Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 46

The Episode begins with Swara waking up, she looks at Sanskaar and smiles, she tries to move when Sanskaar puts his hand over her, she looks at him and he has his eyes clothes.
Swara: I need to go Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: It’s not important.
Swara: Sanskaar, it’s morning, I need to get Ragini as well.
Sanskaar: So?
Swara gets up and Sanskaar holds her hand, he sits up, Swara blushes and jerks her hand and runs to the toilet, Sanskaar smiles and lies back.

Ragini comes out of the bathroom, she sees Aansh sleeping, she sits in front of the mirror and starts wearing the bangles, then she picks the Sindoor and remembers Aansh applying it on her, she wears it along with the Mangalsutra. Aansh opens his eyes and sees Ragini decking up,
Aansh (tired): Why are you decking up so much?
Ragini looks back: What’s it to you?
Aansh: I was just asking!
Aansh yawns,

Ragini: Today is our Mooh dikhaye and pagpehres ritual.
Aansh: Wow, they make you dress like brides?
Ragini finishes applying the earring,
Ragini: Yeah, only for two days.
Aansh: Wearing too much make up wouldn’t make you look young Aunty.
Ragini: What do you mean? At least I’m not fat like you!
Aansh laughs: Fat? Who you?
Ragini: No, I’m not lazy either.
Aansh: Lazy?
Ragini: Look at the time and then you will find out! She goes out.
Aansh sees the time and it’s 8:05am. He rests back and smiles, he thinks that he will win Raginis heart at any cost.

Ragini sees Swara and smiles,
Ragini: Swara?
Swara: I was just came to get you, but it seems like you got up yourself. Is Aansh still sleeping?
Ragini: He just woke up, he’s lying down.
Swara: He’s gone on Sanskaar.
Ragini: After all they are brothers

Both laugh,
Swara: Let’s quickly go before he hears us.
Ragini nods and they leave.

The scene shifts to Lakshya and Mishti, Mishti is hugging Lakshya while he is sleeping, she feels him and opens her eye, she is shocked to see Lakshya, she gets up and looks around, she feels the pain on her arm and looks at her clothes,
Mishti: Why am I wearing this?
She looks at Lakshya and sees him shirtless, she gets angry,
Mishti (shouts): Lakshya!!!!!!!!!
He wakes up in a shocks,
Lakshya: What happened?
Mishti glares at him and stands up,
Mishti: What is this?
Lakshya: What is what?
Mishti points at the vest,

Lakshya: It’s a vest.
Mishti (annoyed): Who’s vest?
Lakshya (tired): Mine.
Mishti: Yours?
Lakshya nods, Mishti looks around and sees a iron rod, she picks it up, Lakshya looks at her nervously,
Mishti: Your vest?
Lakshya: Listen…Mishti…
Mishti walks up to him while Lakshya gets up, he starts running and Mishti chases him,
Lakshya (shouts): Mishti, let me explain.
Mishti: What explain, how dare you touch me?!
Mishti stops as she gets tired, Lakshya jerks the iron rod off her hand and she looks at him angrily.

Lakshya: I had no other choice, your clothes were pricking me!
Mishti: Why did you take it off in the first place?!
Lakshya: Because….
Mishti: If you done anything and I mean anything wrong to me then you watch Mr Lakshya Maheshwari!
Lakshya looks around and picks his phone up quickly, he rings the Dr.
Mishti: What are you foing now?
Lakshya: Hello? Please tell her everything.
Lakshya gives the phone to Mishti.
Mishti: Wow, now your getting someone to save you? I’m not talking!
Mishti looks away and folds her arm.
Lakshya puts the phone on speaker.
Lakshya: Hello Dr?
Dr: Hello, how is she?

Lakshya: She’s fine now.
Dr: Oh okay, it’s good you took my advise of sleeping with her.
Mishti gets shocked and Lakshya looks on,
Mishti: What do you mean?
Lakshya in his head: The Dr had to say this, now she is going to kill me by the looks off it.
Lakshya: No….
Mishti (Angry): So it was you Dr, may I know why?
Dr: To save you.
Mishti (Rudely): What do you mean, huh? By sleeping with someone you save their life’s?
Dr: No listen to me, it was just to keep you warm.
The Dr tells everything to Mishti and Lakshya nods.

Lakshya disconnects the phone,
Mishti: If you took advantage of that situation then you are dead Lakshya!
Lakshya thinks: What happened to her, from quite and simple, she became violent?!
Mishti was about to leave when Lakshya stops her,
Lakshya: Would you go out like that?
Mishti realises: No! I was going to get changed!
She turns around and bites her tongue.

Ragini and Swara are cooking in the Kitchen, Sujata walks in and sees them, AP is standing near the sink,
Sujata: I think my time of relaxation came, JiJi, you should too as we got our Bahus in the house to do the work.
Swara and Ragini smile,
AP: I agree with you Sujata but we need to teach them everything before.
Sujata: True JiJi, anyways I will go outside to set out the table, AP nods and Sujata leaves.
Ragini: I’m done making the kheer.
AP: Good, you can go help you Chachi Maa if you want.
Ragini nods and goes out to help Sujata.
Ragini reaches the table,
Ragini: Do you need any help?
Sujata: No, I’m done anyways.

Ragini nods, she sees one plate missing,
Ragini: But there is one plate missing.
Sujata: I know, it’s Aansh’s plate, he doesn’t like to have food from the table, we have to specially make his food seperate from others and put it on his plate and give it.
Ragini: Why is that?
Sujata: Because he has different taste from others, JiJi must’ve prepared his food.
Ragini thinks and Sujata leaves, Aansh comes there and sees Ragini, he walks up to her. Aansh snaps her out.

Aansh: What happened?
Ragini: Nothing.
Ragini tries to leave when Aansh holds her hand, she looks at him,
Ragini: What are you doing Aansh, someone might come.
Aansh comes close and smiles while holding her hand, DP comes there, he is talking on the phone, he sees Ragini and Aansh,
DP: I will call you later.

DP cuts the phone and stares at them, Ragini looks around worried and sees DP, she gets shocked.
Ragini (worried): Aansh, Papa Ji is…..
Aansh: What Papa? Yaa don’t say his name and ruin the whole fun!
Ragini looks at him, she nods no,
Aansh: What no? I’m telling the truth!
DP: Aansh!!!
Aansh shockingly looks back.
Aansh in his head: Ab toh Gaya, aa Gaye nazar lagane ke liye, Kebab mein Haddi! (I’m gone now, he came to evil eye us, A bone in the kebab!?)
Aansh: Papa, I….
Sujata and AP come out with the food, Aansh lets out a sigh and sits at his place.
DP: Annapurna, where is Lakshya?
AP: Ji, I don’t know, he was missing since yesterday.
DP: What? And your telling me now?
AP: Ji I thought it will ruin the ceremony.

DP: Don’t worry Annapurna, he will come back, he might be around his friends house.
AP nods and Sujata thinks: He was getting worried and he told JiJi not to, Bhaisa bhi na.

Cezar enters Maheshwari Mansion with a police officer, RP sees them,
RP: Inspector Saab? Is everything okay?
DP hears RP and looks back, he is shocked to see the inspector, all rush there, Radikha comes down with Uttra,
Inspector: Is Mr Aansh Maheshwari here?
Aadarsh, Parineeta and Arnav come down.
Aansh comes forward and says yes?
Cezar smirks and comes forward.
Cezar: So you Mr Aansh Maheshwari?
Aansh nods and Cezar punches him, everyone are shocked.
Aansh looks up at him.

Precap: Mishti enter MM and all are shocked to see her.

(Mishti- Tanya Sharma
Aansh- Parth Samthaan)
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