Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 38

The episode begins with DP looking up, he uses the Microphone and says: Thank you and I hope you enjoyed?!
They nod and start leaving by folding their hands.
Mishti stands next to Aansh,
Mishti: You love her na?
Aansh looks at her: Who?
Mishti: You know who I mean!
Aansh: Uh…
Mishti: No need, I know and I won’t tell, when you propose to her then I will spread the news.
Aansh: I won’t let you,
Mishti: I will
Ragini sees them talking and laughing,
Shekhar: We will leave too,
DP nods and AP takes Swara out and then Shekhar and the family go out, Mishti looks back and waves, Sanskaar goes to his room, Aansh thinks about what Mishti said,
DP: Shaadi is in 1 week, I have talked to Shekhar Ji and we changed it,
Sujata: That quick Bhaisa?
DP: Haa
Sujata: But Bhaisa, we need more time.
DP looks at her,
Sujata: No problem, I will manage.
AP: Radikha, come with me I need to talk to you!

Baadi at night:
Ragini and Sharmishta are cooking, Swara and Mishti are sitting at the table,
Swara: You look happy Mishu?!
Ragini comes out with the plates,
Mishti: It’s nothing
Swara: It has to be something
Mishti: No not much.
Swara looks at her,
Mishti: Okay, I made friends.
Swara: Let me guess, Lakshya and Aansh?
Mishti nods, in her head she thinks she got her old friend back and looks at Ragini.

Ragini puts the plates and turns,
Mishti: You should be happier than me.
Swara (shyly): Well..I.
Mishti: Exactly.
They laugh and Ragini walks thinks about Mishti and Aansh.

Maheshwari Mansion:
Aansh is sleeping, he gets the same dream and chases the girl, he holds her hand and takes the scarf of her face and is shocked to see Raginis face,
Ragini: Why are you so shocked Aansh?
Aansh wakes up and looks around, he pours water in the glass and drinks it. Aansh thinks: Why did I dream about Ragini, what’s going on?!
He looks at the time and sees it and it’s 4:00am, he lies down and thinks.

Lakshya is sleeping, he has a dream, in that dream he is seen partying with girls and throwing money, he suddenly sees another girl and goes up to her, she runs and he follows her, he reaches a place and looks down at his clothes, they changed to a sherwani, he looks up and sees a wedding place, he tries to look for that girl, he sees her standing in the crowd and walks up to her, she disappears, he hears her anklet and looks up and runs there, he looks at the place and it’s dark, he looks around and sees a girl and walks up to her, she stands there and all of a sudden someone shoots her and Lakshya is shocked, he runs up to her and he can’t see her face properly because only her eyes are shown because the shades are on both sides of her face, he tries to bring her to the light but he wakes up. He breathes heavily and drinks water,
He thinks: This time Papa didn’t come to ruin my dream but who is this girl and why was it scary?
He lies down on the pillow.

Swara is sleeping, Ragini wakes up, she feels that someone was calling her, she looks around and remembers why she cares when she saw Aansh and Mishti together, why is it bothering her?
She looks at Swara and smiles.

Ragini looks at the time and it’s 5:54am, she tries to sleep but hears some sounds, she goes downstairs to check, she sees Daadi and Sharmishta decorating the house and the Baadi.
Ragini: Daadi, Maa, what’s going on?
Daadi: Laado, we are preparing for Swaras mendhi/sangeet.
Ragini: This quick?
Sharmishta: The weddings in one week, that’s why we are preparing.
Ragini: But it was meant to be in a month.
Daadi: We know but we spoke to the pandit and changed it to the nearest date as possible.
Ragini: When?
Daadi: Yesterday!
Ragini: Okay, I’ll go get changed and help you two.

Ragini gets changed and she walks past Mishtis room and sees her sleeping, she goes to her and sits beside the bed, she wakes her up, Mishti wakes up and sees Ragini,
Mishti (tired): What happened Ragini?
Ragini: Nothing.
Mishti (yawns): What’s the time?
Ragini: 6:20am
Mishti widens her eyes and gets up,
Mishti: I’m late, I was meant to help Daadi and Maa. I’ll go get changed.
Ragini nods and leaves, she thinks that she is lucky to have another sister and smiles.

Precap: Swaras Sangeet/Mendhi and AP comes in the Baadi with Sujata, a boy comes and hugs Ragini and Aansh looks on.

(I’m sorry for the late update, My phones battery died so I couldn’t upload it and I hope you like it?)

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