Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 45

(Sorry for not telling you all before but my friend told me that Tanya Sharma would suit the role of Mishti more so she said change it and I did, I hope you all like Tanya Sharma, so therefore Mishti is now Tanya Sharma??)

The episode begins with Lakshya and Mishti looking on shocked while Cezar laughs,
Cezar: You can never escape from my wrath, whatever you did to me and my brother was wrong and I will take revenge!
Lakshya looks at her,
Cezar: Who is this?
Mishti: Leave him and take me,
Cezar: Oh, love affair? Then it would be fun killing him to see your pain. Where’s Neil?
Mishti gets shocked, she gets relieved as he doesn’t know Neil’s real name is Aansh.
Mishti: You wanted me, so take me and leave him!
Lakshya: No, I….

Mishti: No Lakshya, leave!
Lakshya and Mishti stand up,
Lakshya: I’m not leaving you in trouble, if we have to die, we will die together!
Mishti looks at him and Cezar claps,
Cezar: Don’t show too much concern, if you want your safety then leave!
Lakshya: I am her friend and I will not leave her and go!
Cezar: Fine, get prepared to die.
Cezar points the gun at Lakshya, Cezar pulls the trigger and Lakshya is shocked as Mishti comes in the way and she is shot.

Aansh and Ragini take everyone’s blessing, Sumi bids both Swara and Ragini, Sumi cries while Shekhar pacifies her. Aansh smiles, Swasan and Ragansh sit in the car and leave,
Daadi: Where’s Mishti?
Sumi: She must be here Maa.
Daadi: What kind of Mother are you? You don’t even know where your daughter is!
Sumi: Maa…
Daadi: Leave it, I’ll find out my self.

Mishti falls into Lakshyas arms, the police siren goes off and Cezars men are shocked, Cezar turns around and sees his men running and he tells them to stop, Cezar looks back and doesn’t find Lakshya and Mishti, he looks everywhere and walks away.

Lakshya is carrying Mishti and he finds a farm and goes there, he places Mishti down and calls the Dr,
Lakshya: Hello, Dr?
Dr: Yes?
Lakshya: Dr, Mishti is shot and I don’t know what to do.
Dr: Can you bring her to the hospital?
Lakshya: I can’t, if we were near then I would’ve but we are a bit out from the city.
Dr: Okay, where is she shot?
Lakshya: Right Arm.
Dr: Okay, is there any tools?
Lakshya looks around, he puts the phone on speaker and places it near Mishti, he finds some scissors,
Lakshya: I only found some scissors.
Dr: That will do, now get her right arm and be quick please.
Lakshya rips her sleeves of her right arm and starts taking the bullet out.

Aansh and Ragini and Swara and Sanskaar reach Maheshwari Mansion, AP is standing at the door for the Aarti, Sujata finishes Raginis side,
Sujata: I’m finished but where are they?
They enter, AP smiles and does Swara and Sanskaars Aarti first, Swara lifts a bit of her ghunghat so that AP could apply the Tikka.
Swara does her Gharpravesh while AP does Raginis Aarti, now Ragini does her Gharpravesh.

Radikha and Uttra take Swara and Ragini, Aansh looks upset, Sujata notices and smiles,
Sujata: Don’t worry Aansh, you will soon be next to your wife.
AP smiles and Aansh scratches his head, Sanskaar is thinking about Swara.

Lakshya manages to take out the bullet,
Dr: Is she bleeding a lot?
Lakshya: Not much
Dr: Wipe it and tighten or bandage it. Call me if there is any problem, I need to go now.
Lakshya nods, Mishti opens a bit of her eyes, Lakshya gets her scarf, he wipes the blood with her sleeves and sees Mishti,
Mishti: Get….get some….
Lakshya: Mishti rest, I’ll do it.
Mishti looks around while shivering and she finds something, she reaches for it and gives it to Lakshya,
Mishti: U…use this a..and stitch…ch it.
Lakshya: But you will feel pain.
Mishti: Just do…do it!
Lakshya takes it and starts stitching her wound.

Aansh enters his room and sees Ragini sitting on the bed, he closes the door and Ragini looks at him, she stands up, he goes near her, he touches her but she moves away, he grabs her hand and makes her sit in front of the mirror, Ragini looks at him while Moh….Moh….ke….dhage….plays….
He looks at Ragini through the mirror and smiles,
Aansh starts taking her earrings off and her necklace, he then picks her up and walks towards the bed.

Aansh bumps his head and comes out of the imagination, he looks around and finds him self in the corridor, he touches his head and calls himself stupid. He walks to his room, Radikha and Uttra come out,
Radikha: We are not letting you enter until you give us our presents!
Aansh: What present?
Uttra: I will go to Sanskaar Bhai’s room, so that I can get out gift from him
Radikha nods and Uttra leaves, Aansh checks his wallet, he takes some money out and Radikha snatches it and smiles,
Aansh: Not all of it!
Radikha: Sorry!
Radikha walks away while Aansh looks on,
Aansh thinking: Why should I spoil my mood because of her.

Radikha walks up to Uttra and sees Sanskaar giving all the money to Uttra, Radikha thinks: I had to forcefully get all the money and he is giving it happily.
Uttra: Thanks Bhai
Sanskaar nods and Uttra leaves with Radikha.
Sanskaar enters the room and sees his bride sitting, Swara smiles and blushes.
Sanskaar takes his turban off and puts it on the chair, he walks towards Swara and sits next to her,
Sanskaar: I know we are married but there is one truth that I wish to tell you.
Swara: What?
Sanskaar thinks: She sounds like Swara, why am I remembering Swara?
Sanskaar: That I….
The wind blows and Sanskaar stands up, he walks up to shut the window, he turns around and Swara picks her ghunghat up and he sees Swara and is shocked.

Lakshya finishes stitching, Mishti shivers, Lakshya goes out to get some sticks, he comes back, he places the sticks near her and lights it up, he rubs her hands, Mishti is still shivering, Mishti closes her eyes and Lakshya gets worried, he calls the Dr.
Dr: Is she better?
Lakshya: Dr, she’s shivering.
Dr: What?!
Lakshya: What happened Dr?
Dr: You need to keep her warm or else it would be dangerous for her health.
Lakshya: What should I do Dr?
Dr: Have you placed the fire near her?
Lakshya: Yes
Dr: Okay, Is she awake or….
Lakshya: She closed her eyes.
Dr: Is she still shivering?
Lakshya: Yes
Dr: Oh no!
Lakshya: What happened?
Dr: Her temperatures going low, you need to keep her warm.
Lakshya: How?
Dr: You can use your body temperature, I hope you know where I’m coming from?…
Lakshya: But….
Dr: That’s the only way to keep her warm.
The Dr disconnects the phone and Lakshya thinks.

Aansh enters the room, Ragini is standing near the window looking outside,
Ragini looks back and sees Aansh, Aansh walks towards her, Ragini remembers Aansh proposing to Mishti and then remembers him forcefully marrying her,
Ragini turns to the window,
Ragini: Our Marriage happened all of a sudden that I didn’t get time to think,
Aansh stops,
Ragini (lies): I loved someone else.
Aansh gets shocked,
Aansh: I understand where you are coming from, so you need time?
Ragini nods
Aansh: Just take as much time as you want, I will be waiting for you and you don’t have to force your-self.
Ragini: You don’t need to force yourself in this Marriage too. This marriage was a compromise.
Aansh: What do you mean?
Ragini: I know you love someone else.
Aansh thinks,
Ragini: I saw you proposing to Mishti.
Aansh remembers,
Aansh: No that was….
Ragini: It’s okay, I understand.
Aansh: But..
Ragini: No need!
Aansh: Fine, your choice.
Ragini goes to get changed, Aansh takes his clothes out and gets changed. Ragini comes out, she sees Aansh,
Ragini: What is this Aansh?
Aansh puts his shirt on and looks at her,
Aansh: What is what?

Ragini turns around and sees Aansh,
Aansh: Why are you looking angry?
Ragini: Nothing!
Aansh: You even sound angry.

Ragini: I said nothing!
Aansh comes forward.
Aansh: I’m not letting you go until you tell me.
Ragini tries to leave when Aansh puts his arm forward, Ragini tries to leave the other way but Aansh blocks it,
Aansh: Tell me or your not going.
Ragini: Move out of the way Aansh!
Aansh: No.
Ragini (Angrily): What is your problem Aansh? I’m not a toy that you use whenever you like and throw it whenever you want! First you played with my feelings and then left it and now you did what you thought was right, it wasn’t Aansh, this choice of yours ruined my life!
Aansh looks at her,
Ragini: You used me and then discarded me and now you married me, I’m not your toy or your thing that you use for fun Aansh, I’m a human and I have feelings too!
Aansh: When did I use your or….
Ragini: Why did you marry me? Did you ask me if I wanted to or not?
Aansh: But I thought….
Ragini: What did you think Aansh? Obviously everything has to be about YOU! YOUR feelings and YOUR desicions, no one else’s desicions matter to you don’t they?
Aansh: Your misunderstanding me Ragini. You need time, take your time to accept me, till then I will be waiting!

Ragini: No need for your fake concerns Aansh!
Aansh gets angry and throws the glass on the table and goes out.

Sanskaar sees Swara, he walks up to her,
Sanskaar: Swara?
Swara nods and looks at him, Sanskaar angrily turns around,
Swara: What happened Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Why didn’t you tell me that your marrying me?
Swara: Sanskaar, I was….
Sanskaar: What I was? You don’t know how much you hurt me.
Swara: Sanskaar?
Swara stands up,
Swara: I’m sorry Sanskaar, I thought you will get happy to see me, Lakshya said to keep it a secret so that you can get a surprise shock.
Sanskaar looks at her: I can believe Lucky can do this but you Swara?
Swara looks at him, she holds her ears and apologises, Sanskaar looks at her, She comes in front of him, Sanskaar smiles and hugs her, he picks her up in his arm and takes her to the bed, they Consummate.

Aansh comes back in the room and sees Ragini sleeping, he shuts the door and Ragini opens her eyes, he looks at her,
Aansh comes on the bed,
Ragini: What are you doing?
Aansh: Going to sleep.
Ragini: Here?
Aansh: Naa, I’m going to sleep in the hall!
Ragini looks at him,
Aansh: Obviously, I will sleep in my bed.
Ragini: You can go sleep somewhere else,
Aansh: Wow now your kicking me out of my bed!
Ragini: At least I’m not kicking you out of the room!
Aansh: Why should I sleep on the floor?
Ragini: Because I’m sleeping on the bed.
Aansh: This is my room and my bed, so you go sleep on the floor!
Ragini: Excuse me?

Aansh: Excused!
He lies down,
Ragini: Hello, you can’t do this!
Aansh: Too bad, I did!
Ragini looks at him angrily.
Aansh: If you have a problem then go sleep on the floor!
Ragini: No
Aansh: Fine! I’m not moving though!
Ragini: Unbelievable!
Aansh: Aunty, go to sleep, your disturbing mine and I don’t want to look old like you!
Ragini: You….
Aansh pulls the blanket over his face, Ragini walks to the wardrobe and takes a blanket out, she goes to the bed and puts two pillows in between and goes to sleep.

Precap: Mishti slaps Lakshya, Cezar enters Maheshwari Mansion.

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