Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 47 Mahaepisode, Kya Ragini mehsoos kar payegi Aansh ka pyaar?!

The episode begins with Cezar laughing, Aansh holds his men come in with guns and point it towards all of them, they all get shocked,
Aansh: Who are you and why are you doing this?
Cezar: Did you forget me Neil or shall I say Aansh?!
Aansh thinks,
Cezar: Call Mishtis parents here!
Aansh: Why?
Cezar: Do as I say or else….
Aansh: Or what?

Cezar signals his men and one of the takes Ragini and points the gun at her forehead, AP and Sujata shriek,
Swara: Ragini!
Aansh looks back and is shocked,
Cezar: Would you call them now?
Aansh looks at him angrily and takes his phone out,
Aansh calls Shekhar,
Aansh: Hello, uncle?
Shekhar: Haa?
Aansh: Uncle, can you come here quick.
Shekhar: Why, what’s wrong.
Aansh looks at Cezar: Uncle, please quickly come with Daada Ji, Daadi and Aunty.
Shekhar: But….
Aansh disconnects it.
Aansh: Happy?
Cezar smiles.

Mishti and Lakshya walk out, Mishti walks fast while Lakshya walks slow,
Mishti: Hurry up! Have you worn anklets on your feet?

Lakshya: No!
Mishti: Then walk fast.
Lakshya walks fast, he takes her phone out and gives it to her, she snatches it out of his hand and sees 20 miss calls, she reads the message.
Mishti: Who sent this message?

Lakshya: Me.
Mishti focuses on her phone: Hmm.
Mishti: Shall we go now?
Lakshya: When was I stopping you?
Mishti: Oh please, I don’t want to start an argument with you!
Lakshya fakes a smiles and they start walking.
They find the main road,
Mishti: Thank god
Lakshya: Finally
They go on the main road,
Mishti: Why isn’t there any transports?

Lakshya: I don’t know
Mishti sees a car coming and tries to stop it but it went, Lakshya laughs
Mishti: What?
Lakshya: Is this how you stop a car?
Mishti: Then how do you?
Lakshya: Watch Luckys charm.
Mishti moves back: We will see.

Lakshya sees a Lorry coming, he goes near it and stops it, it stops and Lakshya talks to the driver, Mishti is standing there thinking what Lakshya must be saying, the driver nods and Lakshya waves at Mishti to come, she gets surprised and thinks that this useless managed to get the transport.
Lakshya takes her to the back and they get in and the driver starts driving.

Shekhar, DaadaJi, Daadi and Sumi walk in worried,

Sumi: What happened Aansh beta?
Cezar and his men come out and they get shocked, the men shove DaadaJi and Daadi and Shekhar in and others come out with men’s aiming guns at them.
Shekhar: What is this?
Aansh points and they look and are shocked to see one of the men pointing the gun at Ragini and threatening them.
Cezar: Now I want you to call Mishti.
Aansh: Why?
Cezar: Because I Said!
Aansh glares at him,
Cezar: Fine! I guess that lady over there….
Shekhar: No, he is calling her.
Shekhar nods and Aansh takes his phone out and calls Mishti,

Mishti feels her phone buzzing and picks it up,
Mishti: Hello

Aansh: Hello, Mishti?
Mishti: Yeah.
Aansh: Where are you?
Mishti: I’m just coming back, why?
Aansh: Okay, come to Maheshwari Mansion, quick!
Mishti: Why?
Aansh: Just come quick!
Before Mishti could say anything Aansh cuts the call.
Lakshya: What happened?
Mishti: Aansh called, he told me to come there urgently.
Lakshya: Why?
Mishti: I don’t know, he just said be quick.
Lakshya nods and Mishti starts thinking.

Swara looks at Sanskaar, Sanskaar consoles her and Cezar sees this,
Cezar: What I was thinking was that why don’t we separate men and women?
Inspector: Great Idea!
Cezar: Hai na? Let’s move them then, hey! Move all the ladies there and all the gents there.
His men nod and start separating them, Swara and Sanskaar hold hands but the man forces Swara and pushes her but AP catches her and Sanskaar looks at the man angrily and Swara emotionally.
Aansh looks at Ragini.
Cezar: And leave her too.
The man nods and leaves Ragini, Ragini rushes to Sumi and hugs her, Aansh gets a relief.

Mishti and Lakshya reach,
Driver: Bhai, we reached, quickly or it would be late.
Lakshya: Haa!
Mishti gets up and Lakshya jumps out, he offers his hand to Mishti but she jerks it and jumps off, Lakshya and Mishti walk up to the driver,
Lakshya: Thanks Bhai, if it wasn’t you then….
Driver: No, Madam was important, now quickly take her to the hospital.
Lakshya nods and the driver leaves, Mishti looks at him,
Mishti: What was he saying?

Lakshya: Nothing
Mishti: Tell me!
Lakshya: If I tell you then your going to kill me!
Mishti: Just…..
Lakshya: We are gonna get late, let’s go!
Mishti looks at the state of her clothes,
Mishti: I can’t go like this, look at me, this sleeve is ripped and I look messy, what would they think?
Lakshya: Your not going to a wedding!
Mishti: Still!
Lakshya: Okay let’s go get you some clothes.
Mishti: I don’t have money
Lakshya: I’ll pay!
Mishti: Okay!
Lakshya looks on, he thinks that last time she refused now why!
Lakshya: Let’s go.

Cezar walks around,
Cezar: Where is she??!
Aansh: Why are you getting restless?
DP: Inspector Saab, you too?
Inspector: What’s wrong Mr Maheshwari?
DP: Your a inspector and it’s your duty to help us.
Cezar: He’s not here to help you! He’s here to help me!
DP looks at both of them with disgust.
The Inspector points the gun at DP, all get shocked, AP squeezes Sumis hand,
Inspector: Lower your eyes! And don’t give me that attitude!
Aansh gets tensed, he thinks off something,
Aansh: What are you doing inspector Saab?
Inspector looks at Aansh,
Aansh: I mean that he is always like this, he never smiles and never goes off that face.
DP stares at Aansh
Aansh: Look, he’s staring at me and he will soon stare like this to other people because he does it to everyone.
The inspector looks at DP and nods, he turns around and Aansh lets out a sigh,
Aansh: What you too Papa, why do you want to make her a widow at this age? This time I saved you
but I won’t next time!
Aansh moves a bit away from DP as he is angry.

Mishti angrily enters the shop,
Mishti: Everything is going wrong today, ever since Cezar came.

Lakshya: Go select a dress for your self while I wait here.
Mishti nods and starts looking, Lakshya takes his credit card out and everyone stare and Mishti, she gets annoyed and ignores them. One of the lady laughs at her,
Mishti: What is your problem Aunty?
Lakshya hears her,
Mishti: Is there anything that’s funny? Well I don’t see it and I don’t get why you are laughing like a mad person!
Aunty: Esxuse me?!
Lakshya comes there, he stops Mishti,
Lakshya: I’m sorry Aunty, please she is a bit annoyed because she got hurt, please leave her.
They Aunty angrily leaves, Lakshya turns around,
Lakshya: Have you chose a dress?
Mishti: No!
Lakshya: Okay, then I will choose one.
He looks around and purposely chooses a dress, Mishti without noticing takes it and Lakshya looks on,
Lakshya in his head: She took that dress, wow I thought she will shout at me too.
Mishti comes out wearing a blue scarlet web dress, the short one, Lakshya looks at her and he is stunned. Mishti walks up to him,
Mishti: Was this the only dress you could find out of the whole collection?
Lakshya: You could’ve came out and swapped it.

Mishti: By the time I noticed, it was too late!
Man: Sir bill!
Lakshya pays by his credit card and they leave. Mishti feels her hair,
Mishti: Let’s go to the salon!
Lakshya looks at her,
Lakshya: Why Salon? Aansh called us and asked to come quick, he even sent me a message.
Mishti: I don’t care, he can wait, I need to get my hair straightened!
Mishti sees the salon and goes inside it while Lakshya is dazed,
Lakshya: How did she change in one day?
He nods his head.

Mishti straightens her hair, she thinks she might as well get her makeup done,
Lady: Ma’am, what type of make up?
Mishti: Natural.
Lady nods, then another lady comes,
Lady2: Ma’am, how would you like to pay?

Mishti: By card or cash.
Lady2: What do you mean?
Mishti points at Lakshya,
Mishti: You see that man over there?
The lady nods,
Mishti: He’s going to pay my bill.
Lady2: Okay, thank you Ma’am.
Lady2 was about to leave when Mishti stops her,
Mishti: Do you have any shoes?
Lady2: Yes Ma’am, they are over there.
Mishti: Okay, I would like to buy some.
Lady2: Okay, after your makeup we will show you.
Mishti nods and she leaves.
Lady1: Your so Lucky Ma’am.
Mishti: Why?
Lady1: You got such a loving and caring husband.
Mishti looks at her,
Lady1: Look at him, he’s waiting outside for you and he’s paying too, if it was my husband then he would’ve left.
Mishti looks at him.

Cezar: Where is she, it doesn’t take 10 years to reach here!
Inspector: Are you sure that this boy called her?
Cezar: Do one thing, take all of their mobile phones off them.
Inspector nods and tells the men’s to take them, they start taking their phones off one by one.

Cezar sits down,
Aansh: Why do you want her and who are you?
Cezar: You will only find out after she comes.
Radikha thinks, Cezar laughs and Radikha gets shocked.
Radikha: Cezar?
Cezar looks at her and so do everyone. Cezar smiles,
Aansh: Cezar? Cezar D’suva?
Radikha nods and Aansh looks at him.
Aansh: You?!
DP: You know him?
Aansh: How can I forget him!
Cezar claps: Well done, you managed to remember me, how would you forget anyways?
Aansh: Why are you back?
Cezar: To complete my revenge.
Aansh: She didn’t do anything!
Cezar stands up,

Cezar: She didn’t do anything, huh? You don’t know what she has done.

Lakshya goes inside, he stands at the reception,
Lakshya: How much?
Lady2: 10,000
Lakshya gets shocked,
Lakshya: 10,000? What did she do?
Lady2: She straightened her hair and done her make up and chose the branded shoes.
Lakshya widens his eyes,
He pays by his credit card,
Lady2: Sir, I must say, your wife has a good taste.
Lakshya in his head: Yeah a good taste! She wasted all my money, if Papa finds out then, I’m dead.
Mishti comes out and lady2 gives him the receipt, he goes out and Mishti follows him.
Lakshya: Now what?
Mishti: We go to Aansh.
Lakshya turns around and is memorised to see her,
Mishti: What?
Lakshya nods no,
Lakshya: Let’s go.
Mishti: Yeah and when was I stopping you?

They reach MM, Mishti thinks to tell Aansh about Cezar, they enter and don’t see anyone here,
Lakshya: Are you sure he called you here?
Mishti: Yes, he said to come quick.
Aansh comes out, Mishti sees him,
Cezar comes out and is behind Mishti, Aansh signals her while everyone come out, they are shocked to see Mishti in those clothes.
Mishti thinks: The whole family are here, even Maa and Daadi?!
Cezar presses his gun on her arm, she feels the pain and shrieks,
Cezar: Does it pain?
One of the men push Lakshya and he takes him to the Men’s side.
Cezar: It pained me, more than your feeling right now, where were you?
Cezar presses it more harder on her wound and she falls on the floor, all look at her. He grabs her by her hair.
Shekhar: Leave her!
Mishti: Ah, leave me!
Cezar points the gun at her head,
Cezar: You got saved last time from my bullet but not this time,

Cezar moves her arm and shows everyone her wound and they are shocked, Sumi cries.

Aansh laughs and all look at him,
Cezar: What’s funny?
Aansh: I’m laughing at your stupidity.
Cezar: What do you mean?
Aansh: You and shoot Mishti?
Aansh stops: Impossible, if you think you know her then you actually don’t!
Cezar: I guess you don’t want her to die in front of you, that’s why your saying this!
Aansh: Are you serious? Jaywant, you tell him!
Jaywant: Cezar….
Cezar stops him,
Cezar: Today Mishti will die and no one can save her!
Aansh: Good luck with that!
Cezar point the gun at her head while all the women cry,
Sumi: My Mishu, Anu, please leave her!
AP consoles Sumi,
Swara: Mishti?
All close their eyes and Cezar pulls the trigger.
Cezar: Naa, I won’t kill you so easily, I will torture you first.
All open their eyes and get relieved,
Cezar: Go get some apples!
The servant comes with the apple,
Cezar signals his men to get Ragini, Swara, Sumi and Daadi.

The men drag Sumi, Ragini, Swara and Daadi and they put apples on each of their heads, Sanskaar
looks on, he tries to come forward when he gets pushed,

Cezar: Now shoot at the apple.
Chati: Nahi Bhai, don’t give her the gun.
Cezar: Why?
Chati: Your making a big mistake.
Cezar ignores him and gives the gun to Mishti and she takes.
Cezar: Now shoot, starting from her!
He points at Ragini, Aansh sits down and eats an apple while Ragini looks at him with teary eyes, Lakshya crunches down,
Lakshya: Won’t you save your wife?
Aansh: There’s no need, nothing will happen. And don’t worry come eat apple.
DP looks at Aansh and nods his head,
DP: Over there his wife’s life is in danger and here he is eating an apple! Disgusting!!
Aansh ignores DP.
Cezar: Shoot!
Mishti nods no,
Cezar: If you wouldn’t then I will
Mishti: No.
Mishti points the gun at Ragini.
Chati: Bhai, your gone!
Chati runs and stands behind Mishti while Cezar looks at him.
Chati: Now all of you will die!
All the men throw their guns on the floor and run away and Chati does too while Mishti smirks, Cezar looks on.
Aansh smirks and gets up,
Aansh: Your first mistake was to spare Mishti and your second mistake was to give her the gun and have you forgotten the main rule?
Cezar: What do you mean?
Aansh smiles, Mishti smirks,
Mishti: So everyone, what should you do when the gun is in Mishtis hand?
Radikha and Aansh smirk: Drop your guns and bow or run away!

Cezar remember,
Aansh: How can you forget Cezar?

Cezar gets shocked, he remembers and looks on nervous, Jaywant tries to run when Mishti shoots his leg and all are shocked. Cezar moves away from her and gets his knife out, he goes near Ragini and points it at her, Aansh looks on,
Aansh: Leave her!
Cezar: No, not until I get out from here!
Mishti: Why are you scared?
Cezar doesn’t respond,
Mishti: Unbelievable, Mishti kuch vakt ke liye chup Kya Ho Gaye, sari dunya badmaash ban Gaye! (Mishti went quite for a while and the whole world became bad!)
Cezar presses the knife and Ragini starts bleeding, Aansh is worried, Ragini sees him,
Aansh: Cezar, leave her!
Cezar: First you were sitting and eating apples now what happened?
Aansh: She’s my wife Cezar, leave her!
Cezar: She’s your wife?
Aansh nods and all nod too,
Cezar: Mishtis sister is your wife?
Then it would be awesome to kill her, Bhai ke badle behen!
Aansh: No!
Mishti: Leave her Cezar, you would die both ways, if you want to stay alive then leave her!
Cezar thinks,
Mishti: You didn’t understand? Let me explain, if you kill Ragini and go, it’s obvious that I will shoot you and if you try to kill her then I will still shoot so either ways your dead!
Cezar pushes Ragini and Aansh catches her and hugs her while everyone look, he hugs her tighter while Ragini cries. Moh….moh….plays…..

Cezar tries running when Mishti stops him,
Mishti: Tumhari Bhai ko meine nahi mara Cezar! (I didn’t kill your brother Cezar!)
All look that way expect from Ragansh, they are still hugging,
Ragini thinks: Why did he hug me, why does he care for me even though he doesn’t love me?
Cezar: Then who else did?
Mishti angrily looks at Jaywant,
Mishti: I didn’t kill him, why would I?
Cezar: To take revenge!
Mishti: My mission was to get you and expose you, not your brother!
Cezar: Why did you kill him then?
Mishti (shouts): How many times do I have to tell you that I didn’t kill your brother, it was Jaywant!
Cezar looks at Jaywant while he bows his head down.
Mishti: That night your brother wasn’t killed by me, he was killed by Jaywant!
Mishti tells Cezar what happened, Cezar looks on while Jaywant looks down.
Mishti: He wanted all your money, the money you gave to me to keep it safe for you, he framed me to get that money, do you remember the shoot out before your surrender?
Cezar nods yes,
Mishti: Jaywant done that and he made me seem like a deceiver in front of your eyes, he was the one who throw those cable on your brother, I came later and then you came and thought it was me.
Cezar: Is this true Jay?
Jaywant doesn’t say anything,
Cezar: Jay!!!
Jaywant: What she is saying is true!

Cezar gets angry and snatches the gun of Mishti, he was about to shoot,
Mishti: No Cezar!
Cezar: Why?
Mishti: Your brother is alive!
Cezar drops the gun and looks at her,
Mishti: Yes, your brother is alive
Cezar: Where is he?
Mishti: In Mumbai, soon after you went, he started breathing so we took him to the hospital and he….
Cezar gets happy,
Mishti: Leave all this underworld stuff and live happily with your brother. Live a normal life and you will be happy.

Cezar blesses Mishti and leaves, the police come and take Jaywant, Ragini and Aansh break the hug,
Aansh: Are you okay?
Ragini nods, she thinks that does he truly loves me.
Jaywant glares at Mishti before leaving,
Mishti: Great, everything is sorted out and now we can go?!
AP: Have breakfast and leave.
Mishti: It feels good to be back.
Aansh looks at her: We all missed you Mishti, don’t leave us again.
Mishti: I don’t know how I managed to live without the gun, I am shocked to see my aims are still on point!
Mishti: Seriously yaar, you were living the life of Tara under Mishtis name, it was so boring.
Mishti: Tara isn’t that bad after all, but I guess I’m me and I feel glad that I’m back.
All look on confusingly,
Radikha: When you were all simple, I thought you lost your memory but now I found out why.
Mishti smiles,
Mishti: I didn’t bring Mishti back as I thought that there is no point in living the life like that, Cezar did, but now since I’m back I might as well be me!

Aansh takes Ragini and aids her, Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: Why are you so worried?
Aansh: Because your my wife, if anything happened to you then how will I manage.
Ragini: You have Maa and Chachi to help you.
Aansh: Yeah but who will I fight with and annoy?
Ragini looks at him,

Ragini: So I’m there for you to fight with and annoy?
Aansh: Not only fight with and annoy but to love as well.
He finishes and smiles at her, Ragini looks away, Aansh leaves and she smiles.

Sumi: We will leave
AP: At least have some breakfast.
Sumi: No, we will at home and we will take Ragini and Swara with us.
AP nods and Swara and Ragini come,
Sumi: Shall we go?
Swara and Ragini nod, they take AP and Sujatas blessings,
Aansh: I’ll go with them too.
DP: You have to come to the Office!
Aansh gets sad and thinks: Again, Kebab mein Haddi. Ragini smiles and Lakshya smiles at Mishti, they leave. Mishti stops, she turns around facing Lakshya,
Mishti: Thank you Lakshya, if you weren’t there then I wouldn’t be here too, so thank you.
She smiles and leaves, AP asks Lakshya what happened and he just goes to the dining table.

Precap: Mishti tells Ragini what actually happened that day. Aansh is missing Ragini.

(Mishti- Tanya Sharma
Aansh- Parth Samthaan.
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