Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 40

The episode begins in Maheshwari Mansion:
Aansh wakes up and goes to the washroom, he gets out and smiles thinking about Ragini, he walks up to the wardrobe and takes out a ring, he looks at it and thinks to give it to Ragini, he puts the ring in his pocket and walks lost in Raginis thoughts, DP passes by and Aansh bumps into him, Aansh doesn’t realise,
Aansh (lost): I’m sorry.
DP looks at him,
DP: Since your free and doing nothing at home, come with me!
Aansh is still lost and smiles, DP looks at him angrily.
DP: Aansh!!!

Aansh snaps out of it quickly and looks at DP,
Aansh: Ji…Ji Papa?
DP:Where is your concentration?
Aansh: Vo Papa….
DP: Leave it! Come with me to the office.
Aansh: What?
DP: What do you mean What? Your coming office with me and that’s final!
Aansh: Why?
DP looks at him
Aansh: I mean is there anything special?
DP: Your being lazy and your not doing anything at home so it’s better to work than sitting and doing nothing, your coming!
Aansh: But Papa…..
DP: Bas! I’m waiting downstairs!
DP leaves
Aansh in his head: How will I talk to Ragini? He came in the wrong time, Karoos!

Ragini wakes up, she remembers Aansh, Mishti comes there and says Good morning, Ragini looks at her and smiles,
Ragini: Where’s Swara?
Mishti: She’s going shopping with Mausi, Maa, Daadi, Kaaki(Sujata) and Dida, do you want to go?
Ragini: Yeah.
Mishti: Then get dressed, they are downstairs.
Ragini: Are you going?
Mishti: No
Ragini: Why?
Mishti: I don’t feel like it.
Ragini: Come Naa, stop being boring!
Mishti: I’m not being boring, I don’t like it.
Ragini: Please come!
Mishti: Stop wasting time and go, or else they will leave you and I will go and inform them.
Mishti leaves.

Maheshwari Mansion:
Sanskaar is coming out of his room, he sees Lakshya and Lakshya ignores him and walks away without looking at Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: Lucky?
Lakshya stops,
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Lucky, punish me if you want but at least talk to me. It’s my wedding on Saturday and it’s Thursday today.
Lakshya: Did you tell Swara?
Sanskaar looks down: No
Lakshya walks off and Sanskaar looks on.

DP is waiting in the hall, he looks at the time and sees Aansh coming, Lakshya too comes down,
DP: You took ages Aansh!
Aansh: Sorry Papa, I was….
DP: Shall we go?
Aansh and RP nods yes,
DP: Sujata! Lakshya will take you shopping!
Sujata: Okay Bhaisa.
Aansh: I’ll take them if you want?
DP: No. Lakshya will!
Aansh: Okay
They leave, Aansh looks back and Lakshya sticks his tongue out and Aansh glares at him.

Precap: Mishti is trying out some outfits and Lakshya comes there, Aansh is in the office and DP teaches him the rules and regulations.

I’m sorry for the short update and late update, I was grounded and my phone was taken off me so I wrote it from my dads phone, hiding but I will get my phone back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I wrote it in a hurry that’s why it is short, I hope you enjoy and again, Sorry?

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  1. Nice as always update soon

  2. did sanskar know he is going to marry swara?

  3. Even i had same doubt like roja if sanskar know he is marrying swara ..

  4. No roja he doesn’t know to whom he is going to marry.so sad for sanskar???

  5. Ur r awesome… But pls more ragansh scene…. And confession

  6. Don’t worry your situation is just like me that’s why I only update once in a week…… best of luck I like your ff very much

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