Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 42

The episode starts with all of them finishing shopping,
Daadi: Okay, we will leave.
AP: Shall we drop you?
Daadi: No it’s okay.
Sujata: Are you sure?
Daadi: Haa.
Mishti walks up to Lakshya,
Mishti: Thanks
Lakshya: What?
Mishti: You need hearing aids!
Lakshya: No problem.
Mishti glares at him.
Lakshya: Why don’t you like me?
Mishti: Your annoying!
Lakshya: Your gone on your Daadi!
Mishti: What?
Lakshya: Your Daadi’s Karoos, mean and….
Mishti: Dare to say anything against my Daadi then watch Mr Lakshya Maheshwari!
Lakshya: What you gunna do? Ooo I’m so scared
Lakshya laughs, Mishti punches him on the arm and he shouts, all look at him.
Mishti: You want more?
Lakshya: What the hell?
Mishti: I’ll do worser if I hear a single word!
Lakshya angrily stares and her and she fake smiles and leaves.

In the office:
Aansh makes a presentation and gives it to Arnav, Aansh then leaves and everyone else go to the meeting room,
DP: Who made this presentation?
Aadarsh: Aansh did.
DP: What?
Arnav: Yes Papa.
DP: Then we will definitely loose this contract and the Khannas will win it.
Arnav: But Papa…
A man comes out: DurgaPrasad Maheshwari, it’s your turn.
DP nods and goes in with Arnav and Aadarsh and looks on angry.

Aansh reaches the Baadi, he takes the ring out and smiles, he walks in and sees people decorating the Baadi from inside, he sees Mishti walking past.
Aansh: Mishti!
Mishti looks at him,
Mishti: What are you doing here?
Aansh bends down in his knees and Ragini comes,
Aansh: I love you, when I saw you for the first time, I couldn’t stop myself, your the light to my darkness, you came and stole my heart along with my sleep, so…. will you marry me?
Ragini is shocked and tears fall out of her eyes, Mishti is shocked, Ragini runs while crying,
Mishti: No!
Aansh looks at her and stands up.
Mishti: Mr Aansh Maheshwari, try a little harder with some style, Ragini isn’t easily coming to you, you need to try harder!
Mishti smiles,
Aansh: What else should I do? And weren’t you surprised when I said it to you?
Mishti: I know you Aansh, now go!!
She pushes Aansh, he looks back and she says terrace.

Ragini runs to her house and stops, she sees Sumi and Daadi talking,
Daadi: It’s final and I have talked to the boys family and they don’t mind and we are getting Ragini married on Sunday and the pandit said no as well.
Sumi: But Maa….
Daadi: Bas! They are aging and they will fall out of our hands, it’s better to send them quickly as possible, after Swaras marriage, we will get Ragini married to….Raghav
Ragini is shocked and she runs to the terrace,
Sumi: What?
Daadi: Did you invite Raghav to Swara marriage?
Sumi: No
Daadi: I will then
Sumi: Have you talked to Annu?
Daadi: I talked to Annapurna, Sujata and DurgaPrasad Ji.
Sumi nods.
Daadi: Go do some preparation for Swaras marriage, we will get Ragini married on 14th February 2016 with Aansh.
Sumi nods and leaves, Daadi smiles.

Ragini is crying in the terraces, Aansh comes there, Ragini senses him and wipes her tears, she looks back and sees Aansh, he smiles, he walks up to her,

Aansh: Ragini, I need to say something to you.
Ragini: I’m getting married Aansh.
Aansh is shocked, Ragini smiles and tries hard not to cry.
Ragini: On Sunday it’s my wedding.
Aansh looks on, she runs out smiling but breaks down after she comes out, Aansh breaks down and falls on the floor, he remembers Ragini and all their moments.
Moh…Moh….ke…..dhage….sad….tune….plays…. while both Aansh and Ragini cry, Aansh thinks that why it always happens to him and Ragini thinks: I love you Aansh but you love Mishti.

Mishti comes to Ragini and wipes her tears,
Mishti: What happened Ragini?
Ragini: Nothing
Ragini goes to her room.
Mishti thinks: What must’ve happened?

Maheshwari House:
Aansh enters upset,
AP: Where’s Arnav?
Aansh walks upstairs,
Adarsh and Arnav enter, then RP and DP enter.
DP: Where’s Aansh?
Sujata: Bhaisa, he went upstairs.
DP: Okay
Sujata: But he was a little upset.
DP: I will talk to him in the evening.
AP and Sujata nod.

Aansh is in his room, he takes his ring out and remembers Ragini, Lakshya enters and Aansh hides the ring,
Lakshya: What the hell is Mishtis problem?
Aansh: What happened?
Lakahya: She punched me
Aansh: I’m sure you got a bruise
Lakshya rolls up his sleeves and sees a bruise.
Lakshya: She punches hard!
Aansh: Don’t go on her looks, she’s not actually like that. Have you met the real Mishti?
Lakshya: What do you mean?
Aansh: She’s behaving like the typical Tara, the real Mishti is….
Lakshya: What?
Aansh: You have to see yourself!
Lakshya: But….
Aansh: I will show you after tomorrow.
Lakshya: After tomorrow?
Aansh: Yh, it’s Swara and Sanskaars Marriage, then the real MISHTI, not Tara would be revealed, till then wait!
Lakshya thinks and Aansh remembers Ragini and her saying she is getting married

Precap: Swasan Marriage

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