Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 4


It’s night at Maheshwari house, Lakshya is trying to sleep but he can’t, whenever he closes his eyes he remembers Ragini insulting him
He wakes up and goes to Sanskaars room
He opens the door and enters
Sanskaar: What happened Lucky?
Lakshya: How did you know it’s me Bhai?
Sanskaar: I’m your brother Lucky, I know you, tell me what happened?
Lakshya walks up to the lights and turns them on, he goes towards the bed and sits down and Sanskaar gets up

Lakshya: Bhai were you already awake?
Sanskaar glares at him
Lakshya: I need your help
Sanskaar: What help?
Lakshya: Bhai, can we….. Can we go to the Baadi?
Sanskaar: Why?
Lakshya: I need to teach Ragini a lesson
Sanskaar: Lucky, what are you saying don’t be stupid
Lakshya: Bhai I’m not being stupid, Bhai I just want to talk to her
Sanskaar: But she must be sleeping
Lakshya: I know Bhai, but she will get up
Sanskaar: Why do you want to teach her a lesson?

Lakshya: Vo Bhai…..
Sanskaar looks at Lakshya
Lakshya: Okay Bhai to be honest me and Ragini met each other when we were 15 years old and since then we didn’t get along much and when my Mum met Mausi Maa after many years, she took me to the Baadi and that’s where Ragini lives and she found out that Swara and her are Half sisters and she accepted Sumi as her Maa, but the rest wouldn’t accept their marriage
Sanskaar: What about Raginis real mum?
Lakshya: She died when Ragini was 10 and Ragini met Swara when she was 12

Sanskaar: Ohh
Lakshya: Swara was my friend then and is now but Ragini…..
Sanskaar: So did Swara and Ragini unite their Maa and Baba?
Lakshya: Yes and that’s why their known as Swaragini

Lakshya looks at Sanskaar and gives him the convincing looks
Sanskaar: Okay Lucky lets go
Lakshya: Thanks Bhai
Lakshya hugs Sanskaar and smirks and in his head he is saying: Vah Lakshya, your amazing Bhai didn’t even notice how you changed the topic and you watch Ragini Gadodia I’m coming!!!

At the Baadi:
Swara comes out of the bathroom and sits on the bed, she sees Ragini sleeping and smiles at her, she then thinks how to apologise to Sanskaar, she switches the lights off and goes to sleep.

Lakshya and Sanskaar come to Baadi,
Lakshya: Okay Bhai so we go inside and kidnap Ragini
Sanskaar: What kidnap?
Lakshya: No Bhai
Sanskaar looks at Lakshya
Lakshya: Ha Bhai, but don’t worry, I just want to talk to her outside Baadi because she makes too much noise
Sanskaar: What do you mean?
Lakshya: Bhai if I go into the Baadi and talk to her then I would not come out safely, I’ll end up in hospital and you know Papa!
Sanskaar: Okay
Lakshya: Thanks Bhai, the things that we need are in the boot
Sanskaar: You came with full planning?

Lakshya looks at Sanskaar and Sanskaar starts laughing
Lakshya: Bhai! Anyways I will go get her and put her into this sack then you come and take from the entrance
Sanskaar: What me?
Lakshya: Won’t you do it for your brother?
Sanskaar nods and says: What next?
Lakshya: Then you take her to the next highway and I’ll come later
Sanskaar:Why later? Are you planning to trap me?
Lakshya: No Bhai, I will come later so that no one gets suspicious or wakes up
Sanskaar: Okay

Lakshya enters the Baadi with the sack and Chloroform, he goes in to Gododia house and eventually into Swara and Raginis room

He bends down to see if it’s Swara or Ragini and he sees Swara. Then he goes to the other side and puts the chloroform on Ragini and puts her into the sack, after he picks up the sack he throws it down and Sanskaar catches it
Sanskaar (quietly): Lucky!!!!
Lakshya hold his ears and says sorry

Sanskaar takes the sack and puts it in to the cars boot and drives off
Lakshya looks on smirking

Precap: Sanskaar is driving and is shocked after Lakshya calls him.

(I think I messed it up a little, hope you like it?)

Credit to: Halima

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