Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 44

The episode begins with DP slapping Aansh, everyone looks at him,
DP: What is this Aansh?!
Aansh: Papa…I….
Daadi: How could you do this?!
Aansh: I….
Sumi: I didn’t accept this from you.
Everyone shout and start talking about it, DP looks on angrily and ashamed.
Mishti gets a call and she goes out side to attend it, Lakshya sees her and follows.

Mishti: Hello?
Man: Finally, after one year of searching.
Mishti: Who is this?
Man: Look forward and you will see.
He cuts the phone and Mishti looks up, she is shocked to see him,

Cezar gets his gun out and Mishti hides, Mishti thinks what to do, she can’t ruin Ragini and Aanshs wedding, so she runs and Cezar and his men follow her, Lakshya comes out and sees Mishti running and some people following her, Cesar shoots but Mishti misses the bullets and hides behind the tree.

In the Mandir, DP looks at everyone,
DP: Today you have put my head down in shame Aansh!!
Aansh looks at him,
DP: I have decided that we will get Ragini and Aansh married in the Mandir as we have Pandit Ji here.
Daadi: I agree with DurgaPrasad Ji, we have no other option!
DP: Pandit Ji, make some arrangements please.
The Pandit nods and goes forward to make arrangements for the wedding.

Mishti is hiding,
Cezar: Tara…ops, sorry Mishti, come out!!
Mishti thinks: He found out my real name too, it’s not good.
Cezar: Don’t think you will escape today because no one can escape from Cezars trap!
He laughs.
Mishti moves to the other tree and Cezar sees her shadow, he stops his men and goes near the tree, he looks but doesn’t find her, she runs down the road,
Man: Bhai, she’s there!
Cezar sees her running and shoots, he signals his men and follows her.
Mishti trips and falls, she looks up and sees Cezar pointing a gun at her and laughing,
Cezar: What did you think that I wouldn’t find you?
Mishti tries to move when he steps on her dress.
Mishti stares at him: I’m not afraid of death now and I wasn’t then!
Cezar looks at her, he forwards his gun and Mishti closes her eyes, he was about to shoot her when Lakshya comes and nudges the gun off Cezars hand.

Aansh and Ragini are sitting in the Mandap, the pandit is reading the Mantras and Ragini is thinking about Mishti, she looks around and doesn’t find her and thinks that Mishti couldn’t see her love going away, Aansh is happy and he is thinking that finally he gained her.
Pandit: Please can you call the brides parents for the Kanyadaan?
Sumi and Shekhar go forward and start doing the rituals, then the pandit reads some mantras, Sumi and Shekhar leave,

Mishti looks at Lakshya and he looks at her, Cezar looks at both of them, Lakshya pushes Cezar and makes Mishti stand up and they both start running while the men shoot.
Lakshya: Who are these people?
Mishti: I’ll tell you later, first run.
Lakshya nods and they run.
Lakshya sees a hut, Mishti nods no and they run past it.
Lakshya: There was a hut there!
Mishti: If we saw it then these lot will too, so it’s not safe.

Pandit: Can you stand up for the pehres. Ragini and Aansh stand up, Aansh starts the pehres, Ragini looks outside, everyone start throwing flowers on them,
AP: Today we got both of our sons married.
Sujata: Yes JiJi, I really wanted to choose Aanshs bride but Ragini…., she’s okay too.
AP: We are bringing two lakshmis in our house.
Sujata smiles and nods,
DP: Today Aansh disgraced me!
Sujata: What Bhaisa, you also wanted this right? So what’s the problem now?
DP looks at Sujata,
Sujata: No Bhaisa….
RP: Sujata!
Sujata thinks that they always stop her. She ignores them and starts throwing flowers.

They finish the pehres,
AP: Where’s Lakshya?
Sujata: He must be here somewhere JiJi.
Aansh applies the Sindoor and then the Mangalsutra and Ragini closes her eyes,
Pandit: The wedding is completed, everyone clap and smiles,
RP: Don’t worry Bhabhi, I’ll call him.
AP nods and RP goes out,

Mishti and Lakshya stop, she looks around and sees a car, they hide behind it,
Lakshya: Is this the only place you found?
Mishti: It’s better than your Hut!
Lakshya: My hut was safer!
Mishti: As if…
She sees Cezar and puts her hand on Lakshyas mouth and looks out, Lakshya looks at her and jeena…..jeena…..tune…..plays……
Cezar: They are not here, let’s go!
Lakshyas phone rings and Mishti looks at him worryingly,
Cezar stops and Lakshya quickly takes his phone out, Cezar smiles and walks towards the car,
Mishti: Quick!
Lakshya switches his phone out and they get shocked to see Cezar.

Precap: Ragansh consummate their marriage and Swasan do too. Mishti is shot and Lakshya has no option to…..

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  1. Can I know who plays the role of ansh and misti

    1. Aansh-Parth Samthaan
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