Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 37

The episode begins with Aansh coming out, he sees the decorations, he sees AP giving out instructions,
AP: Put those lights down there and bring the flower box here.
Aansh walks down and AP goes to the dining table, Aansh checks his watch, it’s 8:29am, he rushes to the table, Lakshya reaches there and DP looks at the time,
DP: This time you got saved!
Lakshya sits down,

DP: You may start!
All start eating, Aansh remembers the girl in his dream, he only remembers her eyes, he is thinking why she came in his dream and who is she.
Everyone eat, Sujata notices Aansh,
Sujata: Aansh, eat something, you need energy for today for your brothers engagement!
Sanskaar gets sad, Aansh nods and picks a piece of bread.

Ragini wakes up, she sees the time and goes to the bathroom, Mishti comes with the dressings and paste, Ragini thinks about Aansh, she closes her eyes and feels his touch.
Mishti: Ragini!
Ragini opens her eyes and rushes out,
Mishti: come I’ll change your dressing.
Ragini: I will have a bath first.
Mishti nods and leaves, Ragini goes into the bathroom.

Mishti comes at the dining table,
Shekhar: Where’s Ragini?
Mishti: She’s having a bath!
Daadi (angrily): After blackening her face and disgracing us, how would she come out!
Shekhar: Maa!
Daadi: You might not care but I care and we have to do something!
Mishti: Daadi, please talk about it later, please?
Daadi looks at Mishti,
Ragini (shouts): Mishti!!!
Mishti: I’ll go to Ragini
They all nod and Mishti goes.

Mishti comes to Raginis room,
Mishti: Come sit down, I’ll apply the paste on you.
Ragini sits, Mishti sees the wound, she puts the paste on and bandages her.
Mishti: Does it hurt?
Ragini nods no,
Mishti: Do you love him?
Ragini looks at her and she ties the bandage and pulls her shirt down.
Ragini: Uh….
Mishti: Let’s go
Ragini nods no,
Mishti: If you didn’t do anything wrong then why be scared?
Ragini gets up and both of them leave.

Maheshwari Mansion:
The guest start to arrive, DP and AP welcome them, Aansh gets ready and comes downstairs, AP ignores DP and goes and stands next to Sujata, DP looks at her and Aansh notices, Sanskaar comes down and taps Aanshs shoulder, he turns around,
Sanskaar: What happened to you?
Aansh: Nothing.
Sumi and the family come, Swara comes wearing blue and green Lengha with ghunghat over her face, they separate and AP takes Swara and makes her stand next to Sanskaar.

Sanskaar looks at the family and doesn’t see Swara, he signals Mishti and she nods no, he looks down. Lakshya comes and is memorised to see Mishti in white and Red Lengha, Ragini comes, she is wearing green and white and Aansh looks at her, Ragini looks up and Aansh is memorised, he sees Raginis eyes and tries to remember.
AP brings the rings and Sumi does too, Swara makes Sanskaar wear the ring, he sees the ring and is shocked,
Sujata: Quickly make her wear it!

Sanskaar picks the ring up and remembers Swara, he thinks that he promised to make Swara wear that ring but now he has to make someone else the owner of it.
Sanskaar makes Swara(not knowing its Swara) wear the ring and everyone clap, Aansh looks at Ragini, she looks at him, Lakshya looks at Mishti and smiles, Lakshya then looks away.
Mishti notices Aansh and Ragini and smiles.

DP is standing, he hears some people talking,
1: Look at the Bahu they chose, she’s so respectful and Sanskaari!
2: Yeah I know, now a day they have open hair and styled up and all that….
3: I heard that their Bahu is a Bengalan.
2: it’s true she is.

1: She must be a gem, no wonder Durga Ji chose her.
3+2: True
DP proudly puts his head up,
DP in his head: Swara now proved that she is worthy of being our Bahu, I had no choice to get Swara and Sanskaar married and now I am not regretting it.

Swara sits down on the chair next to Sanskaar.
DP takes Shekhar, Sumi and AP to his room,
DP: I’m sorry Shekhar Ji, I need to talk about Ragini and Aansh.
AP: But before that you have to know a truth.
DP looks at her,

Aansh takes Mishti to the terrace,
Mishti: What is this Aansh?
Aansh: I want to talk to you!
Mishti: What?

Aansh: Mishti, I thought I loved you but I…I realised that I never loved you.
Mishti: I know!
Aansh: I let you go and you never came back and this means that you were never mine.
Mishti: You never loved me truly, I never seen your love alive for me because it was reserved for someone else, I get you!
Aansh: I’m sorry for hurting you Mishti.
Ragini and Lakshya are walking,
Lakshya: Do you want to grab some fresh air?
Ragini: Okay.

They reach the terrace and see Mishti and Aansh, Aansh goes in his knees,
Aansh: Please forgive me, I want my old best friend back!
Mishti looks at him,

Aansh: I lost her, I don’t know how and I’m missing her!
Mishti: Stop you drama and get up!
Aansh smiles and gets up, Ragini and Lakshya don’t hear them, Aansh and Mishti hug and Ragini looks on, Lakshya smiles,
Ragini leaves, Mishti breaks the hug, Lakshya comes in and Mishti leaves.
Lakshya: Friend now huh?
Aansh: Haa
Lakshya: Let’s go.
They both leave.

Sumi: What truth Anu?
DP: That Aansh and Radikha are m….
AP: Our children.
Shekhar and Sumi look on,
AP: He is Aansh Maheshwari.

DP: It’s true, I wanted to talk about Ragini and Aanshs relationship.
Shekhar: What do you mean?
DP: That after Sanskaar and Swaras marriage, we should think about Aansh and Raginis.
Shekhar thinks, Sumi looks at him, he nods yes.
Sumi: I have no problem with it, Aansh is a nice guy and I…We think he would be perfect for our Ragini.
Shekhar: Yes.

DP and AP smile,
DP: So after Swara and Sanskaar, we will bring Ragini and Aanshs topic.
Sumi and Shekhar nod, AP takes Sumi and Shekar follows on, DP smirks.

DP comes down the stairs with a microphone, he starts saying: Thank you for attending this function, I hope you enjoyed it,
Ragini stands next to Daadi, Swara feels itchy underneath her ghunghat.
DP walks down the stairs and slips but Mishti comes and holds him in time.
Others giggle,

Mishti: Are you okay Uncle?
DP nods and looks up angrily, others stop and all look at him. Mishti takes the microphone,
Mishti: Thank you for enjoying this occasion, I’m sure that you would giggle at your father, brother, husband, uncle, friend or cousin like you did here, but you probably wouldn’t because they are your family, you would also feel bad when others laugh, right? Why laugh at others? But anyways thank you and do eat food and leave.
Mishti smiles and hands the microphone to DP, he looks at her and others have their heads down.
Lakshya smiles.

Precap: Aansh gets the same dream and this time he sees the face.

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