Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 41

The episode starts with DP, Aansh, RP, Aadarsh and Arnav reach the office,
Aansh: What do I have to do?
DP: For now come with me, then I will send you to Aadarsh.
Arnav whispers to Aansh: Good luck!
Aansh thinks,
DP: Follow me!
Aansh: Ji.

Lakshya, AP and Sujata come out of the car, Radikha gets out too,
Lakshya: How long are you lot going to take?
Sujata: We will be quick, this time stay!
Lakshya: You take ages.
AP: If you don’t want to come then stay here.
Lakshya nods: Okay Maa.
AP sees Sumi and waves, AP, Sujata and Radikha walk up to them, Lakshya looks up and sees Mishti,
Lakshya: Maa, I will come too.
Sujata turns: First you were throwing fits and now what?
Lakshya: Chachi, I thought to help you
Radikha: When did you go so generous?
Lakshya: Right now, now shall we go?
Radikha nods.

Mishti: I told you Ragini, I didn’t want to come.
Ragini: But it wouldn’t be fun, I had to do it.
Mishti: You told Daadi and she forced me, you told Baba as well and you knew I don’t like to disobey my Baba!
They laugh,
Swara: Why you laughing?
Mishti: Nothing.
Mishti sees Lakshya and her smile disappears.

DP enters his Cabin with Aansh, DP tells Aansh to sit down and Aansh sits,
DP: I will tell you some rule and regulations that have to be expected from all the staff.
Aansh in his head: Isse Acha hai ki mein Ragini ke saath hota, Tabhi toh Arnav good luck keh raha tha, ab lecture shuru hoga! (It would’ve been better if I was with Ragini, no wonder Arnav was saying good luck, now the lecture will start!
DP starts teaching Aansh and Aansh looks on board, he looks at the window and sees Ragini walking past and looking at him, he smiles and gets up,
DP: What happened?
Aansh: Nothing Papa, I was making my self comfortable.
DP angrily nods his head.
Aansh sits down, he looks at the board while DP speaks, he sees Ragini next to him and smiles,

DP: So what did you learn Aansh?
Aansh doesn’t respond,
DP: Aansh!!
Aansh looks at him with shock and looks back, he doesn’t see Ragini.
Aansh: Uh…vo….
DP gets Angry: Aansh!! Disgusting, I was a fool that wasted my time to teach you the rules and regulations, thinking you would respect them but you didn’t even pay attention!
Aansh: No Papa, I was listening.
DP: So repeat what I said!
Aansh: Okay Papa, um…
Aansh looks at the board behind DP and smiles,
Aansh starts saying the rules and regulations, DP gets impressed.

Aansh finishes,
DP: Hmm, now go to Aadarsh.
Aansh: At least smile for me Papa.
DP glares at Aansh,
Aansh: Okay, I’m going.
Aansh gets up and leaves.

AP, Sumi and Sujata reach a shop, Daadi goes in first and Ragini, Radikha, Swara, Mishti and Lakshya follow,
Swara: Wow Lakshya, this is the first time you came with us and this far,
Ragini: I know, I’m surprised.
Mishti: What?
Swara smiles and Ragini nods, Lakshya touches his hair.
Ragini: Lakshya never been shopping with us ever, he left us once so no one takes him with them, I’m surprised he actually came all along.
Lakshya: Uh…
Mishti (smiles): Wow
Swara: He’s gone on you
Ragini: True
Lakshya: What do you mean?
Ragini: Mishti doesn’t like coming out for shopping, I had to force her.
Lakshya looks at Mishti.
Daadi shouts: Are you just going to stand there or come?
Mishti: Coming Daadi.
They go in the shop.

Mishti is looking at some clothes, Lakshya comes there and she quickly shifts to the other section.
Ragini and Swara are chatting and talking, Sumi, Daadi and Sujata are looking at some lenghas and suit, Daadi is talking to the manager.
Lakshya: It’s boring right?
Mishti: So boring, couldn’t they come another day?
Lakshya: I know.
Mishti: It’s your fault
Lakshya: My fault?
Mishti: Yes, you could’ve made an excuse saying that the tier punctured or the car wouldn’t start, then the plan would’ve got cancelled!
Lakshya: Okay, calm down, you could’ve phoned me and told me!
Mishti: I didn’t know you were going!
Lakshya: Please, search for better excuses than this.
Daadi shouts: Mishti, come try these outfits!
Mishti: Haa Daadi, coming.
Mishti goes, Lakshya thinks Daadi is being Kebab ki haddi.

Daadi gives some outfits to Mishti,
Swara: It’s my wedding and Daadi is decking Mishti up.
Ragini: It’s proven Daadi likes Mishti more than us.
Daadi: Enough with you drama and go look! Mishti beta, you go try these out.
Mishti nods and leaves.
Swara and Ragini smile and nod.
Swara: She likes Mishti.
Ragini: I know, Mishti beta and that…
Daadi: Sumi, come here.
Sumi: Ji Maa?
Daadi: Help Ragini.
AP: Ji, we will look out for more.
Daadi: I’ll search for more as well.
AP: Lakshya?
Lakshya comes there.
Lakshya: Ji Maa?
AP: How’s this?
Lakshya: Whatever you like.
AP: Okay, go put this bag in the changing room.
Lakshya: Me?
Daadi: Who else?!
Lakshya: Okay.
Lakshya picks up the bag and thinks not to mess with Daadi.

Lakshya reaches the changing room and opens the door, he sees Mishti trying to tie the back, he drops the bag and looks at her.
Mishti: Maa, is it you?
Lakshya walks up to her. The door shuts and Mishti turns around, she is shocked to see Lakshya.
Mishti: What are you doing here?
Lakshya doesn’t say anything and comes close to her. Mishti rests her head to the wall.
Mishti: Lakshya!
Lakshya covers Mishtis lips with his fingers, Mishti looks at him, he comes closer and takes his fingers off her mouth and turns her. She closes her eyes, he touches her bare back and she breathes heavily,
Mishti: Lakshya, stop it and get lost.
Lakshya takes the two strands and ties it, he brings his arms around her waist and she moves back. He hugs her.
Mishti (softly): Lakshya, please go.
Lakshya (softly): Your….
Mishti turns around and glares at him.
Lakshya: Your welcome!
Lakshya smiles and leaves, Mishti touches her back and feels her strands are tied and looks forward.

Precap: Aansh meets Ragini and Ragini tells him she is getting married and he is shocked.

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