Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 36

The episode begins Aansh shouting at Arnav,
Aansh: We can’t do it!
Arnav: Why?
Aansh: We are not telling her!
Radikha: I agree with Arnav!
Aansh: You two might not care about her feeling but we do!
Arnav: In a relationship, trust is the main key and she has rights to know!
Aadarsh: I agree with Arnav.
Radikha: She is your wife Papa, you have to tell her the truth, there is no bigger truth than honesty!
Sanskaar: I agree with Radikha.
Aansh: No!
Radikha: Why?!!
Aansh: I care about her feelings, think how she would feel after she finds out the truth!
Radikha: She will feel better after the truth!
Aansh: She would be heart broken, her trust would be gone from Papa!
DP thinks,
Radikha: She would be more hurt if Papa doesn’t tell her! She will think he doesn’t trust her!
Aansh: Give it some time!
Radikha: Stop confusing Papa!
Aansh: She is a human, she has feeling too, she can fake her smile to all of you but from inside she would be shattered!
Lakshya: I agree with Aansh!
Radikha: But that’s wrong!
Lakshya: I know my Maa, she will fake a smile for all of us!
Radikha: She would be more shattered after she finds out by another person!
Radikha in her head: And I think she already has.

AP listens and tears fall out of her eyes,
Sujata: Look JiJi, Aansh and Lakshya care for you and so do others!
AP looks at them, RP is shocked,
RP: Yeh ke Ho raha hai Sujata?(What’s happening Sujata?)
Sujata: Aap ne sunnah nahi?(Didn’t you hear?)
RP nods no
Sujata: Toh ke sun rahe the aap?(Then what were you listening?)
Sujata: Aansh aur Radikha Bhaisa ke bache hai!(Aansh and Radikha are DPs children)
RP looks on,
AP comes out and stands near the door, RP and Sujata and Parineeta are behind her.

DP: Bas!
All shut up and look at DP,
DP: Hum ne ek faisla Liya hai! (I have took a decision!)
Radikha: What Papa?
DP: That I will…..
DP sees AP and is shocked,
DP: Annapurna?
All look at the door and are shocked, AP runs from there and Parineeta follows her.
Sujata: Bhaisa, manne ek baat kehni thi!(Bhaisa, I need to say something)
Sujata: Manne Pehle patta tha ki Aansh aur Radikha aap ke hi bache hai(I already knew Aansh and Radikha are your children)
Aansh: How?
RP (lost): The letters!
DP looks at him,
Aansh: Which letters?
Sujata: JiJi has them and they clearly mention everything.
RP: Those letters were hidden from Bhai for all these years!

Arnav: What do you mean?
RP leaves,
Sujata: Bhaisa, I found those letters one day before you came back from the hospital, I didn’t show JiJi and that’s how all of us found out the truth and now JiJi has those letters.
Sujata leaves and DP goes to his room.
Aansh: Everyone knew and she didn’t!
Radikha: I don’t know how she must be feeling right now,
Aansh: It’s all your fault!
Aansh leaves and goes to his room.

Aanshs room:
Aansh is sitting down on his bed, he is thinking about something, Aansh takes his jacket off and something falls out, he picks it up and sees Raginis earring, he remembers her, Moh….Moh…..ke….dhage…..tune….plays….
Aansh: Why am I thinking about her? What is this?
Lakshya enters: What happened?
Aansh hides the earring under his pillow,
Aansh: How’s Aunty?
Lakshya: She’s not opening the door.
Aansh: Maybe give her some time.
Lakshya: Tomorrow’s Bhai’s engagement, so be ready!
Aansh: With who??
Lakshya: First promise you won’t tell Bhai.
Aansh: Promise!
Lakshya: Swara!
Aansh: Raginis sister?
Lakshya nods and Aansh smiles.
Lakshya: It’s a surprise wedding! I talked to Swara and she must’ve told her family, I already told our family.
Aansh gets thinking,
Lakshya: What are you thinking?
Aansh: Nothing
Lakshya: Tell me
Aansh: I was thinking how you accepted me as your brother and you didn’t even complain once.
Lakshya: If there is a brother like you then why complain?
Aansh and Lakshya hug.

DP is knocking on the door, AP is not opening,
Sujata: JiJi please open the door, don’t do anything bad!
RP: Sujata!
DP: Annapurna!!!! Open the door!
AP wipes her tears and opens the door, they all look at her,
AP: Sujata, let’s go and prepare for the engagement tomorrow, there is a lot of work to do
Sujata: Haa JiJi, are you okay?
AP nods, DP looks at her.
Sujata: I sent Parineeta to her room, come JiJi lets go!
AP and Sujata leave, DP comes in the room and sees letters lying around, he opens one of them and reads it, RP comes,
RP: Bhai, Papa had hidden these letters from you, all of them are written by Pragya,
DP: Take them out and burn them!
RP: Your doing right Bhai, I will call the servant.
RP shouts for a servant, she comes and takes the letters. DP and RP look outside the window, the maid puts the letters in the fire and they look on.

Morning, Maheshwari Mansion:
Aansh is standing in a dark place with fires surrounding him and white cloths hanging, he is wearing white shirt, he sees someone run and look at that direction, then he sees someone run again and follows it, he moves the White cloths out of the way and sees someone standing and he sees the person wearing white dress, he goes near that person and touches the persons shoulder, it turns around and it’s a girl, she puts her scarf on her face, Aansh pulls it down and before he could see her face,
DP: Aansh!!!
Aansh wakes up and sweats, he looks around and finds himself in his room, he rests his head back on the pillow,
(Knock, Knock)
Aansh: Hmm
DP: Aansh!
Aansh gets up and walks to the door, he thinks that in his dream he came and now too, when will he sleep and live peacefully.
Aansh opens the door,
Aansh: Ji Papa?
DP: Get up, it’s 8:20am and you need to get ready for the engagement, it’s at 12!
Aansh (nods): Okay.
DP: What okay? Go now!!
Aansh walks towards the bathroom while DP walks away.

Precap: DP talks to Shekar about Aansh and Ragini, Aansh hugs Mishti and Ragini looks on,

(Thank you so much for commenting, now I understand ❤️)

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