Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 43

The episode begins in the Baadi, Ragini and Swara are sitting in their room,
Ragini: Your leaving us tomorrow?
Swara: I don’t want to leave all of you.
Sumi comes in with Swaras jewellery and Bridal Lengha, Sumi looks at Swara and gets teary eyed,
Swara: Maa…
Sumi hugs Swara and Ragini looks on emotional, Tears fall out of Swaras eyes,
Ragini: You two will make this whole house cry!
Sumi hugs Ragini too, Mishti comes in,
Mishti: All of you are crying and you made the bride cry too, first Daadu and Papa are crying, Dida is crying and Daadi is upset and now here all three of you are crying!
Sumi: You won’t get it
Mishti: I know, I won’t get what goes through a mother.
Sumi looks at her,
Mishti: Now go to sleep or you will make me emotional too.
They nod and Mishti leaves and tears fall out of her eyes, Sumi touches Swara and leaves.

Morning in MM:
AP: Sujata quick, the wedding is at 2:00pm today, we need to reach the venue and get everyone else dressed.
Sujata: Haa JiJi, half of them aren’t even awake!
DP comes down wearing a dark blue sherwani and RP is wearing light green, Aansh comes down wearing Maroon and Lakshya baby blue.
Sujata: Look, all the men are ready, what about Uttra and Radikha?
Uttra comes and says: I’m here Maa,
Sujata turns around and sees Uttra wearing light green and yellow Lengha, Radikha comes out wearing orange and pink ghaghra choli.
AP: The girls are ready too.

Aansh: Your looking hot Chachi Maa.
Sujata gets shy: Ke tum bhi Aansh.
DP looks at Aansh,
DP: Your presentation was good, we cracked the deal.
Aansh: My one?
Aadarsh comes down wearing a silver sherwani and Arnav is wearing a light red one.
Aadarsh: Haa, the one you made yesterday!
Lakshya: I don’t believe that, Papa are you sure it was Aansh?
DP looks at him,
Lakshya: I mean, well done Aansh!
Aansh: Thank you Lucky.
AP: Where’s Sanskaar?
Sanskaar comes down and he is wearing cream sherwani with diamond fillings,
Sujata: There is my son, looking handsome.
DP: Are we ready?
Lakshya: What’s the time?
DP checks his watch and sees the time as 1:26pm
DP: It’s 1:26pm
Lakshya: Then we better get going.
Sujata walks up to Sanskaar and ties the Sehra on him.
Sujata: Let’s go.
They all leave.

At the Venue:
Mishti is applying jewellery on Swara and Ragini puts her ghunghat down,
Swara: Why are you already covering me with it?
Ragini: So that you can get used to it at the Mandap.
Mishti finishes: Ragini is telling the truth, it’s better if you get used to it before.
Sumi comes in: The Baarat might be coming, are you ready?
Mishti and Ragini move and Sumi sees Swara and gets emotional.
Sumi: I’ll be downstairs and when you need me, call me.
They nod and Sumi leaves.

The Baarat arrives and Daadi stands at the door with the Aarti,
Sumi: Maa, if he sees you then he would know that it’s Swara.
Daadi: Nothing’s going to happen!
Sumi: But Maa…..
Daadi pulls down her ghunghat,
Daadi: Is it okay now?
Sumi smiles and nods, she then goes behind the crowd.

Sanskaar comes in with the family, Daadi does his Aarti and allows them to come in and they enter.
Sanskaar sat in the Mandap while the pandit reads the mantras,
Pandit: Call the bride please.
Daadi nods and gets Shouts to get the bride, Mishti and Ragini bring her and they reach the Mandap and place her down.

Aansh sees Ragini and Ragini ignores him, the pandit asks for the brides parents to do her Kanyadaan, Shekhar and Sumi come forward worried while Sanskaar is facing the other way, they quickly finish and go and Sanskaar looks there but sees them leaving and looks down.
Pandit: Can we have the grooms sister to tie the ghatbandhan?
Uttra comes forward and ties it.

Aansh walks up to Ragini and takes her to a corner,
Ragini: What is this Aansh?
Aansh: Why are you ignoring me?
Ragini: It’s none of your business!
Aansh: It is, why are you not talking to me?
Ragini: Let me go!
Aansh: No!
Ragini: Why?
Aansh: Do you love me?
Ragini turns and tries hard not to cry,
Ragini: No
Aansh: Then say it while looking into my eyes.
Ragini: Aansh please, I need to go!
Ragini tries to leave when Aansh stops her.
Ragini looks up and sees Sanskaar putting Mangalsutra on Swara and everyone clap,
Aansh: But I do.
Ragini: You don’t and never will
Aansh: I will always,
Ragini: But you….
He grabs her arm and takes her, Ragini looks around and everyone stare,
Ragini: Aansh leave me!
All look at them and DP looks on angry,
AP: What’s going on?
Aansh takes her outside and everyone follow on, including the Pandit.

Aansh is dragging Ragini down the road and everyone are following behind them, telling him to stop,
Ragini: What misbehaving act is this Aansh?
Aansh doesn’t say anything, they reach the temple, Aansh takes his shoes off and Ragini does too, he drags her inside, he makes her stand in the temple near the idol,
DP and everyone enter and look at them,
Aansh: You want proof, right?
Ragini looks at him,
Aansh: I will give you proof!
He picks the Sindoor up from the plate and looks at Ragini, Moh….Moh….ke….dhage….tune….plays….
DP looks at him angrily and he puts sindoor in her hairline and everyone are shocked, Ragini is stunned.
DP comes forward and slaps him.

Precap: Everyone shout at Aansh and DP decides to get them two married in the Mandir.

(I’m sooo Sorry for the late update, I was going to make it Valentines Special so that’s why I was waiting but my internet didn’t work properly so I didn’t get time, sorry??)

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