Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 35

The episode begins with Sanskaar in his room thinking how to confront Swara, Lakshya is walking past, he looks at Sanskaar and goes in but stops and walks back out, Sanskaar turns and sees Lakshya leaving and gets sad.

Lakshya goes to Radikhas room, he sees her painting her nails,
Lakshya: You only care about your nails, while I’m worried for Aansh!
Radikha: Chill yaa, he will be back
Sujata comes in: He’s been hungry since yesterday! I don’t know what he must have eaten?!
Radikha: Why are you two worried for him? He not a kid who got lost, chill!
Sujata: You might not care about your brother but we do care about him!
Lakshya: Did you tell Bahi?
Sujata: Not yet, we got late because the Pandit took 10 years to come!
Lakshya: What did he say?
Sujata: Next months 1st day, that will be the shubh day!
Radikha: Who’s the girl?
Sujata: Swara!
Lakshya and Radikha look at each other,
Lakshya: Swara Gadodia?!
Sujata nods,
Sujata: She is very Sanskaari and she will be perfect for Sanskaar.
Lakshya smiles: So Bhai doesn’t know?
Sujata: No, I’m sure no one must have told him.
Lakshya: Don’t tell him either!
Sujata: What do you mean?
Lakshya: I’ll tell you later.

Lakshya leaves and Sujata looks at Radikha,
Sujata: What are you doing?
Radikha: I’m painting my nail,
Sujata: If you need anything then call me!
Radikha nods and thinks why Sujata likes Aansh, she then remembers when Aansh was buttering her up and laughs,

It goes into a flashback:
Aansh comes and Sujata angrily talks to him,
Aansh: Aunty, are you Sanskaars mum?
Sujata: Yes why?
Aansh: No!
Sujata: Why are you shocked?
Aansh: You look so young!
Sujata gets happy,
Sujata: I’m not that young
Aansh: I though you were Sanskaars sister.
Sujata: Well no one can notice I’m his Mum,
Aansh: I know, how do you look so young?
Sujata: Thanks, may God bless you and I hope you get everything you want!
Aansh: Thanks Aunty, where’s the kitchen?
Sujata: Why do you need to take trouble, I’ll go.
Aansh: No Aunty, it’s okay,
Sujata: Call me Chachi or Choti Maa, I’m like you Mum too!
Aansh nods: I’ll call you Di, if you want.
Sujata happily and shy: No, it’s okay.
Sujata leaves and Aansh smiles and Radikha laugh, the Flashback ends.

Lakshya and DP go to the Baadi,
DP: We are here to give this Shagun to Swara, Annapurna or Sujata couldn’t come because Parineeta is not well,
Sumi: It’s okay, I get it.
Lakshya: Mausi Maa, where’s Swara?
Sumi: She’s in her room
Lakshya: Can I go meet her?
Sumi nods and DP looks at him angrily, Shekhar and DP sit down,
DP: I was thinking to have the engagement at Maheshwari house and tomorrow?
Shekhar: Well….I don’t mind and we will come tomorrow
DP nods and Daadi brings tea and snacks,

Lakshya goes to Swaras room and sees Mishti and Swara talking,
Mishti: I’m worried for Ragini,
Swara: Don’t worry she will be okay!
Mishti: She’s out since yesterday!
Lakshya thinks that Aansh was out all day yesterday too. Swara sees Lakshya and calls him in, Lakshya comes in and smiles,
Lakshya: Congrats
Swara: Thanks
Lakshya: I need to talk to you.
Swara nods
Lakshya: Bhai doesn’t know your getting married to him and I want it to remain an surprise until your married.
Swara: Sanskaar doesn’t know?
Lakshya: Yes
Mishti: Did you tell you family?
Lakshya: Haa.

Maheshwari Mansion:
AP: Why Sujata?
Sujata: JiJi, I want it to be surprise for Sanskaar and Lakshya said too.
AP: So no one will tell Sanskaar who is going to marry him?
Sujata: Haa JiJi and Lakshya will handle Bhaisa, I told Sanskaars Dad and everyone not to tell him.
AP nods and goes to Parineetas room.

Radikha is walking past,
Sujata in her head: Bhaisa ne kaal hi sagai teh karni thi na, intezaar nahi karsake Kya?!(Bhaisa had to do the engagement tomorrow, couldn’t he wait?!)
Sujata: Radikha,
Radikha stops and looks at Sujata, Sujata: Can you please go to the store room and get some utensils?
Radikha: Okay Aunty,
Sujata: Same goes for you, Choti Maa or Chachi!
Radikha: Okay Chachi, where the store room?
Sujata: It’s on the right side down that lane and I will be in the kitchen.
Radikha goes and Sujata walks away.
Radikha enters the storeroom, she sees the dust and closes her nose, she turns the lights on,
Radikha: This is so messy, don’t they clean it?!
She goes through and shakes her hand, she sees the gold and silver utensils and takes them out, the shelf falls and Radikha screams, she puts her hand over her mouth and sees some letters, AP rushes there, Radikha picks up the letters,
AP: What happened?
Radikha turns around and hides the letters,
Radikha: Nothing,
Sujata comes there,
Radikha: What happened? Did you break something?
Radikha nods no,
Sujata: What are you hiding behind your back?
Radikha: Um…nothing.
AP sees her hiding something, Radikha picks up the utensils and gives it to AP, they see letters in her hand,

Sujata: What is this?
Radikha: Uh….
AP: Letters?
Sujata looks and gets shocked,
Sujata: Leave it JiJi, let’s go.
AP: No Sujata, I never seen them, pass them here Radikha.
Sujata in her head: If JiJi reads them then there will be a disaster.
Sujata nods no to Radikha, AP looks at Sujata and she stops,
AP: What are you two hiding?
Sujata nervously laugh: There’s nothing to hide JiJi.
AP: Then show it to me.
AP puts the utensils down and takes the letters off Radikhas hands. AP goes out and Sujata and Radikha follow her.

DP: Okay we will leave now.
Shekhar nods and smiles,
DP: Where’s Lakshya?
Sumi: I’ll call him,
DP nods, Sumi was about to leave when Aansh comes in with Ragini in his arms, Sumi looks at them, DP looks at Sumi and then sees Ragini and Aansh and gets shocked, Daadi comes out and sees them,
DP: Yeh Sab Kya hai Aansh!!? (What is all this Aansh!!?)
Aansh makes Ragini stand straight and trembles, Sumi sees blood on Raginis dress and gets worried,
Sumi: What happened Ragini?
All she her dress and get shocked,
DP: What happened?!!!!!

Lakshya, Mishti and Swara hear him and worry, they rush downstairs and see Ragini and Aansh,
Aansh: It’s not what you think, I….
DP: Enough!!!!
Lakshya moves back,
Shekhar: Ragini are you okay, what happened?
Ragini: Papa, It’s not Aanshs fault, some goons Kidnapped me and Aansh came to save me and while all that this happened.
DP: So you two were together all night?
Aansh looks at DP,
Aansh: Nothing….
DP: Haa ya Naa?
Aansh bits his tongue and looks down and nods, DP, Shekhar and Daadi are shocked,
Aansh: But Nothing….
DP gets Angry, he faces Shekhar,
DP: Please forgive him for this and I will talk to him when we get home.
Shekhar nods and DP looks at Lakshya, he rushes to DP and DP folds his hands and leaves with Aansh and Lakshya.

Daadi glares at Ragini,
Daadi: What were you doing with that boy all night?
Sumi: Maa please,
Daadi: Shut up!! Give her more freedom, now pay the price.
Shekhar: Maa, I trust my daughter!
Ragini: Daadi Nothing happened, I…..
Daadi: Enough!!!
Daadi leaves and Ragini is in tears,
Sumi: Swara, Mishti, go take her upstairs, I will call the doctor and bring Haldi Vala milk.
Shekhar: Don’t call any doctors!
Swara and Mishti and Sumi nod, Shekhar walks away and Swara and Mishti take Ragini. Sumi goes behind Shekhar.

Lakshya, Aansh and DP reach home,
Aansh: Listen to me, Papa nothing happened!
DP angrily walks and the whole family reach there,
Aansh: Noth….
DP slaps Aansh, all get shocked,
DP: Bas!!!
Lakshya: Papa at least listen to him.
DP: Whatever I needed to hear I heard and whatever I needed to see I saw! Today he disgraced me in front of the whole family, society and Baadi!
AP: What happened Ji?
DP: Ask him!!!
AP: Aansh what…..
AP stops and thinks, the wind blows…..she remembers Aansh and is shocked, she looks at Radikha and looks at the letter and tears fall out of her eyes.

DP: Yeh tumhe Kya batae ga, hum tumko batate gai Annapurna! (What will he tell you, I will tell you Annapurna!)
DP: Today he insulted me, his deeds have really brought my head down to shame! Today I am ashamed of you!!!
Aansh: Why are you ashamed of me? And why when I didn’t do anything wrong!!
DP: What I saw! Wasn’t that enough!
Aansh: Sometimes what you see is not alway true and without listening to someone you can’t make decisions!
DP: Aansh!!!!
Lakshya pulls Aansh back and whispers to him: Stop it Aansh, he’s hoing to kick you out!
Aansh runs upstairs,
Lakshya: Papa, I will handle him.
DP: No need! You both are useless and one has already ashamed me, I don’t want you to!
Lakshya: But Papa, I trust Aansh!
DP looks at Lakshya and leaves to his room, Lakshya leaves,
Sujata to Parineeta: JiJi found out the truth!
Parineeta looks shocked.

DPs room:
Radikha comes in and sees DP sitting angry, she thinks of something and goes inside,
Radikha: Papa, are you okay?
DP ignores her,
Radikha: Is the engagement still on tomorrow?
DP: Haa!
Radikha: Papa don’t worry Aansh will realise his mistake!
Lakshya brings Aansh to DPs room, DP looks up and sees him,
Aansh: I’m sorry!
DP looks away, Arnav, Aadarsh, Sanskaar reach there.
Arnav: Papa forgive him, he’s apologising.
AP comes there but hides behind the door, Sujata comes there with Parineeta and RP, they stand with AP behind the door.
Aansh: Papa, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry!
Aansh holds his ears and DP looks at him,
Aadarsh: Look, he’s holding his ears as well!
Sanskaar: Bade Papa, forgive him.
Arnav: Maa always says that forgive other people if they are apologising so that others can forgive you for what you have done.
DP looks at Arnav and thinks,
DP: Bas!!!
Lakshya and Aansh are taken back,
DP: I forgive him!
They all smiles,
DP: But I have a condition!
Their smiles disappear,
Lakshya: What condition?
DP: I will tell you after the marriage!
Aansh: Who’s marriage?
Sanskaar: Mine,
Aansh smiles: Congrats yaar, with who?
DP was about to tell when Lakshya says: Papa!
DP looks at him,
Lakshya: Arnav Bhaiya wants to say something!
Arnav: Me?
Lakshya signals him to save him and Arnav nods no,

Arnav: Actually Papa, I think we should tell the truth to Maa.
All look at him,
Aansh: What are you saying?
Arnav: The truth, we can’t hide it from her.
Radikha: Arnav is right, she has rights to know.
DP thinks.

Precap: DP sees AP and and AP cries

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