to downstairs, the were about to go down the stairs when DP stops them, they get shocked,
Lakshya: Here comes…..
Aansh: Kebab mein haddi
Sanskaar looks at them,
DP: Where are you three going?
They turn around,

Aansh: Papa…we…
Lakshya: We are going for a stroll in the park.
DP looks at the time,
DP: Any special reason?
Lakshya: Uh….
Aansh: To get fresh air.
DP looks at Sanskaar and he nods yes.
Aansh: Haa, to get fresh air because we worked to hard
DP: When did you work hard? There’s not a single day that you spent with putting effort in. But why are three of you going?
Lakshya: Papa, I am going out for a walk because…because my legs hurt.
DP: Then you should stay home, if you go out then it will hurt more and then you will start your complaining, you should be taking a rest, that’s what suits you the most!
DP looks at Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: Bade Papa, we are going out to get our minds fresh so that we can concentrate in the tomorrow’s project.
DP thinks,
Aansh: Haa, the project….
DP: Bas! I will come with you three
They all shut up and get shocked
Aansh: But Papa, you?
DP: What’s wrong?
Lakshya: Maa will be alone and she will get worried if she doesn’t find you.
DP thinks, he nods and says Okay go, but be back soon.
Sanskaar nods while Lakshya and Aansh are stunned,
Aansh: What did you say Papa?
Lakshya: I think we heard a no and we assumed a yes.
Aansh nods, DP looks at him,
Sanskaar (quietly): Quickly leave or he will stop us.
Aansh nods and DP leaves.

Precap: Aansh, Lakshya and Sanskaar reach the Baadi, Aansh meets Ragini,

(Mishti – Tanya Sharma
Aansh- Parth Samthaan
Thank you? I’m sorry if you find it boring, I am not feeling a bit well, sorry?

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